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April Ain’t Foolin’!

Jay Bell's fairy godmotherConsidering the date, I should precede this by saying none of the below is a joke, or even remotely funny. The only thing wacky here is that I meant to have this news update posted in March, but hey, I’m on vacation. The first of draft Something Like Summer’s companion novel is done, From Darkness to Darkness is nearly ready to go, and Kamikaze Boys has just been released. With those three ducklings in a row, I decided to take a break to prevent my head imploding. I already spent a week in Amsterdam where I visited my fairy godmother, as you can see in the photo. Strange city, Amsterdam.

Now for some really exciting news. Something Like Summer is a finalist in 2012’s Lambda Literary Awards! If you’re not familiar with the Lammies, they’re sort of like the Oscars, but celebrate gay books instead of closeted Hollywood celebrities. It’s a big fancy shindig and I’m thrilled to pieces to be part of it! I’ll be flying to a little town called New York City to see if Summer can score a win in the gay romance category. If not, I’m still deeply honored that Something Like Summer was chosen among the many entrants this year. If anyone wants to hang out with me and Andreas, you can find us at the awards ceremony and the after party. Neither are cheap to get into, but feel free to throw pebbles at the window and maybe I’ll come outside. Details and ticket prices for both events can be found here.

Continuing the love for Something Like Summer, there’s an extremely flattering article at Joyfully Jay (love the site’s name!) where Brahmin talks about her passion for Something Like Summer. She really knows her stuff too! What she says about Tim is dead on and will be made clear in the sequel. There’s also a new review for The Cat in the Cradle over at Risingshadow. I have a lot of plans for this series. If this review doesn’t convince you to hop on board, I’ll get you eventually.

Kamikaze Boys is also doing well, having been reviewed at Jessewave’s wonderful site. If that weren’t awesome enough, Kamikaze Boys is also My Gay Book Club’s selection for April! Reading is a lot less lonely when done in a group. If you’ve already read it, pop on over there and leave a comment about what you thought. Or join them on Twitter to keep things short and sweet.

Alex Knapp has published an article on Forbes about enhanced eBooks, which may or may not be the new way to read. The idea is enhancing a foggy Jack the Ripper scene with haunting footstep sound effects or even a scream. The article quotes my opinion on this possibility toward the end. I would love to hear your thoughts on enhanced books, even if you don’t agree with me.

And finally, to those of you still waiting for Kamikaze Boys to show up on iTunes, I’m very sorry that it hasn’t yet. Not that it’s my fault. I did everything I was supposed to nearly a month ago and never thought it would take this long. I hate the idea of any of you feeling left out, so with future releases, I plan on cutting out the middleman to avoid delays. Lesson learned! Hmm… I don’t want to end on a down note, so here’s a photo of me hanging out with Eddie Murphy. Coming to America, baby!

He stuck a banana in my tailpipe!

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11 Responses

  1. Linda

    Lambda Literary Awards??? That is so incredibly cool! Congratulations!

  2. Edward Lin

    I’m so happy for you that your books are doing so well and I’m definitely looking forward to the film version of Something like Summer. It’s perfect film material. I do hope Freddie Prinze Jr can play Jace( my favourite character), if only he’s ten years younger…

    • Thanks, Edward! Interest choice for Jace, but Freddie is probably too old to play him now. Probably too expensive an actor too. 😉 I really have now idea who they are going to cast, but it’ll be thrilling when they start making those decisions!

  3. I was just looking around on Amazon.com and noticed that “Kamikaze Boys” in Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers Gay & Lesbian. However, if they had a Top 25 list it would be there too because out of all the Gay & Lesbian fiction sold on the planet through the world’s largest online store, “Kamikaze Boys” is number 23. His earlier masterpiece “Something Like Summer” is only ten spots later.

    Of course Jay’s success this is no surprise since somehow he managed to find the most amazing book cover artist; Andreas Bell’s attention-grabbing cover designs and artwork is raking in the readers. Okay, well I guess Jay’s genius as a writer does play a part also.

    • Hey Lucas! Thanks for you comments here and on Goodreads. You’re right that folks can grab the Epub from Smashwords for their Kindle. I’ve mentioned that to a few people, and some don’t want to make an account at a new store or don’t feel comfortable moving the file over. But I like that you’re so innovated and okay with it all.

      And I love how much credit you give Andreas for luring in new readers. You’re totally right. I’m very lucky to have such a talented guy at my side, and I honestly don’t think half as many people would have found Something Like Summer without the crazy orange cover. He’s so awesome. So are you for being so encouraging! :)

  4. Mikey

    Hi, I just wanted to say that you truly have an amazingly vivid and inspiring style of writing. I haven’t had the time to pick up a novel in about 5 years, but when I found Something Like Summer, I had it finished in less than a day! I got so completely swept up in the heartfelt romance, I actually have had dreams about Tim! I guess all I really wanted to say was thank you for putting this book into the world, because I really feel this book changed my outlook on love and accepting yourself. Sincerely, your newest-biggest fan :)

    • Hey Mikey! Thank you so much! That’s pretty wild that you dreamt of Tim. I’ll admit I’m jealous. I’ve never dreamt of my characters before. That would be as close as I could come to meeting them, and of course Tim would be one of the best to meet. 😉 More important than all of that, I’m happy the story changed your perspective. I hope it did so in a very positive way. :) Thanks for reading and for stopping by to leave a comment!

  5. Tom

    Have to say, along with all the others, that I LOVED “Something Like Summer” and look forward to the sequel (working title)Something Like Winter(/working title)I want to see Tim’s side of the story. I’m sure that there is more to Tim than is revealed in “Something Like Summer”. I would like to suggest that you continue the Ben/Tim story covering how their love fared after they came together. It’s never Happily Ever After. There is surely more to their life together. I expect to read more about them in (working title)Something Like Forever(/working title) ;o)

    • You know, Something Like Forever does have a nice ring to it. I may just steal that from you! 😉 As for Ben and Tim’s future, we do get to see some of it in Something Like Winter. The last three or four chapters take place after Something Like Summer, since there were unresolved issues I wanted to explore.
      Despite appearances, Ben and Tim haven’t quite found their happily ever after at the end of the first book. Do they at the end of the second one? You’ll have to wait and see! 😉

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