I’m always a little bit uncomfortable writing about myself. It feels too egocentric. Then again, I enjoy stalking people online, so it’s only fair I allow others to do the same.
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My name, if you haven’t guessed already, is Jay Bell and I was born February 19th, 1977 in Merriam, Kansas. For simplicity’s sake let’s say I grew up there, although I also spent a decade in Missouri and Texas somewhere in between. I suppose my childhood could be summed up in two words: rebellious nerd. Come to think of it, that pretty much covers my teen and adult years as well.

I was never much for school. Professionally I got by doing tech support or other computer related jobs. While working in Lawrence, Kansas I met my future husband. Andreas was an exchange student from Germany, a country I hadn’t given much prior thought to. Andreas was that just-right combination of handsome, intelligent, kind, and talented for me to fall in love. What he saw in me is the real mystery, but we packed up the cats and moved to Germany to get married.

Not being able to speak German left me blissfully unemployable and allowed me to focus full time on my writing. I’ve always loved books, delving into fantastic worlds and letting myself get lost there. I grew up marvelling at the creative genius of C.S. Lewis, Piers Anthony, Robert Asprin, Terry Brooks, even that guy that wrote the Mr. Men books. The list could go on and on. It’s a daunting task to try and add my own stories to the countless volumes already out there, but I’m giving it my best.

After living in Germany for over a decade, we moved to Chicago, mostly because Andreas was offered a job opportunity, but man am I glad to be back! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask. Reading my blog will reveal most of my hobbies and interests as well. Or you can check out the interviews below. And hey, just so this isn’t all about me, feel free to tell me about yourself below. We can start our own biography party!

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  1. Mr.Bell, I just finished the Seasons series, and I both wanted to laugh and cry at every chapter of each book. I find your works inspiring, and I’m already, as a young teenager, hoping to become a writer such as yourself. I’m writing a ‘lez’ love story, so I’m hoping it turns out well. As long as you keep on writing, the inspirational moments won’t stop.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Samantha! I think it’s great that you’re writing a lesbian romance. I could be wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be near as many of those as there are gay male romance novels. If so, that’s a shame, because I find love stories between two women to be just as inspiring as those between two men. I hope you have a lot of fun writing the story, and I’m very grateful that you took the time to read so many of mine.



      1. Mr. Bell

        Have you casted Allison in your “Something Like Summer”? I have the perfect girl. And she happens to know Grant Davis. She has been in LA for close to 4 years. And she is a wonderful actress. You have to check her out!!

        Thank you,
        Darlene Sharpe

        775 338 4102

  2. Lieber Mr.Bell
    (the stern German I am I go with the Mr. thing 😉 )

    I just discovered your “Season” books 4 days ago, right in time for my finals and returning home preparations and I´ve experienced summer, winter and autumn in the last 94 hours (which might give u a hint how seriously addicted I am or how incredibly lazy.Might be both)

    I really enjoyed your books even though they made me cry and get angry and frustrated at more than one occasion.
    The one thing I really really liked was that each book is a completely new story but you don´t have to get used to the characters anymore, after u read at least one book, because u already know them, they already crept up on me and I was kind of relieved not having to let go of them just yet when I saw there were “sequels” to “something like summer”. I don´t like to call it sequels because it´s more like go back in time and join another character for the ride again and again.
    Truth be told: something like summer left me pissed. Why? I fangirled (is that a verb?anyway…) Jace´s and Ben´s relationship so much that a was devastated to see my Mr.-perfect-husband pass away and Ben getting his second happy ending with Tim. Not that I´m not happy that Ben didn´t end up lonely and said and broken. The thing is I never really liked Tim after his teenage years. Sooo I ended up very unsatisfied about every maincharacters ending. Something like winter was kind of something like an eye opener on a lot of different levels, not just literally. I started to like Tim again, understanding his pain and fear and motives, as bad as some think they may are. I empathizes with him, a lot more than I thought I ever would xD
    The fact that I started to like him made it much easier to face Mr.-perfect-husband´s death. Jace´s fate seemed a little less crushing. And finally I made my peace with how it worked out and enjoyed each ending when I reread it with a new perspective.

    When I started something like Summmer I already knew it was kind of “educational” (I really lack of a better word here) side for me. That love is a goddamn complicated , multilayered thing. Especially when it came to the love triangle kinda situations with Ben, Tim and Jace. Dealing with that myself I never really understood when I was told just because you love someone else now doesn´t mean you stop to love the person before. That love doesn´t necessarily fades away but stays and maybe just changes in it´s form. Not meaning your love for your new partner isn´t just as real and intense. I had a lot of trouble understanding that when I was younger and gave my Ex trouble because of that too I´m afraid.
    Of course you learn when you grow up and aren´t an idiotic, naive teenager anymore but this book showed me what I was told back then can be true. As the audience of an amazing story.Vielen Dank.

    I could relate to different characters at different stages in their developement facing questions or troubles I knew or know myself and probably tons of other teenagers, young adults or old adults, everyone as well.
    Of course there are a lot of books facing the problem of coming to terms with oneself, getting ones heart broken, be clueless where to go or what to do next or to how to deal with losing someone precious (one way or another), coming out and be comfortable with yourself but why I purchased the following “season” books after something like summer was (of course I was in love with the story and characters, unless I wouldn´t read in nightshifts xD) because it made me see a lot of things from another point of view, another aspect what I failed to do so until now.

    Another topic u dealt with and which is kind of close to heart to me is the suicide or suicide attempts. Life can be a bitch really.(excuse the bad language but I felt it was neccessary)
    Luckily just for a few of us. After I read your authors note of “something like autumn” I felt like I could understand people I was once close to and chose to try attempt suicide better. Because you knew what you were writing about and I am so glad you did.
    Most books I read concerning suicidal characters, especially gay, transgender etc. are….how to say that nice?
    not any good at all.
    I loved how u gave two examples with Victor and Jace. It´s true that some people cannot be saved no matter how much you try and long for a magic cure and that no matter how bound to life (like Victor was to his mother and to his ideals , at least in my interpretation) they seem.
    It was a sad ending for an interesting character whoms ideals and view of life I couldn´t agree but was important nontheless to understand how Jace could become the man he was and how he could see love the way he did.
    I was very suprised to see the first page of “something like autumn” was a suicide note from Jace. Jace of all people! He always seemed to me as the most down to earth, comfortable with life guy ever!
    I was eager to see how he developed and I found much of myself in him (not that I want or wanted to commit suicide, no worries here). That he was so desperatly convinced the best time of his life was going to pass by and nothing better is to come is a feeling I know myself and it was so nice to see how fate turned with a blink of an eye and a gorilla mask!
    It´s a good example I guess for people who might feel the same way and struggle on their rocky road to growing in themselves or finding out of a dark whole they might find themselves currently in for whatever reasons.
    And once again dankeschön for not only giving the example with the bitter end but the spark of hope as well.

    I finished something like autumn about an hour or so ago and needed, really needed! to let all that emotions and impressions out and wanted to tell you you did a good job. You hear that a lot and thats absolutely right and good. But know you kind of helped another person ,who´s still too young to know better sometimes understanding a little bit more about the never ending complications of life and love! Oh gosh when that wasn´t a cheesy sentenced I dunno whatelse! xD
    But honestly though, nothing is better than an intersting, rollercoaster-of-emotion-story which also kind of helps you.

    I know Germany is awfully slow with translatiting books from other languages which is a shame by the way. Especially when it comes to gay literature we´re kind of living behind the moon here (at least I couldn´´t find much german gay literature which was any good to me).
    I hope so much your books will be translated because a lot of people could need to get their heads cracked open about homosexulity and related struggles.
    I read the comment of one of your readers currently living in Germany with a little son she´s trying to show that being gay is not a big deal. I´m glad people like her exist and hope there are much more than there seem to be.

    English being one of my major subject during my last years at the Gymnasium I was forced to read horrible, stupid, good for nothing books about stuff that didn´t teach me anything for real life or gave me a message or whatever.
    If I could recommend a book for an A level class in english I really would recommend “something like summer” because it´s not only great analyzing and writing a characterization and all those things material but most importantly it conveys messages (also apart from being gay is NOT the start of Doom Day for the world). Teenagers really could use some of those because that would help making them act less self-distructive to fit in certain virtues.I know so, I was not long ago one myself.
    I hope you made yourself a Nutella Brot so you didn´t starve reading this.

    Stay the awesome writer you are. I count on new books to guide me through remained teenage idiocy 😉
    herzlichste Grüße~

    1. Author

      Sehr geehrte Frau Bev, 😉

      How nice to hear from you! I’m thrilled you discovered my books, but I hope they didn’t negatively affect your finals at all. Hearing what you thought about the first three installments is great, and in many ways represents the journey I hoped to take readers along. All three guys have their good and bad sides, just like all of us do, so it’s good to give people second and third chances. But there also comes a time to draw the line and tell the other person to piss off. LOL

      I totally relate to how the English books you had to read in gymnasium were horrible. I had the same experience when I was in school. They gave us the most depressing or tiresome books to read, which of course scared many people off reading for pleasure. I even got in trouble for reading my home-brought books in school, which shows just how blind some educators can be. I love the idea of Something Like Summer being offered in school, although some teachers might take issue with the sex scenes. Maybe not here in Germany though.

      Speaking of which, at least one of my novels is getting translated into Deutsch. Later this year, Bruno Gmünder is releasing Zwei Jungs im Sommer. If things go well, they might pick up the other seasons too, so please spread the word if you know of anyone who might enjoy it.

      And finally, I didn’t eat a Nutella Brot while reading and replying to this, but I did snack on some Halloren Kugeln. They’re my favorite. 🙂


  3. Well finally read “Spring’..waited for months as I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. It was awesome as expected. Thank you so much for the happy ending and your patience/love with these characters. Spent 30 minutes in the bathroom after crying, laughing, remembering the journey…didn’t want my bf of 23 years to worry. Jay, now that gay is OK everyday, are we going to see m/m romance novels go away.? Where did all the other guys go? Thanks bunches for this series of neat and tidy, high and mighty, drama, laughter, and messy mess…

    1. Author

      Hey Kenny!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the ride. I’ve done a lot of laughing and crying along the way too. And it’s not completely over. The series might be shifting its focus to other characters, but we’ll still see familiar faces pop up occasionally. As for the genre, I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Straight women love reading gay romance these days, so if anything, I expect the genre to become even more popular. At least I hope so, or I’m out of a job! 😉

      Thank you for opening your heart to Ben, Tim, and all the others!


  4. Hi Jay,

    I suppose that I’m not your typical reader but hopefully you’ll be pleased about my words. My name is Gerd and I’m a high school teacher from the Munich area (please don’t stop reading now – because of your own school experiences…). Some months ago I had my coming-out toward my students – a thrilling but very important step. Soon after this event my headmistress asked me to arrange a LGBT-selection for our school library (a matter of course for her). And now I’m trying to enhance my knowledge of LGBT literature and movies…

    Today in the afternoon, I finished the German version of your book “Something like summer” – and I really loved it!!! It was an incredibly intense and touching experience – including quite a lot of goosebumps and teardrops. For me, a major effort of an author is to create characters that are really living in the mind of the reader. You absolutely succeeded in doing this! Last night I even dreamed of Ben, Tim and Jace.

    Your novel includes the classical themes of “Coming-out” (Tim) and “Problems with the straight environment” (Tim and Ben), but for me the most important aspects are the feelings between the characters themselves (Ben, Tim, Jace). You’re so talented in illustrating and transporting such feelings.

    I have to confess that I was quite afraid because of the final chapters. I supposed that either Tim would vanish into thin air or Jace would be sacrificed for dramatic reasons. I was so afraid of an end that might in some way degrade my impression of the whole novel. Obviously, one of my supposed scenarios came true – but in an nearly unbelievable gentle and touching way. It was so overwhelming to feel the deep love between Ben and Jace.

    At the beginning of my mail I mentioned our school library – in my opinion, your novel really deserves an exquisite place! But before, I suppose that I’ll talk with my headmistress about the sex scenes. I really loved this scenes but one might think that they are a bit to explicit for a book in a school library. But I’m quite confident that she’ll take it easy.

    Warm regards,

    1. Author

      Hi Gerd!

      Thanks for your message. You’re the first person I’ve heard from who has read Zwei Jungs im Sommer. I haven’t had time to read the German version myself, so I’m very relieved that you enjoyed it so much. As I know very well from living here and being a non-native speaker, humor and emotion are very difficult to translate. It’s great to hear all the pieces are still there and everything worked out right. 🙂

      I’m flattered that you want the book as part of your library’s collection. I’m afraid the sex scenes would definitely prevent this from happening in a United States school. I tried to make sure each such scene was emotional and served to move the plot along, so to me they feel very necessary. Germans are much more sensible about sex, so ich drücke die Daumen das es klappt. And hopefully, someday, Winter will be available in German too. There’s much more of the story to be told!

      Viele Grüße aus Stuttgart,


  5. Hi Jay! First of all, I am a major fan! The Something Like series is my favorite series ever, and I am very excited for Something Like Lightning! I have to admit that when I read Something Like Autumn, I pretty much sob from the wedding until the end of the book. You do such an amazing job making your characters come to life because in spite of the fact that I am totally in love with Jace, I can still come to terms with Ben moving on with Tim. I did get to love Tim in Winter even though I swore I wouldn’t. I also think it helped that I read Autumn BEFORE Winter. There is something I have been wondering since I first read Autumn. Do you like Victor? Am I supposed to like Victor? I don’t. In fact, I can’t stand him. I was never comfortable with him from the moment he scared my Jace by making Jace think he was being robbed. Then all he did was hurt Jace over and over again. He didn’t even feed his cat. Am I strange that I liked Adrien way better than Victor. Yes, Adrien had trust issues where Jace and Victor were concerned, but who could blame him? So I ask you – Do you like Victor?

    1. Author

      Hi Michelle!

      Thank you for reading the series and for feeling so passionate about the characters. That means the world to me! As to your question, yes I like Victor, although I don’t think he’s a very likable character. I also hate that he didn’t feed Samson. I think by that point Victor was probably struggling with a mental illness himself, but as an animal lover, I find that sort of behavior unforgivable. That having been said, I’m grateful to him for being a part of Jace’s history. At the beginning of Autumn, when Jace is about to jump off that bridge, it’s because he sees the world through a very restricted perspective. He believes there is only one course his life can take.Victor is at the opposite end of the spectrum. He refuses to travel down familiar paths, and he actively dismisses preconceived notions. In a way, that’s exactly what Jace needed to be exposed to. No limits. Ultimately, I feel Jace made the most of that philosophy. Much more so than Victor did. So Victor was complicated and far from perfect and not the right guy for Jace, but he was a formative part of his life anyway. I’m guessing you’ve had people like that in your life too. I know I sure have! 🙂

  6. First, the season trilogy (not counting Spring of course) was epic, truly amazing. I just finished Autumn as an Audible. Kevin Free was amazing. Spoiler alert for future unbaptized Season readers: I found for myself that Autumn was like reading a eulogy for a character that quite frankly I never liked a lot. Let’s face it, the trilogy is about Ben and Tim. I even liked Victor better than Jace; but I think my feelings about Jace are because he is given as a man we’d all like to be, but mostly are not and we feel guilty about that. Jace was without a doubt a man of values and integrity. He had no spiritual flaws, all of his flaws unfortunately were physical. Can somebody really give their life up at the end they way he did in Ben’s arms,believing that a future surgery would only steal his mind and personality? When the final three words of the book was, “He was loved,” I wept. The good always die too young.

    Thank you so much for the series, Jay. I am looking forward to the movie and hope the screenplay does your book justice. I will read Spring soon or wait for the Audible and get into the Lightning series by either method. I’m a fan and you’re at the top of my list of gay romantic authors.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Randy! I’m pleased that you got caught up in Autumn emotionally, even though Jace isn’t your favorite character. I’m also happy you’ve been enjoying the audiobooks, and that you appreciate the fine work the narrator did. I agree with you. Kevin R. Free is amazing! As for Spring and Lightning, I’m afraid neither will be coming out on audio this year, but I hope to see an audio release for at least one of them in 2015. So if you don’t want to wait, the book version might be your best bet. Thanks for your support!

  7. just stopped by to let you know (in case you care) that I, a strait, married, mother of four, absolutely LOVE your stories!!!! They’re just beautiful, well written, honest love stories. Thanks for putting them on Oyster :o)

    1. Author

      Hi Tiffany! I do indeed care. 🙂 It’s always fun for me to learn how diverse my readership is, so I’m glad you let me know. You’re also the first person who has told me they read my books through Oyster, which is useful to know. I’ll make sure future books end up there too. Thanks for taking a chance on my stories!

  8. Thank you very much Jay for you incredible book “Something like summer” i love it! I wait you next books.
    Mirko from Italy kissess

    1. Author

      Thanks, Mirko! I’m not sure if any more books will be coming out in Italian, if that’s how you’ve been reading them. If so, maybe let the publishers know you want more, or help spread the word to other readers. Thanks for reading Summer!

  9. Well, I honestly don’t even know where to begin…. I just finished “Something Like Summer” last night. Tried sleeping multiple times, but couldn’t resist not knowing what would happen next. When away, I’d play story lines through my head hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. All In all, I read the entire book last night. Didn’t get much sleep whatsoever, but it was completely and totally worth every second I spent reading. The entire book practically expressed most of the feelings I have going on in my life, just knowing that it is possible to find happiness gave me hope for what I have in store for me.

    Since I know so much about you, you might as well know your audience. I myself am just a simple gay guy. Still in high school, which is why I was so capable to relate everyone’s feelings. I’m personally now considering writing as a hobby for just myself in hopes to make a masterpiece just as stunning as your own.

    Can’t wait to read more! Best wishes!

    1. Author

      Hey Luke! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. When I was in high school, I spent many many nights reading instead of sleeping. I was always tired at school. LOL Anyway, I think it’s cool that you feel like writing to entertain yourself. That’s what I do with every book I write. I’m just telling myself stories. The editing–that I do for other people, since I want the story to be clear and the emotions to translate. That first draft though, that’s always just for me. So I wish you much luck with your own writing and hope you have lots of fun!

  10. Jay…I just find it excitingly odd how my life is intertwined with your books. While I’m not sure where geographically Something Like Lightning may take us, I find it very coincidental that I have lived in Warrensburg, MO, Houston, TX, and The Woodlands, TX. Well, now, I’m moving from Florida to Austin. And, on my car ride, I’ve got all three Something Like… audio books to keep me company.

    Please keep up the good work. I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be moving next in Something Like Lightning. 🙂

    1. Author

      Small world, isn’t it? I don’t know if you’ve read Kamikaze Boys, but part of it is set in Florida. Now we just need you to spend some time in Kansas and you’ll have been most places in the books. 😉 Warrensburg is the most surprising to me, since as you know, it’s not exactly a thriving metropolis. I hope you enjoy Austin! Say hello to Ben and Tim for me!

  11. I had stumbled upon your books in the middle of summer, first reading Something Like Summer and I instantly fell for the book and got the rest of them and read them all within a two week time period. At first I was hoping it wasn’t one of those other books that there ended up being a horrible tragedy (yes, I do know there was a couple, but nothing as bad as other books).
    I am now so excited to read Something Like Lightning because I had wanted to know Kelly’s story for so long, I think that series is going to be so amazing and I really hope that one of the books is about Eric since he was one of my favorite characters in the books.
    Before this, I hadn’t read that many lgbt books other than Boy Meets Boy, but I hadn’t liked that one as much as these. And it seems so hard to find books in this area in a local Books A Million or a Barnes and Noble. I mean I do know there are places like Amazon to ship the books to you, but I’m impatient and like to read books right away and I’ve never been the biggest fan of reading on my mobile device for some reason. I like physical copies that I can read and read until the thing ends up falling apart (I had that incident with a copy of Good Omens and The Picture of Dorian Grey happen to me this year. Had to get new copies) Even though in this day and age (who am I kidding, talking like this, I’m 17) things are getting more and more electronic now and I understand that no one wants to go on a vacation with a carry on bag just of books (I am guilty of doing just that) and I do have my iPhone where I will sometimes buy books to read on the go from either Amazon or iTunes. But I will still buy physical copies anytime I can.
    Well I got off topic very quickly, even in typing I can ramble.

    1. Author

      Hi Heather! I like your rambling. I’ve been known to do the same, especially when in front of a keyboard. 🙂 Thanks for being so enthusiastic about my books. And for being curious about Kelly. Not many people were asking for his story, since he comes across as bitchy in Spring. Come to think of it, he’s also bitchy in Lightning, but when you see things from his perspective, hopefully you’ll love his attitude as much as I do.

      As for electronic versus print, I personally love digital stuff. It’s just too convenient. I even read comic books that way. The exception is art books, which I feel still need a large physical format. Besides, sometimes it feels good not to strain my eyes looking at a screen. My husband Andreas is more like you. He’ll never give up print, but I’m glad, since a room full of books is instantly more cozy. You’ve got great taste by the way. Good Omens and Dorian Grey are both fantastic reads! Best wishes to you. Please let me know what you think of Lightning after you’ve read it!

  12. I don’t really know what brought me to the Something Like Series, to be honest I totally forgot the thing is I bought it from amazon in kindle version because i kinda dislike weighting the books in my hands (and i switch a lot when reading) so my tablet is easier for that purpose. Anyway I started reading and I was hooked like nothing before I couldn’t put the book away and ended up reading it in one day (lets just say i had a leisure weekend :P) I instantly bought winter, autumn and spring, I knew I was in for a treat and wow they even got my sleep scheduled mixed up for 4 days, I just needed to know what was going to happen next. Now it’s time to go back to real world and deal with all those things i didn’t do because I was reading but it was completely worth it. Now I’m restraining myself to buy lighting until next week so I can give it the dedication it deserves.
    Great books, i will ask for the other books for Christmas and seclude myself a couple of days to read them all :).

    1. Author

      Hey Andres! It’s great to hear how you gobbled up the Seasons books. You make them sound addictive and habit forming. I’m especially flattered you lost sleep over them. I often can’t sleep at night because I keep thinking of what needs to be written next, so I suppose we suffer from that problem together. I hope you enjoy the other books too!

  13. Hi there,

    I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I love and appreciate your books. They are all so amazing and you are an amazing author. I’m currently reading Something like Autumn and once again you have made me fall in love with the characters in your book. I was hesitant at first because why I liked Jace in the other two books I wasn’t sure he had a full backstory. Now that I’ve met him as a young man and met Victor I am a prisoner to yet another great read.

    You have a great gift Mr. Bell. I always have a book with me so I’m very much an avid reader but with your books I just cannot put them down. I feel like I’m visiting a friend and hanging on their every word. I’ll be completely honest with you, there are only a couple book series that I would read and re-read over and over and that also feel like old friends or family members when I read them. The Something Series is like that for me.

    I can so relate to so many aspects of your books and all of the characters have aspects that speak to me. I’ve got a huge crush on both Ben and Victor by the way. I’m finally realizing who I really am later in life. Not super late but I am 40. And your books have helped me in two wonderful ways. They have helped me see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and that you can’t help who you love. The only way to be is to be yourself no matter what and stay true to the real you. The other way you have helped me is that you gave me the inspiration to finally set down and start writing myself. I constantly have ideas, and I keep a journal but I’ve never started developing any of them. I recently re-read Summer and Winter and now as I said I’m reading Autumn and I thought why not start developing my ideas. I have things to say and share and what better way than through the magic of books.

    So Mr. Bell my hat is off to you, keep doing what you are doing, keep writing from and to the heart. You are a bright light in a world that sometime becomes extremely dark. I wish there were more of you in the world just imagine what we could do and what a truly beautiful world this would be. Thank you for Ben, and Tim, Alison, Jace, Victor and all the others. You are a true master and beautiful person.

    1. Author

      Hey Phil!

      Thank you so much for the heartfelt message. I was very moved by it. It’s great to learn that these books have helped you come to terms with yourself. Odd as it might sound, they’ve helped me in that regard too. I’ve been comfortable with who I am for a very long time, but relationships are very confusing. No two people seem to love in the same way, and there are no reliable rules when it comes to emotions. Through these characters and all the experiences they go through, I’ve been abe to pose a number of questions to myself and… well, I’m not sure there are such things as answers, but I feel like human nature makes a little more sense to me now. I also feel like I’ve built a little extended family for myself, since Ben and the others feel real, near, and most definitely dear to me. That you feel similarly is so wonderful to hear! Thank you for loving these characters and for opening yourself to their stories. I do hope you start writing, since it can be a wonderful adventure. Best of luck to you!

  14. Well, that’s it. I’ve just finished reading Something like Lightening and (to my knowledge) I’ve read all your novels (translated to: what am I going to read now???!) I’ll be patently waiting for the next! I love your novels, your sense of story telling. They always take me away, sometimes quite melancholically! Thanks for writing and sharing your work so consistently.

    Until the next great installment, thank you!

    1. Author

      Hey Chris! Thanks for reading all my stuff! Did you breeze through the short stories too? If you’re looking for other books to read, there’s a “What to Read” button at the top of this page. Maybe something there by another author will catch your eye. Just don’t forget about me, okay? 😉

  15. Hey Mr Bell!
    I’m writing from lovely South Africa, where I spend most of my time alternating between reading your books and reading other books just to pass the time till your next book.
    I honestly find your books to be magical. It’s rare that I swear at a book because it’s SO GOOD. At the end of Something Like Lightning (which I finished reading like 10 minutes ago omg I loved it so much) I literally sat back and said “F**K YOU JAY BELL. YOU MAKE ME TOO HAPPY AND YOU GIVE ME ANXIETY.”
    I first groaned when I saw who the main character would be, but now I just cannot WAIT to explore these characters that you’ve “introduced” (since we’ve met them before, but now we get to KNOW them).
    Thank you for being as wonderful as you are. Keep on keepin’ on, honey. Tons of people’s lives are better because of your stories, I guarantee it.
    P.S. I have a crush on Ben, Marcello is my spirit animal and I can’t think about Jace without crying, especially not after Autumn. So screw you and thank you once again.
    Much love from our international shores 😀

    1. Author

      Hey Landro!

      Thanks for swearing at my books. And me! Seriously, because that means you were emotionally invested in the characters and stories, which is exactly what I hope for when writing them. I figured lots of people wouldn’t be happy with Kelly getting his own book, but you’re awesome for trying it anyway, and it sounds he won you over a least a little bit, so mission accomplished. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for being so passionate! More is on the way!

  16. Hey Jay,

    I just discovered the books and reading them right now, which is a real joy! I actually find them very inspiring.
    And I’m very curious, which place that is on the photograph above, because it looks very familiar to mee… And makes me wonder why I live in Canada instead of my home country.:/


    1. Author

      Thanks for reading my books, Stefan! Your home country is indeed very beautiful. The area in the photo is just outside of Stuttgart. Not the most interesting city, but there are some lovely vineyards in the area with extremely tasty wine.

      Viele Grüße aus der Heimat!


  17. Hi Jay,

    This summer (ironically) came across your book Something Like Summer. Lets just say, I fell in love with it. For the next few days I binged read Summer, Winter, and Autumn. I just finished Spring, since i’ve been busy with school (i’m a junior in college) and i just purchased Lighting. I will be starting that as soon as i’m done writing to you.

    I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve never read a book series i identified with more. These characters all have little bits of pieces of me inside of them. Tim especially. I had the same problems as he did coming to terms and accepting it, and even still to this day its still not easy. Thank you for writing these books, I don’t think you know how much they help and continue to help me. I experience every single emotion. While i was reading Ben’s and Tim’s story when they were teenagers I would get this knot in my stomach. I knew exactly how they were feeling at the time, just like I am sure every other gay or bisexual person has felt in dealing with it all.

    I don’t want these stories to ever end. I am so obsessed with Tim and Ben and as of a day ago Jason. I will always love Jace too.. Who am I kidding Chinchilla is even up there.

    You are amazing and I hope you have a great holiday to which ever you celebrate 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Nick!

      I’m very flattered that you tore through the Seasons books so quickly. You being able to relate to Tim is, I feel, very natural. After I finished writing Summer, I worried that I made struggling with coming out look like a bad thing, when it definitely isn’t. So while writing Winter, I kept this in mind and was grateful for the chance to show a more sympathetic depiction of that process. It’s definitely a struggle I went through too, and that Tim eventually finds his happy ending is also possible for us all. So yeah, it’s cool to hear the characters resonated with you as well! Thanks for reading!

      Best wishes,


  18. Hi, Jay! I’m Marcelo, and I’m from São Paulo, Brasil. I just want to thank you for your work. I’ve came to know your books less than 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about it. I’m already reading book 4!!! I can’t describe to you how much your work has touched me. Everywhere I go I take my Kindle with me! Really, totally addicted! I cried so much on Something Like Autumn! I’m gay (of course!) and I came out to my family when I was 16. I have a little baggage, since I’m about to turn 31. I had a true love once, I can consider myself as a Jace waiting for my Ben to show up now! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much for your work. It came to me when I was almost giving up on loving someone again. To find someone ready for commitment it’s been hard these days!!! But ok, won’t give up. I believe in God, so I wish Him to keep blessing you every single day! You are truly blessed. You have a huge new fan here! Keep up with your wonderful work!

    PS: I think Allison should get her own book! Would be amazing to see her interacting with our three most loved men, and also knowing how she met Brian, her complicated relationship with her father… Most of all, it would be great to see her perspective of things. It would help straight people to see things like she did, I guess. Please think about it! It’s impossible not to love her too! I think a lot of people might have told you this, but ok!

    And what about your quotes in the books? Genius!!!

    Big hug!

    1. Author

      Hey Marcelo!

      Thanks for reading my books! I’m glad they are giving you hope. Definitely don’t give up on love. I was tempted to do so at one time, but if I had, I wouldn’t have met the guy I married. I know it can be hard to find the right person, but if you keep putting yourself out there and trying, eventually you’ll find success.

      As for Allison, it would be interesting to see things from her perspective. I’ve been tempted to write a book from a female character’s perspective for some time now. Or maybe a short story or two. There are other ideas I want to tackle first, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future. I’m glad you appreciate her character so much. I love her too!

      Best wishes and best of luck with everything!

  19. I read the book something like summer these two days, very good story, I think it is not only a gay love story, it is just a love story, the love and the pain are same for any people, heterosexual or homosexual.
    must said that I love Tim and Ben, and the love between them, about Jace, did not feel anything, of course he is good person, but in this love story, he is just the superfluous, this story, is about grow up, love, scaring, how to face and to be the true youself. when I read the whole story. I could totally understand why Tim could be run away and could not resist his true feeling for Ben, and want to be back with him. think about it, when he meet Ben,he is still a kid, think about what kind of family he come from, he [arents and environment surround him. you could always could understand why he did not come out, and he could run away at that time, he is just too scaring, but who will not, besides, he is good for Ben, isn’t he, when they together in their young age.
    for Ben feeling for him. I think his love for Tim, is very much really, it is just really like the love we all feel once for someone. it is young, hot and unreserved?it is unforgettable for life. no one and nothing could replace, it is already seal in our soul. the one is our soul. that is Ben’s love for Tim. at least is the feel I have when I read the book. and that is why I said I did not feel any love for Jace, of course he is good. maybe much better prefect than Tim. but he still not Tim. he is not the one Ben give his first and unreserved love to, he maybe good, but he is not the soul. the relationship could reflect to anyone love relationship. which one do you prefer, if you ask me, I could always prefer Tim. because the first and the unreserved pure love just could be once, it could just give one person. we never will love anyone like we love this one. even we get hurt, pain, we still love them, will never forget them. Ben ever said that he could not leave Tim. because Tim need him, he need to be take care of him, and Jace could be ok, even he leave him. that is from his heart, he true feeling for this two people, of course he love Jace, he could make him feel safe, happy beloved, but something, some feeling he will never could give him.
    I reflect my own story, if the man I love from soul ask me to run away with him now, abandoned anything behind, I maybe will. even I already in another relationship, even another man is better. because I still feel regret, feel pain and hurt for could not be that one I love from soul. that is why I love to see that Tim and Ben could finally together again.

  20. I absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, fell in love!
    I fell in love with Ben, because he was a sweet guy, honest, easy to love (I mean who wouldn’t love such a guy?! SRSLY!), and most importantly strong guy!
    I fell in love with Tim. He was perfection and not! I mean, good looks, hot, manly with all the muscles and all that and then he was a fighter and never gave up on his one true love! I know, he had crappy days too. That was honestly totally awesome! I wish such a guy really existed!
    And then Jace comes to the picture, which without any hesitations I also fell in love with him! & I sure as hell am not gonna list the reasons why I fell in love with him, because I will definitely end up writing a novel about him!
    Then came Michelle and Greg and Victor. Who wouldn’t love them?
    And more importantly, who could possibly not love Jason Grant?
    I first read your “Language Lessons” book. I liked it. It was good and cool, but then I read Something Like Summer and man, that was perfection! You totally had me by the first page and I couldn’t put the book down for a second. My parents had to drag me to the table for lunch or dinner. Literally! I even pulled an all-nighter so willing to see what will happen in the end. And let me tell you, when Jace died, I totally had a heart attack and my heart is still aching! It was painfully painful. Then I read Something Like Winter and it was again amazing. Also, another all-nighter again! Then came the third book, Something Like Autumn and I was glued to my spot on my bed and reading and reading and reading. Unfortunately that night I couldn’t stay up all night to finish the book because I was a total zombie and my parents were standing by my bed with loaded shotguns, making sure I slept! Seriously, as much as I love you, I think my parents hate you. 😉 And the second Autumn was finished I started Spring without delay! I just finished it!
    I’m totally sad! No, actually, sad doesn’t even begin to describe how sad I feel! I lived through your stories, I lived with your characters, I fell in love with your characters and laughed with them and cried with them and I also got hurt with them. You do have that power! I’m totally addicted to your world!

    This is the first time I’m doing such a thing, writing to an author. But you really made me fall in love!
    I’m sad that the seasons are over but I’m definitely waiting for more awesome stories by you. I totally can’t wait. And I hope someday I can write a story like yours! Or maybe better, who knows? 😉
    I would have asked for tutorial, but I’m not sure you’re gonna read this, let alone answer it.
    But I’m guessing it would be nice to have an awesome author as a friend.
    Like, you know, Eric to Tim? 😀
    Can’t wait for more and more books~~~~~

    PS: Nagisa is my net name 😉

    1. Author

      Hey Nagisa!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Seasons series. It’s cool that you loved all the guys right away. Often I hear from people who didn’t like Tim until they read Winter, or Jace until they read Autumn, but you loved all of them right off the bat. That’s great! Tell your parents I’m sorry that I stole so much of your time, but they’re probably happy that you’re reading. It’s also wonderful that you feel inspired to write. I don’t have a lot of advice in that area because I don’t believe in the traditional rules. People will try to tell you that books have to be written a specific way, or that only certain techniques are respected, or lots of other tiresome stuff that hampers creativity. Ignore all that. Just write the book you’ve always wanted to read and have fun while doing so. That’s my advice for you. 🙂

      Thanks again for reading. I hope you’re still doing so when I publish book number 75 in 2036. 😉


      1. Wooah!
        You answered. I’m so excited. ????
        Are you ready for my reply?! Here goes: not like Tim?! Not like Jace?! No way! I can’t possibly imagine a world in which I would not fall in love with them, all your characters, right from the get go. Honestly, your characters are so real, & so humane that I can’t think of a reason not to like them.
        You know, I try my best not to think/comment like that. You know, saying I didn’t like this or I didn’t like that. I mean, when you write you put yourself into your story, you give something of yourself to make your characters. And I for one, think it’s cruel to say I didn’t like it; cause you know, it means I didn’t like you, & srsly, it’s not possible. It’s too late for me to in-love you anyways, I’m kinda obsessed now. I’m not flattering, just being honest.
        Do I make any sense?! Idk…
        My parents?! They’re worried about their little bookworm. But that’s how parents are, right?! Hahaha…
        I luv writing. I even wrote a few stories which only my friends read. But the thing is: I luv writing in English. English is my second language, & it might sound crazy but I feel at ease writing in English, even though it’s hard sometimes, bc you know, second language. I am totally not making any sense.
        Book 75 in 2036?! Hmmm… I’m like, 44 years old by then. Wow, man! That’s too old for a lady. ???? but sure as hell, as long as you write I’m there to read & I keep pestering you with my comments. Honest-to-God! ????
        I kinda have all your books now. Read the sketchbook of the cat in the cradle. Gonna read the book soon. & the rest of your books too. So be fast. Write more books. Feed my hungry mind your words!!! ??
        Oh, & one last thing: I followed you on Twitter!!! I Even tweeted you. ????
        Have lovely days

  21. Dear Jay
    I want to tell you that you are one of my Favorite authors! Your books have brought me to tears, and made me angry/happy. Im a dedicated audio book listener ! I own all your audio books along with all the hard copies of the your books. With that being said I am anxiously waiting for Something like Spring. When I say anxiously I literally mean it lol I’ve been checking audible everyday! I guess you can say I’m being a bit impatient, but can you blame me your books are just so good! I know you said spring is in production, and reading that made me scream like a crazy 12 year old girl lol! but can you say when can I be expecting it to be released? if that is top secret information I understand i’ll just have to keep waiting lol. While I’m waiting I’ll reread kamikaze boys 🙂 ! for the millionth time. Anyways keep up the good writing I’ll read and listen to anything you write !

    1. Author

      Hey Chantz! It makes me really happy to hear how excited you are for Spring to get released on audio. I wish I could give you an exact release date. It’s no secret, just a very inexact science. The producers expect to have the audio files to me by the middle of February. I then need to review them, and usually there are a few small changes. Once fixed and approved, it takes about a week for the book to go live on various sites. So realistically, I’d say late February or early March. I wish it was even sooner, but I’m very pleased to hear you’ve read Kamikaze Boys so often. Say hello to David and Connor for me!

  22. Come be on my podcast! Saw that you’re making a movie and stuff based on your killer book about Ben and Tim and want to here more. Come on! Everybody’s doing it!! It will be a ton of fun and you can plug away whatever you want to and teach kids how to be better and junk like that…

  23. You are an amazing writer. I really cried when Jace died. Twice!

    You really captured what it’s like to be a closeted teenager born in the 80s. I still am though but reading stories like yours gives me hope.

    I think I’m lucky or unlucky to not have been born and lived in USA. Lucky cause even though my country is mostly Catholic, they have an apathetic approach on gays in the 80s and 90s so I wasn’t pressured that much.

    Unlucky because I think freedom is better there in the USA. Things have improved rapidly while things here are at a crawl.

    Thank you again for those stories and I’m looking forward to reading every book you write.

    1. Author

      Hey Raxus!

      I’m happy the stories give you hope. You have me curious though. If your country is apathetic about gay issues, then why are you still in the closet? I’m guessing it’s hard to come out no matter which country a person lives in, since it’s still pretty unusual. Things are indeed moving quickly in the USA, but that won’t stop individual people from being homophobic. Still, I’m really pleased with how things have changed in the last two decades. I hope things continue to improve in your country too, and that you find the best path to make yourself happy. Here’s wishing you lots of luck with everything!

  24. Hey Mr. Bell,

    I don’t really know how to start this email ahah.

    I recently finished the Seasons series, and quickly re-read them soon after. I enjoyed these books so much. Being taken on such a wild journey within these books was so exciting and I will admit to crying multiple times in each book.

    The way you have so ingeniously intertwined each character with one another was just flawless and effortless. This enhanced the reading experience so much as I was brought back to sensitive moments but from a different perspective.

    I enjoy reading so much and these books have really made the past two weeks, I have been reading them, amazing!

    I have just one question, I was wondering how you came up with the idea. Or even the story of Ben and Tim.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to have such a wonderful reading experience.

    P.S. I’m so looking forward to something like Thunder. Something Like Lightning created a new sympathy for Kelly which I wasn’t expecting.

    1. Author

      Hi Joseph! Thanks for all the love. I’m glad you like the way the books intertwine. That takes some effort, believe you me! Especially the more books that are added to the series. It gets really complex. As for where I come up with the ideas, mostly through life experience. A combination of my own, those of people I have known, and some made up stuff thrown in for good measure. Like the disclaimer says in the front of the books, these stories aren’t based directly on anyone’s life, but there are universal experiences many of us go through. That’s what I try to draw from. I hope that makes sense!

  25. I have just finished reading ‘Something Like Summer’ and I have never felt so many emotions in one book before! I have laughed, cried, blushed and felt goosebumps and your writing is one of the best I’ve ever known. Look at me, I’m like a fan girl now. Definitely going to be buying the rest of your books!

  26. Hi Mr. Bell!
    Alternating reading between horror books and gay romance books must be weird, but nowadays, I tend to read more of the latter kind… especially your books.
    I find the seasons series especially refreshing and inspirational, a lot of difference to most gay romance fiction nowadays which focus too much on wild steamy sex than on developing the story as well as the characters.
    I really love that you develop the stories to the point which make them as realistic as possible, which make the readers think of them as possibly happening in real life. The characters too,in your stories have a life of their own, in a way that readers can relate to them and also as if they can really picture meeting them somewhere and chat with them.
    I really loved Autumn because after reading the others, that’s the point I saw every main character’s point of view. I felt for every character’s loss and had to stop a while to get my bearings before reading again.
    I especially felt bad about Victor though. Maybe because I kind of see myself a bit in his character, but more so because he reminds me of a person I lost in a part of my life, similar to Victor in his rebellious ways and constantly talking about weird philosophies in life and such We even did crazy shit and stuff, when we were at that age… Though not as fatal, it still hurts getting out of touch with someone, as if they’re living across a million oceans and not be able to see them…
    Aaaanyway, have you ever considered in writing an alternate story for Jace and Victor though? Even a short one would be able to fill this hole I feel in my heart.

    1. Author

      Hi Shioni! Horror and romance is an interesting combination to switch between. I suppose there might be some crossover, depending on how bad a relationship gets. I know Rick R. Reed has written stuff that encompases both. Ever read a book called Orientation? As for my own stories, I’m happy that the characters feel so real to you. Sometimes I forget that they’re not. Sorry to hear that you’ve had your own Victor. I know how hard that can be. Losing one of my own is what inspired me to create his character. When you say an alternate story, do you mean one where Victor doesn’t die? I’ve never considered that honestly, since I feel it wouldn’t be respectful to the real person he is roughly based on. In my heart though, I’ve dreamed many times that his story had a happier ending. Geez, depressing way to end this message. Uh… Gimmie a hug?

  27. Hi Mr Bell

    I have just completed ‘reading’ the audible version of ‘Something Like Summer’ narrated by Kevin R. Free. I was really delighted by the story and how the characters interacted and their lives intertwined over the 12 years of the story.

    As a gay man who is now middle aged and sadly alone, and who didn’t come out as early as I should have, I hope that your books will encourage young men to stand up and be proud of who and what they are and to come out early so they can, and like Ben, give themselves every opportunity to find ‘Mr Right’.

    You first book was an inspiration to me also. I have been out to ‘those who matter’ for many years, however I have always been wary of coming out to the whole world. I am now planning on making amends and changing my Facebook information to ‘interested in men’ and letting the world know. Who knows, maybe my own whirlwind romance is just around the corner too!

    I have just downloaded ‘Something Like Winter’ also narrated by Kevin R. Free and am looking forward to listening to this book beginning tonight. I cannot wait to get ‘back’ to Texas and the wonderful Ben and Tim for another installment. Thank you so much for your wonderful stories and please keep writing them for us as they definitely depict being gay in a positive and beautiful light.

    Take Care,

    1. Author

      Hey Rob! Congrats on coming out! It’s never too late. I hear regularly from people of all ages who are going through the process, so you aren’t alone. Put yourself out there and I’ll bet you’ll find someone with similar life experiences to your own. All you really need to find love is persistence and a little recklessness. That’s sort of the theme of these books. I’m thrilled you’ve been enjoying Kevin R. Free’s narration. That man is amazing! Best of luck to you, and many many hugs from me. 🙂

  28. Hey Mr. Bell!

    I just wanted to say that you’re my favorite author, and I absolutely love your books! I’ve read the entire “Something Like” series (plus a few books outside of it) and now I’m a complete fan girl! I absolutely love all the characters, and I can’t wait to read Something Like Thunder!

    P.S. Am I the only one who doesn’t really like William? O_o

    1. Author

      Thanks, Christina! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying so many of the books. As for William, I’ve definitely hard from someone else who was wary of him, I think because he strays. Personally I got a crush on him while writing Spring and felt bad that he didn’t come across so well in Lightning. Maybe he’ll have a chance to tell his story some day so we can finally judge him fairly.

  29. Hey there, Mr Bell!
    I’ve read many of the comments you’ve received so far on this page, since I wanted to see if other people felt as strongly about the Something Like… series as I do. I started reading the books – Something like Summer/Winter in a two-day span each- when I was 15. To be completely honest, your books gave me strength to come out to my family and some of my friends I also consider “family”. I, much like Jace at the beginning of Something Like Autumn, felt like I couldn’t find love, especially in Greece, where I still live. Now, being 18 and having read every seasons books, I must say that your writing skills made it possible to get me (and probably many others too) so caught up in your books, that I even teared up on many occasions. But since I’m all about honesty, I must confess I had found the first book of the series downloadable online -since a 15-year-old closeted gay can’t ask for his father’s credit card to buy gay novels-. So you can guess I was extremely surprised to read your “prologue” about bought and pirated copies of your books. You really do think everything through, and that also shows in each story you write about, the stories and the perspectives are awesomely intertwined in every book.

    The funny thing is that your stories somehow seem to resemble my love life, every relationship between two guys does indeed have many many ups and downs, and discretion still plays a very serious role in the Greek gay community.

    Since I do speak German too I think I’ll get this chance to show off.

    Ihre Bücher sind leider nicht verfügbar in Griechenland, Gott sei dank, dass Amazon.com und Google Play Books existieren. Ich hoffe, dass es immer mehr solche Bücher geben wird und dass Sie und Andreas ihre “?merican Dream” in Deutschland oder irgendwo anders zusammen verwirklichen können! 🙂
    Your stories and the parts of your life that you share on YouTube are extremely inspiring.
    Viele Grüße!

    1. Author

      Hey Ted!

      It’s so cool to hear that you’ve been reading my books since you were fifteen! I don’t mind at all that you had to pirate the books back then. I’ve been in similar situations before, or simply didn’t have enough cash. People still want to read and be entertained, even if they don’t have the money, right?

      Congrats on coming out to your family and friends. I’m honored to have been a small part of that process. Your English is perfect, by the way, and your German is way better than mine. LOL Who’s you manage that? I’m jealous! 🙂

      Wishing you the best for your future,


  30. Dear Jay

    Hello, just want to ask when the movie will on release. could’t wait to watch it. and beside the something like series. do you plan to write other gay love story? I really love your books.

    1. Author

      The movie will probably be released to this masses in 2016. I know it has been a long wait, but we’re almost there!

  31. Hello! Wow! I’m halfway though the season series and can’t wait to continue. These books are more then just a story to be read, they are an experience worthwhile! I wanted to thank you sincerely for such an incredible journey; if I wasn’t beaming with love and happiness, I was crying, sharing the emotions and pain of each character. Truly an inspiration. Never stop creating!

    1. Author

      Comments like yours pretty much guarantee I’ll never stop writing, so thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

  32. Dear Mr Bell,

    I just wanted to take the time to write to you to express my gratitude. I am so thankful that you took the time to take your genius and create such moving, beautiful novels that have not only touched my heart, but the hearts of millions teens across the world.

    I came across the first book in the series when browsing for lgbt literature, when I was fourteen and have been hooked ever since. Personally, I connect with the audiobooks as I find them easy to comprehend and follow. I was wondering if the two latest books will be recorded and available as audiobooks? If not, I would love to purchase them however Im just wondering if they will be available, in the future.

    You have no idea how much these books have brought happiness to me. In a dark, cold, closeted world, they bring happiness and, more importantly, hope. I hope you know they put a smile on my face when the rest of the world threatened to keep me frowning.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sam Jones

    1. Author

      Hey Sam! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Things are always a little crazy when a new book comes out. Thanks for sharing your story with me. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was fourteen and confused about what my future could hold. All I really found back then was parodies of gay people and porn, neither of which made me feel like I could have a fulfilling life. But I did. I made finding love my priority, and while it hasn’t always been easy or fun, I’ve had a lot of adventures.

      It’s so cool to hear that Ben and the other guys could be there for you during the darker times. That makes me happy! As for more audiobooks, I do plan on Lightning and Thunder being available in that format. It probably won’t be until the fall though, so there’s a small wait, but it’ll happen eventually.

      Best wishes to you for your future!


  33. Hello Jay,

    My name is Jim and I just discovered your work. I was looking for an actual story in Gay Fiction that wasn’t a collection of porn and I found The Cat in the Cradle. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to start the next story in the series. Thank you very much! Jim

    1. Author

      Hey Jim!

      I’m thrilled you’re reading my fantasy novels. They don’t get as much attention as my other books, but I had such a great time writing them, and collaborating with my husband. I just love his art! I hope you enjoy From Darkness to Darkness!

      1. Hello Jay,
        I can’t believe you actually responded…that is so kool! I have started From Darkness to Darkness and I love it! The problem is once I start I can’t put it down so I need for you to write a sequel really, really fast..lol

  34. Just wanted to say your books helped me come out to my parents and iv never felt more alive in my life so thank you….will you be doing anymore something like books after something like thunder?

    1. Author

      Duuuuuude! Jacob! That’s so freaking awesome! Seriously. When I first started writing, I never considered that it might help people come out. I’ve been there myself, and I know how good it feels. Welcome to the club! I’m proud of you! And yes, more Something Like stories are on the way, including a new book. Stay tuned!

  35. I have to make contact to say how much I am loving your novels and the clever way your characters keep popping up in them!

    My partner John of 45 years has been diagnosed with MSA, a very rare brain deterioration condition, and has had to go in to a care home as living in our house proved impossible. I visit with him every day and suddenly he gave me a present – “Suddenly Like Summer” as he knows I enjoy American gay fiction.

    I was hooked immediately and loved the warmth and intellect shown in the writing.I also identified “Ben” as a young man I had an intense feeling for some fifteen years ago (you can love somebody but still relate to others!).

    I then purchased “Spring”, “Autumn” and “Winter” and was equally entranced. Particularly in “Autumn” when Jace scatters Victor’s ashes in ‘their’ wood as John and I have discussed his inevitable passing and agreed I will do the same – in the adjacent Country Park where we both spent so many happy times together just walking, talking and gathering blackberries.

    I’ve said this to John and now to you – “thank you for being you”.


  36. Hi,

    Inspiring books of yours. I love the characters and the different side point of view and feelings. I just read Something Like Winter and more to go. Oh how complicated life is with love. But more complicated and lifeless without one. That what makes it beautiful and alive right?

    Surprised that the movie is coming and cannot wait. Best of everything.

    Your fans from other side of the world. xo

    1. Author

      Something Like Winter is one of my personal favorites, so it’s great that you enjoyed it too. That book definitely sparked my obsession with showing the different perspectives that make up one story. And yeah, life is full of so many different viewpoints. I love talking to people to find out what they are thinking and how they feel. This world we live in is pretty dang amazing! 🙂

  37. When will audio versions of your two recent books be available? Can’t wait … can’t ‘read’. Impatient fan.

    1. Author

      Hey Dennis! Something Like Lightning has been recorded and is ready to go. The publishing process usually takes a few weeks (out of my control, sadly) but it should be available this month. Thunder is being recorded right away, so there won’t be a delay this time. It will be out this year as well. Kevin is narrating both, of course. I can’t imagine anyone else!

      1. Just downloaded … Just Like a Halloween Treat! Thank you, no tricks 🙂


  38. Hi Jay!!!

    Okay, so first i want you to know that i am from Argentina. So yaaaay!! You have fans here too.

    I Just finished thunder, and oh god, i just need more, so much more.. so i was watching your youtube vids and i founds the one (building a book 1) WHERE YOU SAID THERE IS GOING TO BE A 7 BOOK AND IM ALMOST CRIED. IM IN LOVE WITH ALL THE CHARACTERS, LIKE SERIOUSLY.

    1 week agos (kinda) i read something like summer, i fell in love with Ben, Tim and Jace the first time i met each one. AND I WAS SO CONFUSED, Because i didnt know who i was supposed to love, or who i was supposed to want ben to end with, i love tim and jace so much that i just couldnt make a choice, so we could say i really related to Ben.

    I know everyone has their opinions but WHO COULD YOU NOT LOVE ONE OF THOSE THREE??? Okay Tim made some .. really bad decisions.. but TIM LOVES BEN SO MUCH.

    I cried through the whole series… but i have to say that the one which made me cry the most was Something like Autumn.. that book, oh god it broke my heart. VICTOR! (Of course i fell for him too), JACE, EVERYTHING. I really liked that book; i was surprised with the beginning, i was like “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME, REALLY? SUICIDE NOTE?” almost died there. One of the things that make me cried all of the time was how Jace was so scared of dying alone because he was gay… WHEN I READ THAT SCENES I ALWAYS REMEMBERED HIS DEATH IN BEN ARMS AND I JUST COULDNT DEAL WITH IT, I WAS SOBBING ALL THE TIME. AND THEN VICTOR, ALL HIS STORY AND THEIR LOVE, THEIR FIGHTS, HIS SUICIDE, IT WAS TOO MUCH (but i loved it because im a masochist). Then when he mets ben and all the tim things from his pov, i suffered a lot (mostly beacuse i love the three of them and i want everyone to be happy).

    Then … something like spring.. what could i say??? i never imagined in my life… HOW SOMEONE COULD CONNECT SO MANY CHARACTERS LIVES IN ONE BOOK (well i should say 3.. the last ones). You surprised me all the time, like some things.. i wasnt expecting them.. (*cof**cof* victor and nathaniel*cof*cof*)

    I have so many things to say, oh god, but the most important is that im seriously in love with your books, i dont know what i will do with my life now.. i just need more from this characters, i will miss them so much.

    I cant stop fangirling about this books, i told the whole story to my lil sis!!

    Sorry if i made some mistakes while writting this, the thing is I HAVE SO MUCH FEELS. (like i finished thunder 1 hour ago.)

    Thank you for this books!! And sorry this post its way too long!!

    – Agostina ?

    1. Author

      Hey Agostina!

      You’re just as crazy-in-love with these characters as I am. Like you, I can never decide who I love more, and I always have the urge to see them all again. That’s why I keep writing the books! And it’s why I try to find little ways of bringing characters back to the story, even if that seems impossible. I’m happy you’ve been watching the videos. There will definitely be another book. Maybe sooner than you think! Stick around, because things are about to get interesting!

      Much love,


  39. Hey, Jay.

    I’m a 22 year old who lives in some horrid 3rd world country you need not know about. I hadn’t read in a loooong while, too busy with life I guess. One day a friend and I were talking about fictional crushes and he said I should read the Seasons series. He even lent me the first, to see if i enjoyed it. That was a few weeks ago and I’m already hooked to the point that I read Winter in 2 days. I was excited and heartbroken and happy and sad and hopeful and desperate all at the same time.

    You’ve created a believable, engaging world that’s a delight to escape into. I thank you for it, deeply. You’ve even got me wondering about secondary characters. Like what became of Stacy Shelly…did she reign supreme in college? Did she become one of those PTA momzillas everyone loves to hate? Why did she save Ben from torment? What about Marcello? I bet his heart was broken in his youth, beyond repair.

    I’m gonna be daring and ask a question…blame it on my latin american passion or whatever. Do you think love like Ben and Tim’s can be found in the real world? Sometimes I fear i’ll never find it. That’s like a normal worry when you’re young, but you still wonder and fear…strongly.

    Anyway, I just hope you keep on writing. I’m about to start Autumn and I know I’m headed for a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you for bringing excitement into a rather dull life.


    Victor from Venezuela.

    1. Author

      Hey Victor!

      I’ve never been to Venezuela, but I’ve hung out with some great people who hail from there. Now I’ve met another. Hello! 🙂 I’m glad I’ve got you reading again. While I’m not sure what exactly happened to Stacy Shelly, I have no doubt that she is very successful in life. Beauty plus brains is a formidable combination, so I’m sure she did well. As for saving Ben, that was her doing a favor for Tim. She had feelings for him, as we saw a hint of when she was drunk at the party. Part of her wanted to make him happy, even though it became obvious they could never be together.

      As for love like Ben and Tim have, it does exist. I’ve heard from readers who have lived through similar stories, although I’ll readily admit it isn’t common. Usually when a relationship doesn’t work the first time around, it never does no matter how hard people try. Luckily, Ben and especially Tim changed enough over the years that they became compatible. Love like what Jace and Ben had together is more realistic and probably the kind we should all be hoping for.

      I hope that all makes sense!

  40. Hi!
    I’ve greatly admired your books for quite a while, but I’ve also found your own love story to be so beautiful, too. You said it’s ok to ask anything, so I was wondering what caused the move back to the states and if you and Andreas were still going strong as a couple…

    1. Author

      Hey Shawnna!

      Andreas and I are doing great! In any long-term relationship,there will be times where feelings are more intense than others. At the moment, I’m super crazy about the guy! All I want to do is spoon with him. LOL The reason we moved back to the States is because of the work Andreas does. His company has an office in Chicago, and they wanted him to help run it. I was ready to move home, so that combined with it being a nice promotion for him made it an easy choice. Thanks for reading my books, and for caring about our relationship. That’s very sweet of you!

  41. OK, so just finished Hell’s Pawn. Wow. When you said a little weird, you weren’t kidding. Where did this come from? So different from everything else you have written, but quite incredible. Sort of Ann Rand, Robertson Davies, and Rick Riordan all sort of mashed together — and then both Jace and Samson appeared magically. Wow. I’m already a true Patreon believer, but this only served to affirm my decision to support your work. Are you thinking about establishing a higher level of support? Really, your work is pretty astounding, and this epic saga is testament to the variety swirling in your head and in your pen. Many thanks. Thanks, too, for all of the communication and wonderful stuff you’re sharing through Patreon. Best investment I’ve made lately!

  42. Boy, I would’ve loved to hear the lead-in to that, as well. Sometimes the conversation piece you walk in on is FAR beettr than the whole conversation. Though, I have to say from experience, that assuming that part of the body is a voluntary muscle (or reaction or whatever) is a complete lie!

  43. Dear Mr Bell,

    Huge fan of the books and needless to say they have had a huge profound impact on my life. Just a quick question: what is Nathaniel’s like job/career title? He works for Marcello in the advertising(?) firm but what is his actual career because that is a job id love to do. I just don’t know what I want to do and I felt my passion was always writing but I’m scared it won’t work out? Was it easy for you to publish your first book or did you have a plan B incase? I feel that if writing is your calling, it’ll work out but I want to have something else just incase.

    Haha, thanks


  44. Hi Jay,

    I never received my copy of Something Like Fall, although I did contribute to the campaign and was looking forward to reading it. Is there any way that you can help me please? I was looking forward to reviewing it for my newspaper, as I did with all of your other books in the series.

    Please feel free to contact me at andrein2007@gmail.com

    Thanks so very much,


  45. Hey Jay, just was curios and enter my birth date and the time I was born and WALA you appeared! Yep! February 19, 1977! It was a joy reading a lil about your life journey. I wish you more happiness and success my twin.

    1. Author

      What’s WALA? I think I’ve only met three other people who share my birthday, so that’s cool to know. I bet we’re rare. And special. 🙂 I hope this Friday is awesome for you!

  46. Hi Jay. I’m Jared, and I am a fellow writer. Your novels inspired me to push through a two year writer’s block, and now I am halfway finished with my first novel. I love how you’re able to connect all of your characters in a realistic, yet captivating way. Something Like Thunder truly resonated with me. Nathaniel’s story is one of strength and compassion. I loved every page of it.

    I’d love the chance to talk to you. I follow you on twitter.

  47. Jay, I have listened to all of your “Something Like” books on Audible and first i love the style of those works, and secondly it wasn’t until i heard that series i had never really given much thought to writing a story that has been around my head for years. Keep up the amassing work.

  48. Hello Jay.I’m Simon and I’m from China.I just finished your book ?Something like summer?,some sentences really give me a lot of thingking and I’m deeply touched by what Ben and Tim had been through.Thank u for bringing us a great story and wish u all the best:)

    1. Hey Simon! Sorry for the late response. Did you read the Chinese translation of the book, or the English version. Either way, I’m glad you discovered it and that it touched you. Best wishes to you too!

  49. MORNING JAY, If it isn’t morning then good day maybe?
    ANYWAY, I have enjoyed every single book of yours, and I love everything you do!
    Please, please arrange a meet and greet of some sort, I have many things to thank you for ???? you have worked a bloody miracle.
    Email: keahney@hotmail.co.nz

    1. Hey Rin! Thanks for reading so many of my books. All of them, it would seem! I don’t know how I would react to a meet and greet with lots of people there, but I often go out to lunch with readers when they ask. Now all I need is to take a trip to New Zealand. 🙂

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