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Ben and Jace return to Italy

come se fosse estateSomething Like Summer is now available in Italian! How appropriate, since our favorite flight attendant was nearly fluent in this language. Italy is also the first international trip Jace takes Ben on. That’s no coincidence, since Rome just happens to be one of my favorite places in the world. Some years back, my parents invited Andreas and I on a tri-city vacation. We hit Venice—which was beautiful, Florence—which was interesting, and Rome… oh man, Rome! Like Ben, my first night there was a little rocky. The story of the unscrupulous taxi driver is very much based in reality, but Rome was way too awesome for that to bring me down. I fell in love with the history, the architecture, the culture, and of course the cats. I loved Rome so much that I headed back a year or two later for more. So I’m thrilled that Something Like Summer is making its debut there. Or should I say Come se fosse estate, which I believe translates to As if it Were Summer. That’s pretty. Heck, it might even be better than the original title. Anyway, if any of you Italian-tongued people out there read this book, please tell me what you think of the translation. And if you happened to take a different language elective in school, there are more foreign editions on the way. I recently signed with MxM Bookmark to have the Something Like… series released in French. There are some other exciting prospects on the horizon as well, so brush off those language skills and stay tuned!

Come se fosse estate is available from Amazon Italy and a variety of other bookstores. The publisher is Playground Libri. And just for the heck of it, here’s a photo of me sitting on Andreas’s lap during a bus ride through Florence. It was bouncy. 😉

Jay and Andreas in Florence

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6 Responses

  1. Eric

    I agree with you on the title. “As if it were summer” sounds a tad bit better than “something like summer.”:)

    BTW any news or update on the movie?

  2. Andrea

    I’m italian and I can confirm: “Come se fosse estate” means As it were Summer.

  3. Sara Santinato

    Hi! I am Italian and I have just read “Come se fosse estate” (Something Like Summer). I had to finish it the same night I started to read, because I just could not stop. I am looking forward to reading also the others.
    I am wondering about what Tim has been doing while he was not with Ben!
    Congratulations on the novel, it was wonderful!!

  4. stella

    I always want to read Something like summer… the italian translation will definetely be one more reason to buy it.. I’m so happy!!! thanks Jay
    WAIT a minute I have to complain about the cover!!!! WHY do you change it??? WHY????

    • Thanks, Stella! Let me know if you enjoy the Italian translation. From what I understand, they changed the cover to better match with the other books of that publisher. They did a nice job with the new cover, even if I do like Andreas’s art better. :)

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