Something Like Stories by Jay BellBenjamin Bentley and many other beloved characters from the Something Like… series make their triumphant return in this collection of short stories and bonus material. Something Like Yesterday travels to the past where Eric Conroy attempts to find love against a backdrop of intolerance and political upheaval. In Something Like Fall, Ben meets Jace’s family and tries to cope with many changes in the years that follow. Allison Cross finally gets her dues in Something Like Tonight, examining the relationships in her life during a girls night out. Something Like Eternity takes the series where it has never gone before as Victor Hemingway seeks out his ultimate destiny. Also included is a character guide and a timeline of key events thus far. Laughter and tears await you in this very special anthology!

The Premise:

Stories_backThe Something Like… series has grown from a single book to a vast world populated with many different characters. Not all of them can have their own book, but most still have a story to tell. This latest release gives voice to such characters while also filling in blanks. How did Eric feel about Tim? How is Allison able to deal everyone else’s problems? What was it like when Ben met Jace’s family? For those that have read the other books but were left with questions, Something Like Stories is designed to satisfy by providing answers. Not to mention that it provides an excuse to revisit characters who are no longer part of the main narrative. It also includes a timeline and character guide, which might prove useful as this series continues to expand.

Reading Order:

The Something Like series by Jay BellThe Something Like… Series:
Book 1: Something Like Summer
Book 2: Something Like Autumn
Book 3: Something Like Winter
Book 4: Something Like Spring
Book 5: Something Like Lightning
Book 6: Something Like Thunder
Book 7: Something Like Stories – Volume One
Book 8: Something Like Hail
Book 9: Something Like Rain
Book 10: Something Like Stories – Volume Two
Book 11: Something Like Forever

News and updates:

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