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Book release: Something Like Autumn

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Something Like Autumn is here! Forget all the stupid blah-blah-blah that follows. You can come back and read that once you’ve finished the book. For now, go get yourself a copy and get lost in the story! It’s available in all the usual flavors: trade paperback of course, or an eBook for Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and everything else at Smashwords. Have fun!

Still here? Oh, very well. I have a confession. I used to feel like you guys cared about Jace more than I do. Not that I didn’t care about him. I too found the guy charming, was glad he was there for Ben, and I totally cried when… you know. Despite all that, there just wasn’t enough “screen time” for me to fall head over heels in love with Jace. Until now. I didn’t really know what I was getting into when deciding to write Something Like Autumn, but I did expect a challenge. How can such a nice, well-adjusted guy be explained? Was he always that way? Surely not! Picturing Jace as an angsty teenager seemed near impossible. Then I wrote the fist page of the book, and I understood. I knew where Jace was coming from, what he had been through, and how he became the all-too perfect guy we meet in Something Like Summer. Most of all, in the process of writing Something Like Autumn, I fell madly and deeply in love with him. As you read the book—a whopping 150,000 words that finally give Jace his due—I hope you guys will fall in love with him too.

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95 Responses

  1. Simon Li

    OMG, so excited. But I’m in Asia, and I rather iTunes.. 😡 I hope it shows up soon.

  2. HJ

    Just acquired from Smashwords… Congratulations.

  3. Richard (in Florida)

    I just Purchased the Book from Amazon, and Thank You for your e-Mail! :-)

  4. Why am I not at home? Now I can’t wait to get home.

  5. Peter (from Germany)

    I bought my copy this morning at Smashword. Going to start reading it as soon as I’m done with the audible version of Something Like Sommer, which should be in a day or two and feels like the perfect preperation to get back to these characters. I hope the audio version of SLS is successful for you. I would love to get your others books on audio as well. Going to keep my fingers crossed. But in the meanwhile on to Something Like Autumn!

    • Thanks for checking out the audio book of Summer! If it’s successful enough for me to make my investment back, I would love to have Winter, Autumn, and even Kamikaze Boys produced too! If not, I can at least promise that the normal books will keep on coming!

  6. Anke Gabriel

    Hey Jay,

    Got it from amazon earlier and started reading at once. Btw. after watching your video – like your new hair cut :)

    • Thanks! Having long hair was fun, but also a tremendous pain in the ass. Especially with how windy Germany has been this year. :)

  7. Nicholas

    I really loved Jace because I thought he was the guy Ben deserved.
    I think idolized Jace and demonizing Tim went hand in hand in Something Like Summer. To me, it felt like Jace existed to relieve Ben of all the pain Tim had caused him. In my opinion Jace seemed more like an ideal than a character, the only time he really seemed human was near the end of the book. I really fell in love with the concept of “the perfect guy,” and because the contrast between him and Tim was so extreme it made me hate Tim. I swear I’d still be a little heartbroken with SLS’s ending if I hadn’t read SLW. I hope I explained it well. I know you said you never really disliked Tim, so this might shed a little light on how some of your audience thinks.
    Now, on to my conflict! I’m torn between reading Something Like Autumn all at once or trying to spread it out and preserve it for as long as possible. I managed to stretch Kamikaze Boys out for two weeks, but about about a quarter through SLS I snapped and read the whole thing in one sitting. I think I’m just going to dive in and let instinct guide my reading habits.
    Thanks so much for writing this book. Three down one to go! Good luck!

    • NCSOFT

      I think to a certain degree, Jace also prepared Ben to be a better lover, not that he wasn’t good before.

    • Thanks for explaining your perspective on the characters. What’s been interesting to me when writing each book is how each main character perceives the others. Tim doesn’t see Jace as charming for most of the book, since he’s “just some guy” and the competition. Likewise, Jace doesn’t think highly of Tim in Autumn. Good ol’ Ben with his great big heart loves everyone. LOL I’m eager to see what a new character thinks of everyone in Something Like Spring.


    So excited, I’ll get it off Smashwords, I’m sure this is going to be another emotional experience, I’m looking forward to many books, but the ones written by you are just on another level of anticipation!

  9. Ron

    Logged in to my RSS reader and the first thing I saw was this post. :) Immediately went to Amazon to buy it for Kindle. I loved both SLS and SLW, and I am one of those who thought, while reading SLS, that Jace was a little too perfect and that Tim was a really good person, just with issues of his own. This was validated when I read SLW and I fell in love with Tim even more. Now looking forward to getting to know Jace!

    • Thanks! Let me know what you think of Jace once you’ve read Autumn. I so want to say more, but don’t want to ruin anything for you. LOL

      • Ron

        I’ve just finished reading SLA twice—the first time rather quickly (3 days), and then right after that, more slowly (over the course of the past month).

        Both times, I felt very emotional, especially while reading about the end of the two major characters in the book (Victor, and then inevitably Jace). Now I understand how Jace became such a strong, loving, understanding person, even giving Ben permission to love again.

        Like another commenter here said, I could identify with Jace in not wanting to leave this life without finding somebody to love and to be loved by, and that I have somewhat made peace with my situation (I’m turning 34 in a couple of weeks). After reading this book (and your advice), I see that there is no need to give up just yet!

        Thanks for writing such a great series! I look forward to reading the next in the series (and your other books too; I’ve already read Kamikaze Boys).

        • Hey Ron!

          Thanks for reading! It’s always good to hear when my books make people feel emotional. That’s very important to me, since it’s a sure sign that you care about the characters. I’m also happy to hear Autumn stands up to repeated reading. As for being thirty-four, I know that might not seem young to you now, but I bet when you and I are fifty or older, we’ll sigh longingly and wish we could be that young again. So definitely don’t give up. Life is full of all sorts of surprises. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find one of the most happy surprises soon. :)

  10. George

    The time has finally come! Thank you for writing these amazing stories for us. I’ve never enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed Something Like Summer and Something Like Winter. So thank you for that. After having the nook versions for a while, I just had to buy the paperback versions just because I love them that much.

    I remember when I found out that Something Like Winter was being released. I so happy that I was driving faster than I should have been and didn’t notice the cop behind me, and I ended up getting a ticket in the process. But even then, I was just so happy. Just thought I’d share a funny story.

    Anyways, I just ordered the paperback. Now I have to wait for Amazon to get it to me. The wait will be excruciating, but I’m sure when it comes it will all be worth it.

    Thank you again Jay for creating such a beautiful world filled with beautiful characters.

    I will be writing a review on Something Like Autumn as soon I as I can.

    Best Wishes to you and your husband!

    • Oh man! Sorry about the speeding ticket. I’ve also gotten a few for driving when too happy. Once I was making the car jiggle back and forth a little while listening to music, and after being pulled over, the cop called for backup and made me do all these tests to see if I was drunk. LOL Anyway, thank you for being so excited about the books. Please drive carefully while reading Autumn! 😉

      • George

        So I wasn’t expecting the book until wednsday, since I just ordered it yesterday. And you can only imagine the blood curdling scream I let out when I saw that I got a package from amazon, when the only thing I’ve ordered was your book… Of course it was a manly scream 😉

        Thanks again! And no more driving for me until I finish this book :) I am not leaving my room, unless it’s food, water, or other necessities. Good thing I have an ottoman filled with all of that, so need for that either.

  11. Neil

    I’m more excited than I should be to learn more about Jace. Bought the book this morning telling myself I would start reading it on Sunday. Not sure why I persist in fooling myself ….. I’m six chapters in (and loving it, by the way).

  12. Caron Neal

    When is Something like Autumn out on kobo??

    • Peter

      I have a Kobo-Reader as well. You can just buy the ePub-Version on Smashwords and load it onto you Kobo with a program like Calibre. I did the same.

    • I’m not sure exactly when it will show up, but the book files have been sent to Kobo already. It’s just a matter of time!

  13. Enny

    Whoopee! Really been looking forward to this one :) Just bought it at Smashwords and I’ll read it this weekend. And please tell Andreas he did another fantastic job with the cover.

    Another thing, is there any chance you might consider going to the UK GLBT Fiction Meet in July?

    • Thanks! I hope you enjoy Autumn. As for the UK meet, unfortunately I’ll be in the US visiting my mom. Er, not that it’s unfortunate I have to visit my mom. I mean it’s unfortunate I can’t be in two places at one. 😀

  14. zach

    This one made me cry.

    • Sorry? You’re welcome? I’m never quite sure how to respond to my reader’s tears. 😉

      • zach

        Eh, I knew what was coming. Don’t know why it had that affect. I just kept repeating that last line in my head all the next day :-)

  15. DamirS

    I just finished reading Autumn that I purchased yesterday. It is everything I expected and more… So much more. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or faith, but someone very close to my heart confided in me these days that he’s contemplating suicide. I was shocked. I didn’t know how to respond, what to to do (except listen, talk and be there for the person). This book, the way it deals with that particular problem helped me a lot by giving me perspective… and hope.
    Jay, thank you very much for being this open and for reaching out. That is where true value and beauty of this 3rd installment lies. And thank you for providing me with hours of pure pleasure while reading you books.
    I’m glad you found you Ben, Tim and Jace in Andreas. :)

    • Sorry to hear that someone in your life is suicidal. Such things often come as a surprise, but you’re doing the right thing by being there for them. Maybe give them one of the numbers in the back of Autumn too, just in case they have an especially dark night. Aside from that, thanks for reading (and enjoying!) the new book!

  16. I finished it and I was a sobbing mess at the end. I never liked Jace and I’m still debating whether that has changed or not. Like someone mentioned Jace always felt like an ideal. Personally, he seemed like the perfect “the other guy,” a well-rounded man that makes you happy but eventually you leave him for your another person. Autumn changed most of that perception but there’s something about him I simply can’t like. Okay, so maybe I like him a little but I didn’t connect with him the same way I did with the other characters. Despite all of that I enjoyed Autumn. I can’t wait to read Spring. Is it too early to ask for an expected release date? Lol

    • You still don’t like Jace? Huh. Maybe, like me, you prefer really imperfect characters. The more messed up the better! LOL I’m hoping to release Spring sometime this winter, but I’m not sure if that’ll be on this side of the year or not.

      • I do prefer imperfect characters. I was surprised myself, I thought I would finally warm-up to him.. There’s really no particular reason why I don’t like him and definitely not the way you wrote him. Oh well, it is what it is.

        I can’t wait to read Spring. I’ll totally be lying if I said I don’t want it to be release this year. But early next year would be fantastic as well, especially since it’ll be a nice present to myself for my birthday.

        Have fun writing~

  17. Rob

    I just finished reading Something Like Autumn, what a great read. I wasnt sure how much Id enjoy it, knowing how it how things would end for Jase (plus I was always TeamTim from the first time I read Something like Summer). Neither of those mattered in the end and I warmed too Jase and I loved Victor, the sexy rebel with out a cause.

    I have a question though, did Jase ever talk to Ben about Victor?

    I was also moved by your very honest and open note at the end.

    • Jace definitely talked to Ben about Victor. That’s not a scene I wanted to write, since it would be tedious for the reader who already knew it all, but he did. I don’t imagine Jace had any secrets he kept from Ben. He wasn’t a secretive kind of guy. Thanks for reading! So glad you liked it!

  18. Artirtico

    I finished ‘Autumn’ at 4am this morning after starting it around 10 hours previous to that (no chance of putting it down!), and came here to leave a comment, but the site got cranky with me and came up with some error (hope I didn’t do anything wrong!), so fingers crossed it’ll post this time haha.

    ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ both got my emotions flowing, but this had me teary after the very first line! Such a shock to see the so-solid Jace in such a situation. That (and numerous other scenes) must have been tough to write, but I think they were all handled so well and I really appreciate everything you put into it.

    I loved Bernard, and Greg, and Michelle; there should be far more people around like them. Found reading Victor a bit tough, particularly as more time went on as he kinda reminds me of somebody I know in certain ways, but he was a helluva character all the same. Then it was all smiles and warm fuzzy feelings when the likes of Samson and Ben showed up.

    Great to have gotten so much more insight in Jace’s life and to see things from his perspective here. I’ve always been a fan of both he and Tim, but this one made me love him all the more. Course that made the ending even more painful… and I think it was worse already knowing that it had to happen, though at the same time it was sorta beautiful, as far as something like that can be at least. I was still a complete mess in any case.

    Thank you so much once again for writing something so heart-felt, real, warm, funny, moving and emotional, in adding to what has surely now become my favourite set of books of all time. It’s a masterpiece and I can’t wait for Spring!

    • Glad you enjoyed the ride. One of the things I enjoyed best about writing both Winter and Autumn was being able to introduce side characters like Bernard and Greg. I don’t want to overwhelm any one book with too many characters, so delving into Jace or Tim’s background really allowed for more world building.

      Victor is a tricky one. I agree that someone like that wouldn’t be very easy to know in real life, since I’ve known some people like him too. Personalities like his can make things complicated very quickly. Anyway, thanks for reading and all the kind words. It’s very much appreciated!

  19. Julian

    It hurt reading about Jace’s death in Something Like Summer. It hurt even more reading this again in Something Like Autumn. I can’t remember if I cried reading Summer (it’s been quite some time ago), but tears came out just now, despite knowing from the beginning what’s going to happen in the end.

    Just like Summer, Winter, and Kamikaze, I enjoyed reading this book. A lot. There’s one word and one word only for Victor, Greg, Ben, and Jace – ADORBS! It’s particularly touching in the end in that Jace was able to depart knowing he was loved, dismissing entirely his teenage fear that he would never find someone who loves him and would die alone. Unlike Jace who considered ending his life because of that fear, I think I’ve made peace with it for sometime already. I’m not angsty or sad about it, but instead have become simply indifferent. Reading a book like this full of warm little details makes me feel perhaps I should try harder. Hell, I haven’t been trying at all! Two more years of college and years of grad school after that, wish me luck, maybe?

    • Hey Julian. If you’re still in college, I wouldn’t make peace with being alone just yet! Even if you’re sixty or seventy, it’s not too late. My grandpa dated a woman when he was in his eighties, and she decided once to tell me how hot their sex life was. … Yeah. I wasn’t too thrilled about this revelation, but it does show that life is long and full of surprises. For gay people, I do think finding someone requires more effort and work than for other people. As for the book, I’m glad you liked it and that you found the ending touching. To me it’s a happy ending because of the peace Jace finds. I’m not sure if many consider it that way, but I do.

      Thanks for reading!

  20. Anthony Galateo Garza

    Jay Bell I think you are a superb writer. Though I’ve read all the books in Something Like Summer series, Something like Autumn personally touches me. I’ve read the other two beings several times and even bought the audio version but I have difficulty rereading Something Like Autumn because my first love did the same thing as Victor. I still cry if I try to recall moments of this book. This is my first time posting on here and its a great honor to compliment your work I highly treasure.

    • Hey Anthony! I’m very sorry to hear that you lost your first love in the same way. That’s very rough! I lost a friend that way, and lost my first boyfriend to an accident, but it would have been much harder had he taken his own life. That’s such a hugely difficult tragedy for anyone to deal with. I’m glad you enjoy the books though, and I hope you find reading them as therapeutic as I do when I’m writing them. *Big hugs!*

  21. Anthony Perfidio

    Jay I just finished Something Like Autumn and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved Jace from the beginning in Something Like Summer and seeing his backstory made me love him even more. In a way it humanized Jace a bit. I feel this way because, although he had his few moments like at the water park for example, in Something Like Summer Jace seemed like to most understanding and ok with everything type of guy. I love seeing his view on everything, which is part of the reason I loved Something Like Winter and Autumn so much. Also knowing now just how much Ben and Jace cared for each other, though I knew it was extreme from reading Something Like Summer, made reading the last page almost impossible. I almost couldn’t read it because I started crying half way down. You truly are an amazing writer. I can’t wait for Something Like Spring, but take your time as I don’t want the Seasons Series to end just yet.

    Wishing you and Andreas all the best,

    • Thank you, Anthony. It’s great to hear your thoughts about Something Like Autumn because they mirror what it was like for me to write the story. I definitely love Jace now more than ever, which makes it all the harder that his story is now over. He won’t be forgotten, even though life goes on… and it will continue in Spring. Maybe I’ll find a way of putting a hint of him in that book, even if he can’t play an active roll.

      Thanks for reading!


  22. alan

    I always thought it was very sadistic to kill off Jace in SLS just so he can be with Tim. At least that how you made it seem. It gave the impression that Ben had it all in the end and that quality sort of turned me off. It was definitely a Game of Thrones red wedding type thing.
    But after reading SLA, I thought Jace’s death was more poetic than sadistic. Where Tim had tempted Ben for years, Victor had haunted Jace. It somehow seemed very appropriate that in order for their souls to be complete they had to be reunited with their one true love. Victor kept his promise “forever,” and it was time that Jace came back to him in the afterlife.
    I could imagine that when ben dies, there will be one huge orgy between the three of them. Just kidding.

    Glad this came out during summer break. SLW came out during spring semester, totally jeopardized my GPA.
    This spring semester with no Jay bell books to spend late nights with, I got straight A’s.

    • Hi Alan!

      Thanks for your feedback! Personally, I never felt like I was doing Ben a favor by killing off Jace. I know some readers felt like it was convenient, but if I’d wanted Ben to have it all, I could have made Jace and Tim be open to the idea of sharing Ben and their love with each other. I write a lot about my hopes and fears, which is why Jace died, since losing my husband is one of my worst fears. There are other ways I could have moved Jace out of the way, but my own crazy head needed to explore this idea. Hope that makes sense!

      Regardless, I’m really glad that Autumn helped resolve your misgivings about this issue. I wanted to give Jace as happy an ending as possible, since I do love the guy, and it is a nice thought that Victor would be on the other side waiting for him. Jace won’t be alone, even after his final moments in this world.

      Sorry about your grades! I’ll try to get the next book out just before Christmas break. That should be safe, right? :)

      Great hearing from you,


  23. Bill

    [Warning: Spoilers ahead] I chose to start with Autumn, followed by Summer and then Winter. Reading Autumn, I of course cried when Victor died, and even more when Jace died…. I usually like to wait to read a sequel, but at the end of Autumn, I just had to proceed immediately to Summer. By then I knew the worst that could happen. Summer related that Ben and Tim got together again, and Winter was beautiful with their extended courtship following the art gallery opening. Each book was unique and each made me love its protagonist…first Jace, then Ben, and last, Tim. Many of the events were repeated, but viewed from a different point of view. Ironic that Tim was the heavy in Autumn (particularly using Ryan) but when his feelings were explored in Winter, he made perfect sense. I would have liked to have had more of his feelings about his first sexual encounter with Ben during his two-week recuperation. Their sex seemed to come on very fast. And, I could have used some closure with Ben’s parents at the end. And, what happened to Barnard? But, those are little nits. The three books make an awesome trilogy.

    • Hey, Bill! What an interesting reading order! Publishing order was Summer, Winter, and Autumn, so that’s how most people read them. There isn’t any set order though, and I’ve often wondered what it’s like to mix them up like you did. Interestingly, you just happened to read them from the earliest events (Jace’s youth) to the most recent happenings with Ben and Tim. That’s pretty cool, and if it worked for you, then maybe it would for others too. If you were recommending the series to another reader, would you suggest the same order you chose, or a different one? Regardless of all that, I’m happy you enjoyed the journey. Thanks for reading!

      • Bill

        I would definitely recommend that order…I can’t imagine any other. Reading Summer first wouldn’t give the insight into Jace that’s necessary to understand his maturity and willingness to give Ben the space he needs despite his “infidelities.” One needs to have met Victor and understood his effect on Jace. And Michelle and Greg’s relationship would be a mystery. And, how about Samson?

        • Bill

          I had an interesting insight…a friend started Summer first and when I asked if he cried when Jace died, he said, no, that he had expected it since he figured that Ben and Tim would get together in the end (and live happily ever after) and that Jace would have to be removed from the scene (somehow) for that to happen…. I started reading the trilogy with Autumn so I had no such expectation, figuring that Ben and Jace were it and that they would live happily ever after. So, when Jace died, it really hit me hard. I still like my way (reading Autumn first) and the extra emotional impact it provided.

  24. Alex

    Finished it yesterday! Great story! Definitely had me bawling way more frequently than I’d usually like to admit, but it was completely worth it. Thanks and congrats on another awesome read, and, as always, looking forward to your next ^^

    • Thanks, Alex! Maybe Spring will be a little less tear-inducing. I honestly don’t know yet, but it would be kind of nice to finish on a happier note, no? Then again, I do have my habits… 😉

  25. Sara

    I had no idea that there was going to be a third book until my friend who intoduced them to me told me about it. I’m just curious to know if you will be adding more to this series, or will this be the last one? Also I love Jace so I’m super excited to read this book. I don’t cry often when I read books, but his death made me cry so much. Thanks for making such a great series!

    • Hey Sara! There will definitely be a fourth book in the series. I’ve already started work on Something Like Spring, and it may very well be the end to the series. After all, there are no more seasons! :( I hope you enjoy Autumn and keep coming back for more!

  26. Bryan

    Hi Jay! Congratulations for the release and thank you for bringing Autumn.

    Before I say anything else, I should come clean first. My first copy of Summer was from a file sharing website that offers free downloads. It was only out of curiosity (it was free anyway) that I downloaded the copy last December. Halfway through the book it dawned on me that I made a terrible mistake… I should have bought the book legitimately because it was such a great read. Needless to say, I got the books (Summer included) and paid for them. Not once did I regret that decision.

    Anyway, Autumn. Even though I did not wet my eyes while reading, my heart was crying inside. Especially the last chapter! Autumn characteristically molded the Jace we all came to love in Summer. Although I was sad that Victor left, I think the way he chose to leave was reasonably necessary. It made Jace realize two things: First, he realized what could have happened had he succeeded in his own attempt and the effect it would have to the people around him and second, he realized that “love” and “forever”, in its raw sense, transcended the mortality plane. The second one evident at the last few words of the book. I am secretly imagining a pearly gates scene with Victor and Jace. These are just my personal thoughts, though.

    I have to say I strongly identified with Jace. Not in the suicidal way but in an “I am afraid to die alone without anyone beside me” kind of way. Jace and I would have been kindred spirits if ever we meet. Hopefully, I can also meet the person that would be my forever. I just wish I had more “Ben” in me so it would happen. 😉

    A big fan from the other side of the world who can’t wait for Spring to come.

    • Hey Bryan! Since you’re brave enough to come clean, I will too. I also pirate things. Sometimes I’m curious about a product but don’t want to pay blindly. Often times I end up very glad I didn’t waste my money. Occasionally though, I’ll discover something I really like, and I’ll then go out of my way to support that series or whatever financially in the hopes of it continuing. I suspect a lot of people do the same these days. I really respect that you were honest with me, and honored that you are helping support the Something Like… series.

      As for Autumn and your vision of pearly gates, that’s also something I share. Of course Jace being a one-man kind of guy would be challenged when Ben eventually joins him and Victor, especially when Tim is added to the equation, but I’m sure they’ll figure something out. That could probably be an entire book of its own. LOL As for you finding your match, don’t give up. I’ve been there before many times in my life, but I kept putting myself out there, which is crucial. You’re right that the “Ben” spirit is helpful in this regard, even though it’s not always easy. Love is worth it though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

      Thanks again for your support!

  27. emma lee

    Hi Jay, I just bought Something Like Summer, Something Like Winter, and Something Like Autumn from Smashwords 2 days ago and till now I’ve managed to finish Summer and Autumn. I absolutely love them, although, although, i was crying my eyes out about Jace! I can’t believe you let him die! He’s such a beautiful soul, sooooo perfect, and you let him die… oh shit my tears are streaming down my cheeks again, i just can’t help it whenever i think of Jace….

    • Yeah, I know. Believe me, I’ve cried plenty of tears myself over Jace’s death. That’s how life and stories go though. I try to remember this in regards to the people around me that I love. Everyone has their time, so it’s best to love them as much as you can!

  28. Vincent Att

    Although i did knew Jace would die in the end, it still hurts me a lot. I love him so much, just want to let him know that he was loved not only by Ben but also by all of us. Thanks Jay for your books, i really enjoy reading all of them.

    • Aw, that’s really sweet, Vincent. I’m glad you love Jace. I do too. You’re right that he was loved by so many more than Ben. What a nice thought. Thanks for sharing it!

  29. Tine

    The last couple of days I spent with “Something like autumn”- and cried like a baby at the end( allthough I knew what´s coming) I never paid much attention to Jace- and fell in love double hard now! Thank you so much for this awesome story!! I so much adore this series and looking forward to the last missing piece of it. You created a world with so many lovable people- it gives me hope to look out for them in real world.

    • That’s great to hear, Tine! I’m happy you found room in your heart for Jace. As for the real world, there are definitely lots of good people out there. This series has taught me to try and see things from the perspective of another, and I’ve found that makes most people much more likable, if not downright lovable. :)

  30. Lora

    The whole time I was reading about Jace in Summer and Winter, I was thinking how great it would be if he got his own book, so when I found out yesterday that Autumn had been released I was so thrilled I’m surprised I’m still alive today! I’m still reading it and am already so in love with Jace and Victor, and even though I haven’t gotten almost anywhere yet I love spoiling things for myself. I already know what happens with Victor, and I have to admit I somehow expected things would end up fatally for him, I don’t know why. The little cameo appearance of Jace in Hell’s Pawn really warmed me up and helped with getting over his death. I really like the idea of him waiting for Ben and Tim and them all finally being able to be together. Something I have to know though, before carrying om with reading, is does Jace meet Victor in the afterlife? I know he doesn’t mention him like he does Ben and Tim, but I also realize that Hell’s Pawn was published well before Something like Autumn, so in your mind there might be a change to how things go there. It also struck me how at the very end Jace doesn’t remember Victor like he does Greg or his parents. I might be looking too much into it. Still, please, being the crazy fan that I am and wanting for everyone to be together in the end, I can’t not know. I know sometimes some things are left to the reader’s imagination and authors prefer leaving things that way, but please, tell me if you could. I’m dying here.

    • Hi Lora! What’s interesting about that scene in Hell’s Pawn, is that it might actually be referring to Ben and Victor, instead of Ben and Tim. Jace says: “There’s someone else I’m waiting for too. The both of them, if that’s what makes them happy. There’s a lot more room for love in Heaven than there ever was on Earth.” Now that Autumn is out, it’s clearer that this line address Jace’s struggle with having feelings for multiple people despite being a monogamous kind of guy. And yeah, when I first wrote it, I’ll admit I was thinking of Ben and Tim… But as I wrote Autumn, it struck me that “the both of them” is open for interpretation. I also feel that Victor wouldn’t have been in Heaven with Jace at that point. Maybe he would have chosen Hell, enjoying freedom like Dante did, or maybe he’d be wandering outside the realms not wanting to conform. Either way, only after the events of Hell’s Pawn could Victor and Jace be reunited again. Personally, I like to believe that reunion occurs. Hope that helps!

      • Lora

        Wow, how hadn’t I seen that? Now that you’ve pointed it out it seems so perfect! Ah, I loved it when everything works out at the end! Thank you, Jay, for the insight and for the wonderful books. I’m glad that they’re going to be books for all seasons and am really happy you wrote about Jace so thoroughly, because after reading Autumn my own views on love have broadened and evolved. Thank you!

  31. MItchell E. Sanford

    You already know what my response was to this novel. If there ever was a book that changed my heart and soul I have found it in this installment of the “Seasons” series.

    Jace Holden was already a much beloved character for me from Something Like Summer. He was so strong and resonated with me personally. With my own intense thoughts of suicide and the constant rejection of my peers that I have faced in life, it was a much needed thing to see a man who had a painful past and was still able to strive forward and change himself. He made himself the incredible man that I fell in love with.

    Your book has changed me, Jay. I am a better human and man because of this novel. And I hope that you and Andreas (I fell in love with the book because of the cover and the colors used) are aware that you have given some of us a gift by writing Jace’s story. A gift that if read by the right person will be taught the lessons that I was taught.

    I will be someone’s Jace someday. I’m sure of it.

    • Hey Mitch!

      I’m so grateful that Autumn could help comfort you. It’s not just Jace that has recovered from a painful past. There are a lot of real life stories of people like you and I eventually finding our way to a better place. It can take time and effort and will, but I believe it’s always possible. The process of getting there can create a wonderful transformation too, one that leaves people happier than those who have always had it easy. Living through bad times means being able to appreciate the good times. As for that song you sent me on YouTube, man is it sad! Totally suits the scene you were talking about! :(

  32. Paul

    Another well written book. Thanks, Jay. I liked reading more about Jace and seeing him less like the saint he appeared to be in Summer and more like a real person. I truly enjoy how you create and develop characters and bring their stories to life.

    As an epilogue you could have had a small scene with Jace looking down with approval (from his vantage point in Hell’s Pawn) over the events that followed the end of Autumn. (Okay, I am not really serious about this. I just don’t like the idea of Jace being, well, you know . . . )

    Now I look forward to the coming of Spring!

    • Hey Paul! I’m glad you enjoyed getting to know Jace! You joke about an epilogue, but I was actually tempted to write one. The other Something Like… books have them, and it seemed like Autumn should too, but it would have robbed the ending of its strength. I figured Jace’s cameo in Hell’s Pawn now functions as his epilogue. Maybe I should have included a line at the end of Autumn that says “Now please grab your copy of Hell’s Pawn and turn to page such-and-such.” 😉

  33. 11cats

    Your cat seems to have a look like “Look what he does, he should be petting me all day long but he writes a book instead”. :)

  34. Alex


    Well done on Something like Autumn. I’d have to say it’s your best work (and probably one of the best MM fiction I’ve read in a long while). Loved the character development (I don’t know why people don’t bother doing that in fiction anymore), and especially how Victor had so many layers to him. I found myself agreeing on a lot of things with him, it seems so much more…’human’ maybe? But I could feel Jace’s frustration at the same time. It’s characters like those that make for brilliant writing. You also wrote in a way that the whole Victor-Jace thing didn’t feel dragged on in that annoying “enough already” sort of way…it developed and then stagnated, and then deteriorated, rose, etc.
    I’ll shut up now. Well done :)

    • Thanks, Alex! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and that you felt Jace’s relationship with Victor ran its course in due time. To me this rang true because teenage relationships are often just a flash in the frying pan… although one that can leave us burned well into our adult years. Hey. deep! 😉 Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next one just as much!

      • Alex

        True indeed.

        I’m looking forward to the next one, I doubt it can top this 😀 ‘Something Like Autumn’ and ‘The Return’ by Brad Boney…both new but some of the best MM fiction I’ve read. But I hope you prove me wrong with the next Spring book :)

  35. Kory Cooper

    OMG I’m so excited about this book, I don’t know how I didn’t knew before it was out x.x

    I absolutely love this series, I cried my eyes out with summer and winter and laughed and fell in love and everything hehe, and I really love Jace and I actually wanted to become a flight attendant ever since I firs read the book, dream that hasn’t been accomplished yet but I hope not too far away

    • Hey Kory! I did a lot of research about the life of a flight attendant when writing this book, and it sounds like a very difficult career path. Especially at the beginning. It also sounds really fun and interesting, so there’s give and take. I highly recommend you check out Galley Gossip here: http://www.gadling.com/category/galley-gossip/ They have a series of articles written by flight attendants that reveal what their lives are really like. Enjoy!

  36. Tiffany

    Hi Jay!

    I read Something Like Autumn this weekend, and I thought it was tremendous! Therefore, I hope you’ll forgive me for the length of this note. The book was wonderful, so it generated a lot of thoughts.

    First of all, Autumn was the best entry in the series. It just keeps on getting better. :-) Second, even though Tim is still my favorite character, I can now say that Jace is the best person of them all. He isn’t perfect, by any means, but he radiated such a spirit of goodness. Ben was a fierce, brave fighter who could take on the world; Tim was sensitive and surprisingly fragile, but with an enormous capacity for love; Jace, however, truly was a saint, but if you study their real lives, you don’t find perfection — instead, you often find a core of steel, a clear sense of right and wrong (even when they sinned), and an extraordinary capacity for sacrifice. This was definitely Jace.

    Beyond that, though, I really enjoyed the way that you used Jace to talk about mature love. Love isn’t just a feeling; it is also a series of decisions about commitment, fidelity, forgiveness, and a million other things, and it takes a lot of work. We see all of this through Jace’s experiences with Victor, who would never commit to Jace because he refused to do/could not do the work involved, and as a result, their connection was twisted because Jace committed anyway. As disastrously as this worked out for them, the experiences with Victor taught Jace how to love Ben: he understood that you could hold two men in your heart, and further, that the draw of that love could be so strong, mistakes made in its name could be forgiven if the apology was sincere, and if the mistakes wouldn’t happen again; he learned not to compromise on the need for mutual commitment because mere feelings have their limits, and both parties have to want a relationship enough to do the necessary work to make the bond sustainable over time; and finally, he learned that you cannot keep a person who is determined to leave, and giving Ben the space to figure out his feelings, both for Tim and for him, ensured that he always came back to Jace. Victor broke Jace’s heart, but he unknowingly prepared him for the onslaught that was Tim. If Jace had been any less “Jace” by that point in his life, Tim might have worn Ben down, even after the trick, and maybe even won him back. Anyway, I think this is a gorgeous story about love as both a feeling and a choice, and it is going to stay with me for awhile.

    As much as I loved this book, though, I do have one critique. Given how long Jace and Ben were together, it stands to reason that you included new scenes of their life, and I appreciated seeing them. Ironically, though, by adding them, you have gone further in the direction of strengthening the argument that the couple who should have been endgame were Ben and Jace, not Ben and Tim. I realize that you gave us a sustained look at Ben and Tim at the beginning of SLS, but they were kids, Tim was in the closet, and when Tim ended things with Ben, he broke him into a million pieces. By contrast, we have Jace taking Ben to a field at the end of their first date and kissing him, on first base, because that’s as far as they were going to go. And the rest of their relationship proceeded as beautifully — with just a few bumps, caused by Ben, not by Jace — until death did them part. Tim can’t compete at the moment. :-)

    Is there any possibility, then, that you will give us a look at what a mature relationship between Ben and Tim looks like, from inside of their relationship? The reason I’m asking is because you’ve given more sustained, adult romantic treatment to two characters who weren’t supposed to be endgame than you have to the characters who are. I know that you gave Ben and Tim a lovely interlude in Mexico City at the end of SLW, but that was the beginning of their new, adult relationship. It didn’t answer a lot of questions: Did either one of them ever wonder if their feelings for each other were based on nostalgia, rather than love? Did Ben ever have moments of guilt for moving on, especially since he was moving on with the one guy that Jace didn’t like? Tim doesn’t have the best track record in relationships; does he struggle with learning how to be in one with Ben now? Ben’s family saw the aftermath when Tim broke up with Ben in high school – how would they feel about Ben getting back together with Tim? Ben and Jace always struggled financially – how does Ben adjust to Tim’s wealth? Etc. I understand the idea that the only relationships worth writing about are the ones that have conflict, and you probably feel that you’ve hurt Ben and Tim enough! :-) You just want to leave them alone to live out their happy ever after. But surely they had some growing pains as they figured out how to be adults together, after being apart for so long? You could do a novella. Call it “Summer Solstice,” lol!

    For the record, I do pay attention. I know that you said you would let us look at them in Spring through Jason Grant’s eyes. Maybe that will be sufficient. Who knows? And hey, you said that Jason is the spiritual successor of one, maybe even two characters. Wouldn’t it be a kick if he had Jace’s name, but blended the best of Ben and Tim? A fighter’s temperament, but with the soul of an artist? How interesting would that be?

    Okay. I’ve said more than enough and taken up far too much of your time. Thanks, again, for your patience. The book was gorgeous. The series is amazing. My critique won’t stop me from reading, re-reading, obsessing, and evangelizing on Goodreads (I wrote BUCKETS trying to convince Kaje Harper to read Something Like Winter, and I defend Tim whenever it’s not TOO weird! :-)) I really am looking forward to Spring.

    • Tiffany

      Umm, yeah. So in a fit of mortification, i came back hours later to delete my prior comment. And I can’t. This was way too presumptuous by half. I’m sorry. Just know that I don’t get this opinionated and passionate unless I’m really in love with a book. Sorry again. :-/

      • I can delete your comment, but I wanted a chance to reply first, since I enjoyed reading it. I’d rather delete your comment about deleting your other comment. Lemme know! :)

    • Hi Tiffany!

      Thank you so much for sharing your reaction to this series. You’re obviously very emotionally invested in these characters and have put a lot of thought into the plot, which is cool, because that’s exactly where I’m at too. So basically, we’re on the same page, if you’ll pardon the painful pun. I seriously appreciate all the praise for Autumn, but I’ll skip to the critique, because that’s the juicy bit for me and the most fun. I’m not a fan of negative reviews, but when someone like you cares about the books and has such interesting observations—well, that’s just awesome!

      The heart of your critique, if I understand it right, is that Jace was so awesome that Tim can’t really compete. There’s a lot of truth to that, and I have mixed feelings about it myself. One of my earliest readers on Winter didn’t like the epilogue when Tim gave Ben the engagement ring. Tim had to put it on Ben’s free hand, and not the one with Jace’s ring. My test reader felt this cemented Tim as forever being in second place. My gut reaction to this is that love isn’t a competition. In my experience, each guy I’ve loved has felt a little different, so I like to think that we love each person in a unique way. In that regard, it’s not that Ben loves one guy more than the other. Buuuut, as human beings, we do tend to compare and categorize, so yeah, there remains the possibility that Jace is Ben’s greatest love. Any maybe that’s okay. That’s how real life is sometimes. The people we love most can be taken from us and it sucks. I’m a pretty optimistic guy, but I’m okay with a reader getting that impression from this series. If anything, it’s more realistic than the average fairy tale ending.

      Now then, all that having been said, Tim does have one advantage, and that’s time. Assuming he doesn’t screw things up, that he and Ben are actually compatible and not running off fumes of nostalgia, and that some horrible outside force doesn’t get in their way—whew!—then eventually he and Ben will have spent decades and decades together. Tim and Ben will have made way more memories together than Ben and Jace did over the six odd years they were together. Not to belittle that relationship at all. Quality over quantity reigns supreme, but Tim will have a long time to get it right. Or to mess things up. 😉

      As for your list of unanswered questions, I hope to address most of them in Spring. I understand why you feel there needs to be more written from Ben and Tim’s perspective, and I was a little uncertain myself if this whole Jason Grant thing would work out, but so far I’m really pleased with the results. His character allows us to re-examine Ben and Tim without forcing them into a series of tiresome arguments over the past, and Jason also gives us access to their future together, which is exciting. And at times a little scary. When Spring is published, I hope you’ll share your thoughts on that story as openly as you did here for the other books. <3

      • Tiffany

        It took me months to come back and read your response because, like I said, I was mortified with myself. Thank you so much for the graciousness of your response. I really appreciate how thoughtful it was, and how thorough it was. There is no need to delete anything. And I’m so excited about Spring, I don’t know what to do with myself. :-)

  37. Sophie

    I just wanted to leave you a small note to tell you how truly wonderful and remarkable I consider your writing to be.
    I fell hopelessly in love with Ben, Jace and Tim in all three Something books.
    I laughed when they were teenagers finding their uncertain paths and cried so much when they grew up and realities of life happened to each of them.
    Thank you for sharing these incredible books.
    Your words and characters will stay with me for a very, very long time.
    I can’t wait for more.
    Sophie xxx
    PS do you follow your fans on Twitter?

    • Hi Sophie!

      Thank you for your incredibly flattering words. That my characters will stay with you makes me happiest. In that way Ben, Tim, and Jace become immortal, no matter what happens in the stories. I’m so happy they’ll live on in your mind and heart. :) As for Twitter, I always follow people who interact with me on there. If you’re on Twitter, be sure to say “hi!” to me. If you have already, let me know your handle on there so I recognize it.

      • Sophie

        Thanks for replying.
        I don’t mind telling you I fangirled a wee bit. Okay. A lot. My twitter handle is sophiejax. I have tweeted you before, but account is locked. I’d be thrilled if you’d tweet me. I’m currently writing an M/M fanfic.
        Thanks again, Jay xx

  38. Patrick

    Just finished SLS. Great story! Great story! and again! GREAT STORY. I laughed and cried!… reminded me of those years! Even though I know its fiction it reminded me also of how easy it was to fall in love then. How easy it was to make friends then….now in my late forties things change, and I think people change, we are more limited, less open, more judgemental? I wish I could go back to live those intense raging hormones times. One question is there a suggested order to ready your books?

    • Hey Patrick! It’s cool to hear that my books have been a nostalgic trip for you. I agree that we’re more free as teenagers. Everything is more volatile, which is why I love writing about characters at that stage. Anything is possible! As for the suggested reading order, Summer should always come first, Spring will have to be read last. Winter and Autumn are interchangeable, really. Which order do you think is best?

      • Patrick

        Jay….just finished SLW. Cried my eyes out even though I knew the end. I loved many things…specially the way Tim tried his best to get Ben back…(I wish I would have had that chance)…and how at some point he understood that by trying to get Ben back (by “shaming” Jace) he could break his heart too AGAIN. That was so true but painful to read….so many emotions…you should have seen me reading at work (BREAK)…some asking me why I was crying! embarrassed to tell… ;)) Im 46!! do people my age read these books? either way I love them and cant wait to read SLA and SLS.

        about the order…I will get back to you with my opinion once I read SLA. If anything, I chose by the INCREASING number of pages…for once, I want these books (not the school ones) to have more and more and more AND MORE pages. LOL

        Great lines: Coming out is something you never…
        Love or even infatuation has a dimi…
        Love wasnt exclusive nor did….
        (…dont want to ruin them for other readers)

        k have to stop otherwise I will keep on… Again Loved it!

        • Don’t worry, people your age read these books. I’ve had little old ladies write me before, and people probably too young to legally read a graphic sex scene, but that’s out of my control. My point is all sorts of people and ages read these, so you’re in good company. I’m glad you enjoyed Winter! It remains my favorite book I’ve even written, probably because it was good spending so much time with Tim. I hope you enjoy Autumn just as much!

  39. Daren

    So I bought the book for my kindle when it first came out and waited this whole time to read it– I wanted to make sure I could sit down uninterrupted with it (and it felt appropriate that I should wait until the autumn weather arrived)– not sure how I was able to resist the temptation but I did and it was worth it! Just like the other books I was filled with that youthful first love glee and also cried my eyes out (twice in this story– and harder!). ….anyway I haven’t found a post where you mention whose story the fourth book will be about! You said it was a new character we will meet in “Autumn”– is it Victor? Bernard? Please tell me. I don’t have any more patience left!

  40. Trent

    Just finished reading something like autumn. urgh! what have you done to me jay bell? I don’t think i could love another romance series as much as i love yours. i feel so connected to them, and feel every emotion that comes with each and every scene/situation as if i were actually living through them. i kinda had a feeling victor was going to die but when it happened, it tore me up. i haven’t cried like that before. and even with jace, i knew he was going to die, but it was still painful. you are so inspirational jay bell and i really hope that i’ll be able to meet you one day. please don’t everrrr stop writing. the world will definitely be at a loss. your books have changed the way i perceive gay romance and how i see life and love. you were the first gay author i fell in love with and i can say without a shade of doubt that you are definitely one of my heroes! so happy that i discovered you on goodreads months (maybe even a year already!) ago because that moment changed my life. thank you sooo much for everything! you are positively, absolutely one of the best :)

    • Thanks so much, Trent! I’m very flattered you care about my books so much, and I feel totally honored that you love them so. And don’t worry about me not writing more. Messages like yours guarantee that I’ll never stop! :)

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