Flesh and Blood coverDeep in the heart of the Wildlands, in a village surrounded by beasts and dark gods, lies a little tavern. Here Nikolai makes his home and his livelihood, renowned by his customers as a kind soul and a handsome face. A shame then that he doesn’t have anyone at his side. This all changes the night a mysterious woman comes in from the night, one in desperate need of help. Nikolai willingly becomes her champion, but in the Wildlands, nothing is what it seems. Inside or out, flesh and blood can be deceptive, and even the kindest heart can lose itself to the beast within.

Flesh and Blood is part of the Loka Legends series, and fits best between The Cat in the Cradle, and From Darkness to Darkness as an intermission between books. It’s bundled together with Finding Fire, plus a collection of sketches and concept art related to the series. All of these can be downloaded free from the following retailers: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes/iBooks, and all other formats.