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A hint of Spring

Who is Jason Grant?Happy Birthday, Tim Wyman! Now please move out of the spotlight because there’s a new guy in town. Speculation has been rampant over who the main character in Something Like Spring will be. When I announced it would be an all new character, I should have been more specific and said a newly invented character. My easily misinterpreted statement led some to believe that “new” meant anyone but Ben, Tim, or Jace. Many people thought Eric would be getting his own book, or even Victor or Ryan. I’m afraid this isn’t the case. The season of spring brings with it a fresh start, so it seemed appropriate that we would meet someone we’d never had before.

Why? Well, we’ve already gotten into Ben, Tim and Jace’s heads, and seen each character from the perspective of a person who loves them, or in some cases, a person competing with them. Those are all very intimate perspectives, which made me eager to see Ben and Tim through the eyes of a stranger. That stranger’s name is Jason Grant. I know the name doesn’t mean anything to you right now, but when you’ve finished reading Jason’s story, I hope he’ll become just as special to you as the other guys.

So what exactly is Something Like Spring about? Will Ben and Tim adopt a kid? Is that who Jason is? Not exactly. After three books, a definite theme has emerged for this series. Each book starts with a teenager on the verge of becoming an adult and takes us through their first great love. Then there are jumps in time, allowing us to see their life over multiple stages, with themes of love, loss, and death being tackled along the way. Something Like Spring will be no different, and yet, like each book in the series, it will very much be its own unique journey. But never fear, Spring does tie in with the other books. Rather than give us familiar scenes from a new perspective, this book is supported by a slew of characters from the previous three, and yes, we do get to see what happens to Ben and Tim after the events of Winter. While Jason isn’t an adopted child in the traditional sense, he’s very much the spiritual successor of one character… maybe two. I’ll let you discover who on your own.

That’s all I’m willing to reveal for now. Much work remains. With such a rich history to draw from, so many new characters to meet, and untold stories to explore, Spring is shaping up to be another fat book. It continues to be very exciting to write, and I hope that translates to a thrilling read for you guys. I can’t nail down a specific release date at this point, but Something Like Spring should be ready to go this winter. As usual, you can be notified the moment it’s released by signing up for my newsletter. The quick and easy form is on the left and down a little. Love you guys! Peace out!

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  1. Tiffany

    I’m so glad you live in a time zone that is hours ahead of mine. I actually put the date for this blog entry on my calendar, I was so excited, and then woke up early on the off-chance it would already be up. Glad I guessed right. :-)

    Spring sounds very intriguing. I haven’t read Autumn yet because I’m still reeling from the emotional whiplash of reading Summer and Winter back to back six weeks ago (plus, I’ll cry when The Big Event happens, lol! ;-)), but I plan on reading it next month. That should get me ready for a Spring release this winter (which could mean a release anytime from December 2013 to March 2014, lol! #iseewhatyoudid!). Anyway, in noticing that the character’s name is “Jason,” I can’t help but observe that similarity to someone else’s name. And since Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, you’ve got me wondering about the degree to which you might be playing with some really interesting ideas, especially in light of your “spiritual successor” comment. I can’t wait to see if I’m right, and thanks for the hint. :-)

    • Ah, I really need to be careful with how I phrase things. I’m not taking the spiritual successor concept quite that far. The idea is interesting though. Ben and Tim are happily going about their business and look who shows up with a brand new body? That would certainly cause a lot of complications, but I plan on keeping my promise to Ben and Tim and letting them live out their lives peacefully. Well, mostly >:) It’s Jason that has a troubled sea he must navigate.

      • Tiffany

        Oh, come on, man! I didn’t think you meant literal POSSESSION, lol! You’re too good of a writer for that. I just thought you meant it in the sort of, “Huh . . . sometimes, he’s weirdly like [blank]” sort of way! After all, you said successor, not replacement, lol! 😉 In any event, I’m really looking forward to Spring.

        • Ah, okay. I actually thought you meant reincarnation, which could have been cool. Mercedes Lackey did that in The Last Herald Mage trilogy, and it was pretty sweet. Although now I’m wondering if maybe I *should* have Jace possess someone, say Tim. That would be… interesting! 😉

    • Maria

      Autumn hit me like a ton if bricks. Even more than Summer and Winter. It’s absolutely worth a read, but it may lead to all kinds of tumultuous feelings. I made the mistake of reading it on a plane, and had to cry openly. People stared; I didn’t care.

  2. Steven Gill

    Wow I am really excited for Spring! I love the other three and I am sure that this one will just tie every thing together!! I can’t wait, still so many questions in my mind about the events that take place after winter and I can’t wait to find out!

  3. Jay Ross

    Jay – Love all your books. Though many inter connect, they can also stand alone. As far as being fat books, I like that as I hate to see one end.

  4. HJ

    Jay, please don’t take this as being negative, but I wonder if you would reconsider the name Jason? I find it much too similar to Jace, both on sight and in sound. Bacause of the way I read (too fast) I find it difficult when two characters have the same initial letter (so wouldn’t be happy if his name were, say, John), but to have such a similar name will cause major confusion!

    Some people shorten Jason to Jase!

    Sorry. I absolutely adore the three books so far, and I’m looking forward to Spring very much!

    • Jason’s name being the same as Jace’s (Jason was Jace’s legal name) is fully intentional and addressed in the book a few times. I wouldn’t worry too much about any confusion though. Since Jace can’t really be in this book, their names shouldn’t get tangled up too much.

  5. kevin

    Can’t wait to read this book. Im pretty sure this book will be phenomenal ! Keep up the good work ! JAYYY also remember not to rush writing this book. When you take your time. Good things come out :)

    • Nah, I never rush, trust me. Even though it seems like my endings go quickly sometimes, I tend to slow down when writing them because I don’t want the story to end. I definitely want to get this one right too, since it rounds out the series.

  6. Anthony Galateo Garza

    I cant wait to read it because I know its the last book in the series. Jay Bell do me a big favor and please make this last book as thick as you want. If you need to make the last book into a trilogy, you have my support. ; p

    • The funny thing is, I actually wondered at one point if the last book should actually be the start of a new trilogy. Having seen how it’s developing though, I think it’ll do just fine as a big ol’ grand finale.

  7. I am positively vibrating with excitement and just cannot wait to read it. I’ll admit, I am a little disappointed that it won’t be out in time for my birthday, but I guess I will have to try and survive. Keep up the great work!

  8. Bob

    You tease!!!!!

  9. Caleb L.

    I Love how mysterious this new book sounds I cant wait to read it!!! I must say the way you have caught your characters passions and emotions in these books makes my spine tingle every time a read a line!!

  10. Paul

    Jay, you are a very gifted writer and I am greatly looking forward to Spring. Thanks for all your hard work on this series, and thanks for inspiring the writer in me.

  11. Ba

    I’d happily wolf down any book from you, Jay. Your writing is legendary <3

  12. Eric

    Was that Chace Crawford’s photo you used for Jason? Although I am not encouraging you to disturb Ben and Tim’s HEA, I do hope we will get another opportunity to spend more time with them in your new book. These two always occupy a special place in my heart.

    • Erm… Yeah, it is. I was hoping no one would notice that. LOL I often use photos of real people as reference when writing, and there are a few early photos of Chase that click with how I picture Jason Grant. You’ve got a sharp eye!

  13. Bryan

    I have been going back and forth through your site expecting some kind of update and here it is.

    After I finished reading Autumn, I racked my brains out thinking whose storyline will you write about for Spring. I was closely pining for an Eric storyline since it can be said that Tim was Eric’s “spring” (sort of). But then I was wrong, or maybe not? 😀

    Anyway, I hope Jason Grant will surprise us in ways similar, but in a unique way, to the previous characters. I’d really love to know how you go through the character development process. Each character seems to have a real person/s behind them. Will you give us any insights, perhaps?

    • Characters reveal themselves to me just as they do to the readers. I start with a stranger, and I let him tell me his story. The more he or she says, the better I know them as a person, and the more I see where they are going to go. That probably sounds vague, but I’m a little sketchy on how the development processes works too. My characters seem to take on a life of their own as I write, which sounds crazy to say, but sure makes for a fun work experience. :)

  14. Steven Steele


    I cannot wait for the new book. I have loved each of your books. It was so refreshing to read the second one from Tim’s point of view. I don’t think I have ever know of another author to do that with basically the same timeline. I have to admit that I was leary of the 3rd book. Afterall Jace was a relatively minor character (not to Ben) but in the bigger picture of things. I have to say that I think it was my favorite of all of them. You have an amazing talent to bring your characters to life and make us love them and hurt with them. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. I only hope you have hundreds of books left in you!


    • Thanks, Steve! Even I was a little unsure about writing a book from Jace’s perspective, but I’m glad I gave it a try, because I too enjoyed the result. And don’t worry, I definitely have quite a few books left in me! Now I just need the time to write them all. :)

  15. daniel

    wow i just died! im so excited ! ben and tim story totally changed me, really i had never red a gay story before till i found this books, great jod!! i can’t wait ! thank you for giving us such an emotional ride in very book you write

  16. Ncsoft

    I just know that this will be the perfect finale
    Can’t wait !!

  17. Zach Salinas

    While I’m excited for Spring and can’t help but feel a little sad that it wont be about Victor or Eric :/

    • It would be very hard emotionally for me to write a book from Victor’s perspective. Eric would be interesting though, since so much of his story would take place before Ben, Tim, and Jace were even born. Prequel! 😉

  18. Cheryl

    I cannot wait to get my hands on Spring, and meet Jason Grant. You are such a brilliant writer, gonna be so hard to wait for this! Thank you, Jay, for endless hours of heartfelt entertainment.

  19. alan

    As it is spring, I hope you write in a new tone. Maybe something inventive, a little pretentious, with a splash of confusion. Sort of like a Comme des Garcon fragrance. Of course this will completely throw off a lot of your readers, so don’t heed my advice.
    I just realized that your name is similar to the name of one of my favorite writers Jesse Ball.

    • Wait, are you saying I don’t usually write in an inventive tone? 😉 I hope this book will have its own flavor while still feeling like a part of a series. We’ll see!

  20. Harley Sanders

    I am going to be 65 on the first day of spring. I hope to be reading “Spring” on that day.I have had a lot of memories brought back by your characters. The initial fear of being gay, the relationships that are still very much a part got life even though I’m alone now. I lost or misplaced the love of my life. At my age I fear he may be deceased. But he’ll always be alive in my memories of the “Summer of ’71. Your books motivate me to write my stories also. I have loved crying so often reading the 3 books so far. Keep them coming!

    • Thanks, Harley! I’m glad I could bring back some happy memories for you. With any luck, this book will be out before your big day, so maybe you can read it sooner. Unless you are saving it for that day in particular, or hoping to get it as a birthday present. No matter how or when you decide to read Something Like Spring, I sure hope you enjoy it!

  21. Bruce

    Thanks Jay for a great series! I am almost finished with “Autumn” and am so glad you decided to tell Jace’s story. Afte the first two, I always thought of him as almost the “bad” guy standing between Tim and Ben. But now I have a new found appreciation for Jace and wish he was still around and with Ben. But whatever you do in “Spring,” please, please, please keep Tim and Ben together. I’m a sucker for happily-ever-afters and it would be so disheartening if they didn’t make it. Thank you again – I thoroughly enjoy your writing!

    • Howdy Bruce!

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far. And that you found some love for Jace in Autumn. As for what will happen to Ben and Tim in Spring… well, I don’t want to give anything away. I can’t make any promises, but it’s worth noting that I love Ben and Tim and want the best for them. Of course I loved Jace too. >:) Thanks for the encouragement, and when you do read Spring, please come back and tell me what you thought.

  22. Doug Schlitz

    Hi Jay,
    I am so looking forward to Spring ! Your books have brought me hours of wonderful entertainment. The depth of your stories is what makes them so good.
    At 68 years old many of these experiences have been similar to my own life, and bring back many of my own memories.

    Any news on the movie version of Something Like Summer? We are anxiously waiting !

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks, Doug! I’m happy my books could inject you with a little nostalgia! :) As for the movie, there isn’t any big news yet. The production team is finishing up work on another movie right now. After it is released, it’ll be full steam ahead for Something Like Summer!

  23. Jo

    I’ve already finished the three books and I love it! Winter is my favorite because of Tim’s perspective. I hope the adult life of Tim and Ben would be shown in Spring. Good job Jay!

  24. Andrew

    I cannot tell you how excited I am for ‘Spring’!! ‘Autumn’ left me devastated even though I knew it was coming from reading the other books, but from Jace’s pov, it hit me hard and I couldn’t sleep that whole night either. I’d read it in a day and it bothered me so much that I couldn’t comprehend his passing– Such good writing to have affected me like this.
    The first book ‘Summer’, I wanted Tim and Ben together, and in the second, I wanted Tim with Ben, then I changed my view of Jace from one of someone breaking up a couple (or in this case, Ben falling in love with someone other than Tim) and in ‘Autumn’ I have to admit, Jace and Ben were perfect together through trying times they stayed together and Jace was so forgiving. I really loved him, maybe that’s why I mourned his loss. =) I cannot wait for the new character and what the premise of this book is about. Tell your husband he’s an excellent artist too. I love his drawings. Take care and peace, Aj.

    • Thanks, AJ, especially for your words of praise for Andreas’s art. I’m obviously a big fan of his, but it’s nice to hear when other people appreciate his work as well. Sorry about that sleepless night you had after reading Autumn. I’m glad it convinced you that Ben and Jace were a great couple. I also think Tim and Ben have the potential to be that good. They just need a little time. We’ll find out in Spring if they get that time or not!

  25. matthew

    I have been following this series since about a month after summer was published, and after just that first one i felt emotionaly exhuasted and my eyes were bloodshot from crying. But moving past all the emotions, i really feel that your books have taught me many things about life, and for this i thank you.
    After i finished summer, i had no idea that you were even thinking about a compaion novel, much less an entire 4 book series, so i am a little embaressed to say that i screamed like adrien when i found winter and then again for autumn, now that im preapared for spring i think the reaction……actually,nevermind im still going to scream when its realesed lol. But anyway,i really really like your idea of introducing a new character for spring, to be honest i was a little scared about who u where going to pick. Because if you had done victor i was afraid it would just be way to depressing and dark. As for eric, it was an ok idea, but this idea of a new character is about 10000x better,(im so not overexagerating). So thank you for giving us this new and fresh perspective into this world, i look forward to reading it

    • Hi Matthew!

      That’s so cool that you’ve been with me since Summer was first released. Thank you! I’m also thrilled that you like the idea of a new character in Spring. I agree that Victor would be too depressing a book to write. Spring strikes me as a very optimistic season, and while I can’t promise everything will be happy-go-lucky, there should at least be one or two tears less than Autumn. Hell, maybe even three or four tears less. :) Thanks for all your support!

  26. Artirtico

    Kind of a semi-random-semi-relevant post here, so didn’t really know where to put it, but wanted to post about a couple of things all the same haha…

    I recently put in a request at the library I used to work at to buy in Something Like Summer, Winter & Autumn, not expecting a whole lot since they’re all about cutting budgets and whatnot, but lo and behold, last week I had a phone call to tell me that they’d got all 3 of them!
    I’ve only ever read them as e-books before and whilst I appreciate the advantages of those, there’s still nothing quite like the ‘real’ physical thing, so it’s an absolute pleasure to be reading them again, this time whilst actually holding them 😀
    So the 3 books are now available for anybody to borrow from libraries within the English County of Wiltshire (or at least they will be when I’ve finished with them :P). I did also try for the same at the library where I now work (in a different County), but no luck there… still, all 3 at 1 out of 2 is far more than I had expected!

    Secondly, in the interview I had prior to both my previous and current library job, I was asked to talk about a great book that I’d read recently – this happened to be just after I’d read Something Like Summer in the case of the former and just after the release of (and thus just after I’d read) Something Like Autumn in the latter. In both cases I got the job! Thus, your books clearly have magic powers or something 😉 So I must thank you so much for not only writing such brilliant books to read, but also for so positively influencing my career too!

    & to make this less-random-more-relevant, I’m so very much looking forward to Something Like Spring! I was unsure whether or not I wanted a ‘what happened to Ben & Tim next’ book, thinking that it was going to be from one/both of their perspectives again, but I do definitely like the idea of seeing them from somebody else’s eyes, the fresh perspective on what they have and picking up on all of the emotion from somebody else. Plus getting to know Jason, who sounds very intriguing indeed! So I have super-high expectations, but have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Spring will solidify the status of this series as my all-time favourite ever. Cheers! 😀

    • Hi there Artirtico! First of all, thank you for getting the Something Like… books placed in a Wiltshire library. England is one of my favorite countries to visit, and while I’ve never been to your neck of the woods, I still like the idea of my books being there. The next time I’m longing for a British holiday and can’t get away, at least I’ll know my books are there, looking out the window at the lovely English countryside. If they aren’t near a window or don’t have an amazing view, please don’t tell me! The illusion is too precious to me! :) As for my books having magic powers, I’m guessing it’s your own passion and charm that really landed you those jobs. Give yourself a big pat on the back! I’m also glad you’re looking forward to Something Like Spring. I’ll try hard not to disappoint!

      • Artirtico

        No problem at all! The best books out there should be available to read by as many people as possible, so hopefully this will get them onto a few more people’s radars :)
        I don’t know much more about the view they’ll have than you do in fact, so we can indeed stick with the picturesque landscape vision haha. It turns out that (for the near future at least), they’ll be living at the library in Chippenham, as opposed to where I used to work (though they can still be requested from anywhere in Wiltshire), which is likely a good thing for them since it’s bigger and busier with more potential readers. I’m rather hoping that they’ll be spending more time in various people’s hands getting read, than admiring the countryside anyway haha 😉 The covers certainly help in getting them seen, the bold colours standing out, particularly when they’re together – great job Andreas!

        & it was so good reading them again! Thought I’d start with Autumn this time around which mixed things up a bit. Most interesting of all however was that it was the first time I’ve read Summer after the release of Autumn; never before have I had that sense of having Jace’s perspective in mind whilst reading from Ben’s point of view. Moments that were merely mentioned in Summer like the ring in the croissant or the guy kicking his dog were particularly special; it was like “I was there when that happened! I’ve seen it!” xD Made it all the more endearing and strengthened the series overall. Really hard to choose which would be my favourite now too – thought it would always be Summer, which remains my favourite storyline I think, but I find Tim the most ‘interesting’ to read, what with he being such a different character to the others. Then I think I feel most in tune with Jace’s voice and also love the ‘supporting cast’ of Michelle, Greg etc in Autumn the most… so I can’t decide!

        All the more reason to make Spring the best of all to save a choice having to be made, right? 😛 I would love to see Michelle and Greg show up in Spring incidentally; surely Ben would’ve kept in contact? Tim & Greg sizing each other up would be very awkward and brilliant haha. In any case, reading the 3 books again has fully rekindled (and if possible, further enhanced) my enthusiasm for the series, and I cannot wait for Spring! Thank you so much once again for bringing these books into existence!

        • Hi again! I love how you said: “I was there when that happened! I’ve seen it!” That’s so cool to hear! I’m glad the books are enhanced by each other, rather than diluted. I tried hard to keep each book special and unique, despite them retreading old ground. One way I did that was to turn exposition into story and vice versa, bringing scenes like Ben and the mean dog owner to life. That process was fun for me, and I’m thrilled it works for you as a reader. In regards to characters from Autumn showing up in Spring, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 😉

  27. Andrea

    Hi Jay,
    I’ve just finished SLA… what a great novel! I really like it… and I loved SO MUCH Jace and his story… my fav main character. I still think that SLW is the best book… though. But all three are amazing! Bravo! So… any news about SLS?

    PLEASE PELASE tell Andreas that a his own drawing with Tim, Ben and Jace WOULD BE terrific for us fans of the series! :)


    • Hey, I really like the idea of Andreas drawing the three guys together! That would be cool. I’ll run the idea by him. Someday, if I ever get rich enough, I’ll make him quit his day job so he can draw for me all day long. That would be so wonderful. :)

  28. Liz

    I’m SO excited that this is happening. It’s Winter already, so I’m really looking forward to this season!

  29. Cort

    i’ve got less than 100 pages left of Autumn (Tim just invited Ben and Jace to the water park) and i’m getting nervous, knowing what’s in store for Jace. and me (hint: lots of tears)… but here’s my guess on the character of Jason… Allison’s son?

    • Not a bad guess, but Jason isn’t related to any previous characters in the series. He’s truly a brand new entity! I hope you enjoy the rest of Autumn!

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