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Autumn Update, Summer Sounds, and another Lambda Award Finalist

Autumn RosesThe first draft of Something Like Autumn is complete! The story took me much longer to write than I expected. The reason was obvious when I checked the statistics. Weighing in at 150,000 words, Autumn is the longest book I’ve ever written. By way of comparison, Something Like Summer is about 95,000, and Something Like Winter nearly 130,000 words. Of course the editing process will trim Something Like Autumn down some, but I expect it to remain the biggest of the three books so far. While it’s still too early to guess at release dates, the most time consuming part is now over. We’re getting closer!

Speaking of Something Like Autumn, in a new interview I briefly discuss the general concept of the novel. Spoiler free, so don’t worry. I also touch on other subjects, such as what I’ll be doing ten years from now, or why I’m doing any of this in the first place. I’ve also updated the “About the Author” section of this site to include links to many of the interviews I’ve given online.

In other news, I’ve decided to commission an audio book version of Something Like Summer. The most common question I get asked, is if multiple actors will be performing different roles. There’s only one narrator assigned to the project, but believe me, he’s exceptionally talented at making his voice sound unique to each character. The audio book should be out in the next month or two. I’ll update here when it gets released and send out an email via my newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so on the left. I only email when there is a new release, so I’m barely annoying at all!

25th Annual Lambda Literary AwardsLast but certainly not least, the Lambda Literary Awards have announced this year’s finalists… and Kamikaze Boys is one of them! Something Like Summer was a finalist last year, and it’s a great honor to be nominated again so soon. I wish David and Connor were real so I could kiss their beautiful faces! I guess the cover art will have to do. Excuse me please while I go make out with my paperback copy. Also, is it too early to pack my bags? I gotta get to New York!

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25 Responses

  1. A

    Well, this is good news :o)

    Having read the interview, I have a confession to make: I’ve had problems with Jace. For some reasons I never got a good picture of him and he felt strangely creepy to me. I was expecting that he’d reveal himself as kind of an abusive asshole at some point. Yeah, I know that didn’t happen and he was a good guy (and I did shed a fair share of tears over his untimely demise). Maybe it was because I was rooting for Tim the whole time and I wanted him to remain Ben’s One True Love. Which he did, in a way.
    How anyone could not love him is beyond me. The poor lad had to wade through so much shitty stuff, it was so much harder for him to find himself and his happiness.

    Anyway, I’m excited for the new book and I want to know more about Jace, get a clearer picture of him.

    And congrats on KB! It’s a great book, I’m happy others think so as well :o))

    • Interesting! Most people love Jace to pieces, but there are some that feel he’s too perfect. Something Like Autumn will change that. I was definitely interested in exploring his human/flawed side, so maybe that will help. I’m keen to hear what you think once you’ve read it! :)

      • A

        Ha, if something looks too good to be true chances are it isn’t, right? And too smooth and too perfect always screams crazy psycho serial killer. To me at least, haha.
        I’m terrible with writing reviews but I’ll definitely let you know what I think about SLA. I’m really looking forward to it :o)

    • maxsquared

      I kinda agree? Maybe is the love between Tim and Ben that made me dislike Jace…

  2. Mary G

    Awesome news! Weren’t you up agent Barry last year too? You got to shake him lol. Good luck!

    • Nah, I wasn’t “up against” Barry. It didn’t feel competitive like that. Seeing him win this year would be wonderful since he didn’t last year. Hey wait, neither did I! LOL

  3. Enny

    Congratulations on being nominated again! Kamikaze Boys sure as hell deserves it.

  4. Darrell Moore

    I am so excited to see Autumn close to publication. Summer and Winter are my two favorite books of all time. Since reading them and discovering your page on Facebook I have also ordered Kamikaze Boys and read it in a day, awesome story. Now I have ordered all your other books in print, and bought an iPad today so I could download Language Lessons (I hate being tied to my computer reading so I thought this would be a portable alternative). Thanks so much for writing such touching stories, I absolutely love all of your characters and can’t wait to read more from you. You definitely have a fan here.

    • Hi Darrell!

      Thanks for checking out all my books! That’s so kind of you! I hope you have fun with your new iPad. I have a Kindle Fire HD, which is a little similar, and I love using it for all sorts of things, but reading especially. Let me know if you enjoy the iPad once you’ve used it for a while. I’m tempted to get one myself since they are bigger. And because I’m a tech junkie. 😀

      • Darrell Moore

        I am enjoying the iPad a good deal. I really bought it only for reading eBooks (truthfully I didn’t buy it, my boyfriend of 13 years bought it for me for my birthday), already I am using it like crazy. Read Language Lessons and really enjoyed it, reminded me of one of my favorite gay romance movies TRICK if you haven’t seen it it revolves around a guy that wants to write show tunes and he stops in a new bar and comes face to face with a gorgeous go-go boy. They run into each other later that night on the subway and spend the whole night trying to find a place to have sex. They keep getting thwarted on every turn and actually get to know each other and end up falling in love because they didn’t have sex. Back to the iPad though, it has came in really handy buying books on amazon and ebay. Haven’t used it much more than that though, don’t know if this is common on all tablets but you can change the fonts and size of the printing on all the ebooks you read. That’s great for me since I keep misplacing my glasses.

  5. Daren

    Any updates with the film?? I can’t wait to see who they cast!

    • The film is moving along very slowly. No casting news yet. You can check somethinglikesummer.com for updates. Right now it leads to a Facebook page, but in the future I believe it will be a full-blown site.

  6. Stefan

    Hello Jay ,

    i cant wait for autumm to be released, tough ia m waiting for spring to come in real life.

    isnt it an awful cold winter in Germany this year ?

    Good thing your books keep me warn.

    thanks for your kind reply 2 my last comment,

    ” you were right ” lol .

    Congratulations on on you nomination , you do deserve it!

    Have fun & and bee good

    kind regards from Berlin


    • Yeah, winter has been horrible this year but I think we’re almost through it all. As for the books, I’ll be writing Something Like Spring in the spring, which is appropriate! :)

  7. Nicholas

    Yay! Can’t wait to read it!

    I wish Eric could get his own story like Jace did, I really fell in love with him in SLW. I know you said in an earlier post that Something Like Spring is going to be a completely new character, but I was wondering if you ever considered telling a little bit more of Eric’s life? Even if it was just a separate short story, I’d be ecstatic. I’d just love to read some of the key points in his life; The day he was kicked out of the fraternity, the day he met Gabriel and the day Gabriel left him, and a few days he spent with Tim. I just feel such a connection with all the scenes you right, and I feel like I would appreciate Eric’s life even more if I could actually read these events from his point of view.

    Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to anything you decide to write about!

    Oh and before I forget, I loved Jace’s cameo in Hell’s Pawn. (I know it’s irrelevant but I just finished it the other day XD)

    • Howdy, Nicholas! I’m glad you like Eric’s character so much. Bringing him to life was one of the joys of writing Something Like Winter, and I’m glad you want to see more of his story. I’m honestly not planning such a thing at the moment though, which isn’t saying much, since I never planned to write Winter, Autumn, or Spring either! Right now, I’m eager to write a story that doesn’t overlap at all, which will be Spring. Past that, anything could happen. We’ll find out together! :)

  8. maxsquared

    @Jay Maybe an odd question that I never will get an answer: what’s your imagination of how Tim, Ben and Jace look like in real live?

  9. random guy

    When the the audio book be available?

  10. Riina

    Good afternoon! I just spammed some facebook page and I have no clue if you ever get to read it.. I am just very excited, still, about the books and wanted to find a way to let you know how much the story touched me.. My head is still dizzy, dazed and confused – and my heart is aching! I read Something Like Summer & Something Like Winter a couple of days ago, literally over night… I just want to try to express a little how much I love this story and the characters. I REALLY LOVE Tim and felt sooo bad for him over all these years, he had to put up with so much, and the fact he couldn’t get Ben back when he really needed him broke my heart, reminding me of how unfair real life is. That’s why I suffered with him, both of them, and why I never liked Jace at all. To be honest I wish he never came into Ben’s life and he and Tim could have been happy all these years. I know it wouldn’t have made the story what it became otherwise .. But it is just so sad, and I always want to have at least a happy ending in books, when real life never works out.

    I know it’s impossible to put it into words and a Thank You for writing this isn’t nearly enough.. Every damn single time they met and had to go seperate ways again ( FOR YEARS ) broke my poor heart over and over again. I seriously don’t know if I agree with a certain statement, that “happy couples are boring” because upset and heartbroken couples are just so much worse than a boring story =D Either way, I loved this story a lot and I am probably the pickiest reader EVER. A book has to catch me from the first page on, or it will never be finished, and man I love your writing style and how uncomplicated the characters were introduced. I am not a fan of long and boring introductions at all…

    Hm somethins is bothering me tho… no matter how much I wish for it to keep going, I am too afraid they will just suffer A LOT again, and I am not sure if I want that, despite the “good story”. If they don’t die happily together I won’t be accepting this! 😉

    Am I right that there will be two more books with Tim and Ben (and Jace???)

    By the way the link to that interview you mention is broken, therefore I have no idea bout the concept yet …

    Love from Germany xxx

    • Hey Riina!

      It’s great to read how much Something Like Summer and Winter got you excited. I feel just as strongly about the characters, and like you, I’ve always been fondest of Tim! :) I love Jace too though, especially after having written about him. The first half of Something Like Autumn will be about Jace’s life before Ben. The second half covers the events of Something Like Summer, but is mostly new scenes. There are many new characters introduced too, some that will be important to the fourth book. Hopefully, when you read Autumn, you’ll come to like Jace a little more, even if you prefer Ben and Tim being together.

      The link to the interview is fixed, by the way. Thanks for letting me know, and for being so passionate about these books!


      • Dear Jay, thank you for taking time to reply! I have kept my reply until I finished reading Autumn. I wish you’ll read my review on Goodreads :) I don’t really want to spam your blog too with the same rambling.. Well, I had to come back because I want you to know that you blew me away with this! Something like Autumn! It’s wonderful. It’s simply brilliant and so touching.

        Just like Summer&Winter it really is magnifique! =D Sorry I’m having pictures of Paris float my brains, I wonder why.. 😉

        As I said before I really didn’t appreciate Jace much before and so I struggled to get into the mood to acutally read Autumn. Still I purchased it right when it was out and read it within two days. Sadly I had to take a break to sleep, right after crying my eyes out when Victor,..you know. Man that was hard on me! Haven’t experienced that, thank god, but all those feels.. So hard to handle! broke my heart. To think just when Jace had seen him few weeks before that, and how he had sent him off, it already broke my heart, but when you can’t return to that person who you love so much, no matter how stupid they might be or how painful it is to cut an end to it, I just can’t imagine what it’s like to lose someone like Victor in that way.

        And then there is Samson! Thinking that he had his first love’s cat with him all those years, who even stayed with Ben and Tim after his death…man, that teared me up, just that thought alone!

        I don’t know what it is, but Jay, Mr. You are my most favorite writer. I mean you really do an amazingly brilliant job. You must hear this a alot and all, but still I think it has to be said. Well I want to say it because, I really mean it. I do read alot recently and I haven’t come across anything that really got me. Sure some stories are nice, some entertaining, some touching, some sad, but I can’t recall one that had it all. In my eyes the characters always lack something, some even get annoying or the supporting cast is the lamest thing ever. Basically the books from other authors I liked still lacked so much, so much I find in Something Like Summer/Winter/Autumn. Can’t even really explain it, it just always gets me, big time.

        And after reading something so brilliant like Something Like Autumn I try to remember anything else I read that would leave such an impression. Fail. Nothing. Really. I will take Tim and Ben to my grave! Maybe Jace too 😉 Definately Victor! *sniff*

        I enjoy writing myself, not in a serious way, but still I realize how difficult it can be at times, therefore I really do admire how you write and how you think. I guess no story will be perfect. It isn’t possible to deliver everything and all the way you want. Eventhough I want to read more and more and more about what happened those years you skipped in your books, I understand it’s impossible or we would get probably a hundred books just to tell one person’s complete story =P

        So eventhough I often found myself wishing you had written certain scenes out more detailed and prolonged or added something here and there, it still does the trick 150%. I love the way you tell your stories -> I’m touched, I cry, I get angry, I cry more… Oh yes believe me I get angry a lot with your characters (lol) but I guess in the end in a good way. I really love your characters, but the way they behave sometimes or the decisions they make just make me wanna smack them 😉 Yet I know they have their reasons, sometimes. Sometimes they are just stubborn. But in the end it all works out, one way or another. And it gets delivered so well never want your books to stop! Sadly they do….

        Please continue writing! And I still am begging you (on my knees now) to let Tim and Ben live and die happily !!! I’m looking forward to see them again, and their many babies, doggies, kitties and whatever they’ll adopt :) Maybe you can continue one day with stories about their children…. bet you thought about that before too! 😉 (hopefully).

        btw. I hope my English grammar (especially tenses!) are not too confusing for you…! I don’t think I have such difficulties with the English language but sometimes I do feel ashamed for it not being 100% correct. It’s not my mother tongue, but even so,.-well I hope it’s bearable :)

        • Hi Riina!

          Thanks for sharing your feelings about Something Like Autumn, and for all your encouragement regarding my writing. With a response like yours, of course I’ll keep writing books! :) In fact, I’ll keep this message short, since I just started writing Something Like Spring. I too am eager to return to the lives of these characters to learn more about them, while I’m also excited to create new characters and explore who they are too. I just wish there were more than four seasons in the world! :(

          As for your English, I had no idea from your other messages that it wasn’t your native tongue. You’re very free, playful, and expressive with your use of words, which makes it feel very natural. I only wish I was that way when speaking a foreign language. Oh, and I believe you asked on Goodreads if I’d be doing an Inspiration article for Something Like Autumn. I most definitely will, but I want a little more time for people to read it before they get influenced by my influences. 😉


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