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Exclusive new content and surprises on Patreon!

Support me on Patreon!The world of gay fiction has been steadily growing, not only in terms of authors and books, but readers as well. Unfortunately, it’s not near as big as other genres out there. Not even close. That means it’s a little hard to earn a living doing what I love most. Would it surprise you to learn that, even if you buy every book as I release them, that I only see about four or five dollars of that money annually? That’s the way the system is currently set up, but sites like Patreon are offering an intriguing alternative. One that I would like to explore together. The general idea is that if there’s an artist you like so much that you want to support them, you can by giving a small amount each month. You can see where this is going, but I’m not asking for a handout. I want to create even more content for you guys, or share sneak peaks and glimpses into the writing process. Or how about insider movie knowledge, digital character art, and exclusive flash fiction featuring characters from the Something Like… series? Or maybe you want early access to my books, or the power to decide who the next novel will be about. I have all sorts of stuff to offer, so if you’re interested, please visit my brand new Patreon page. Or watch the two informative videos below. Actually, only one of them is informative. The other is just me being awkward in front of the camera. Is this the beginning of the Something Like… fan club? It just might be!

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Something Like Stories out today!

The Something Like Series by Jay Bell
When I agreed to write a short story to help fundraise the Something Like Summer movie, I honestly didn’t have a solid concept in mind. I didn’t even consider myself very good at writing short stories. So I approached Something Like Fall by indulging in what I wanted most—to spend time with Benjamin Bentley again. I had a blast working on the project, especially since it allowed me to revisit at least one character I never expected to see again. Jace. This opened the floodgates. Who else did I miss? Victor? Of course! I felt there were still a few unanswered questions about him. Eric? While he wasn’t a mystery, I did like the idea of fleshing out his origins, and perhaps best of all, seeing Tim through his eyes. And I’ve long since wanted to give Allison her moment in the spotlight. She has so patiently helped Ben, Tim, Jace, and even Kelly through hard times. She not only needed a story, but some time off. At this point, I was so giddy about diving back into the past of the series, that I decided to really go nuts and create a character guide, one that is hopefully unlike any you’ve seen before. You might expect all of the above to result in one messy and confusing book, but I feel it comes together nicely. I pity any first-time readers who start with this volume, but for the rest of you… If you love these characters even half as much as I do, I think you’re in for a lot of fun. I sure hope so, because I’d like to do it again someday. Thanks as always for showing your support for this series and for allowing me to do this full time. You guys are making a dream come true, and I’m not ashamed to say I love you for it!

You can buy Something Like Stories from Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. It’s also available in paperback.

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New Something Like… story, a contest, interviews, and audiobooks. Wow!

Something Like Fall coverSo much is happening! Let’s hop right in! Something Like Fall has been released, and no, I’m not talking about Jace’s story. That was Autumn. I decided to write Fall to help the Something Like Summer movie fundraising efforts, and to give thanks to you guys for pitching in. The story sees the return of Benjamin Bentley, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. During the fundraising campaign, anyone who contributed was promised Fall, so some of you only had to throw down a dollar, although most of you gave more. That was a limited time offer, but you can still get the novella (around 35,000 words) by purchasing the $25 perk level, which the producers have kept open for latecomers. This also gets you an HD digital copy of the Something Like Summer movie the second it is released to the public. You also get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you helped make the movie better with your contribution, because any money raised goes straight into the film budget. If you’re interested, please visit the official movie site for payment details. If you’re completely broke at the moment, I’ll try to find a way of releasing Something Like Fall somewhere down the road. I don’t know how, other than I promised the standalone version would remain exclusive. I definitely don’t know when either. Assuming you’re as impatient as I am, and that you’ll want to own the movie anyway, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Speaking of the movie, the contest to create a poster is still ongoing. In fact, the deadline has been extended, which is probably for the best, since Ben looks a little different than he did earlier in the year. Find out more about the contest, the cool prizes, and the adorable YouTube star judges right here.

Let’s keep talking about the movie, or more accurately, let the movie people do the talking. J.T. Tepnapa, the director, and Carlos Pedraza, producer and scriptwriter, were just interviewed by Your Hollywood Pro. As you might recall, I was on that show last week. Together, these interviews give you an excellent behind the scenes understanding of how the Something Like Summer movie came to be, and a hint of what the final product will be like. You can check out both episodes by visiting the Your Hollywood Pro site.

thunder-lightningI’m also pleased to announced that I’ve commissioned two new audiobooks. Something Like Lightning and Something Like Thunder will be coming your way this autumn. Those that have read the books know that Lightning ends on a cliffhanger, but audio listeners won’t have to wait long for the conclusion, because Thunder will be out in short succession. Thank you for continuing to make these audiobooks possible by buying them and helping to spread the word. The royalties of each release pays for the next one. I honestly couldn’t afford to keep producing them without your support. If you haven’t listened to any of them yet, I have a free short story and sample chapters available.

And finally, if you speak Italian, my Lambda Literary Award winning book Kamikaze Boys is now available in that language. I also have a selection of French, German, and even Chinese books available too, with more languages and titles on the way. You can check them all out here on the foreign editions page.

Lots of news, but with the movie due to begin filming next month, the excitement is just beginning!

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Something Like Summer in Chinese!

Chinese-Something-Like-Summer-CoverHow’s your Chinese? Whatever you answered, I promise you that mine is worse. That’s a shame, considering that Mandarin is the world’s most prominent language. That’s why I’m thrilled and flattered that some very dedicated individuals teamed up to translate Something Like Summer into Chinese! I love the idea of this story and the characters reaching a wider audience, and that by no means should be restricted to the English speaking world. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue how to break into the Asian publishing scene. If a publisher from there wants to approach me, great. Until then, I’m happy to offer this fan translation for free. You can distribute it too. Share it with friends, families, or strangers. Just don’t sell it. That wouldn’t be cool. You can download it below. Or if you’re handier with Italian, German, or French, please pop over to my foreign editions section. Many options await you there with more on the way! Special thanks to DoraW, flysex, micrian, and tedsaga for working so hard on getting this translation done. You guys rock!

Oh, one more thing. It’s hard for me to judge if the files converted properly, so any feedback you can provide would be highly appreciated. Just be sure to let me know what file format you are reading when reporting any problems.

Download as an ePub, Mobi, PDF, LRF, or PDB.

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Preorder your copy of Thunder!

Temporary Thunder cover

Andreas had nothing to do with this crappy cover. He’s still working on the real deal.

Rumble rumble rumble. That’s supposed to be the sound of thunder. Or is it my stomach grumbling? Maybe it’s both, like I’m standing in the middle of a thunder storm while feeling really hungry. Sad story, huh? You can change it into a happy one by feeding this starving artist, because Something Like Thunder is now available to preorder! How does May 20th sound? You can reserve your copy at the following retailers:

Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
Apple iBooks
Google Play

As before, I don’t have the ability to create paperback preorders, but I’ll try to get the print version out a little early to account for shipping times. No promises though, because I’m already cutting this one close.

The series itself has been rebranded slightly. I’ve noticed that various online retailers have special pages that list all the books in a series. That’s great, except most of them make it appear that Something Like Spring is the final book. For instance take a look at this screenshot. While it’s technically correct, it has me fretting that casual readers won’t discover the more recent books. Lightning and Thunder have such strong ties to the Seasons books, that I now consider them book five and six rather than book one and two of their own series. I’m totally cool with you guys ordering them in any way you please. The books themselves aren’t branded with numbers. But for commercial reasons, I’m now calling it the Something Like… series, rather than referring to each sub-series by name. Of course we can still call them the Seasons and Storms series if we like. I won’t tell if you don’t!

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You think I’m the breast!

Goodrea's Members Choice NominationOr at least someone was kind enough to nominate me and my books for a number of awards. The M/M Romance Member’s Choice awards are here again, which I adore, since they are decided by the masses. It is a popularity contest, and I think that’s great (even if I don’t win anything!) since it’s most representative of how the readers feel. Even the nominees are chosen by everyday folks, and as you’ll see when visiting the polls, there’s a lot of love out there for this genre. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate authors and stories that they care about. On that note, if you want to send some extra love my way, you’ll find links to the individual categories below. Or the big ol’ master list is right here. You’ll have to login to Goodreads first, and be a member of the M/M Romance Group, which is a great place to talk about your favorite gay books or find new ones to read. And speaking of new stuff to read, the Indiegogo campaign for the Something Like Summer movie is getting really close to 25k. Many thanks to everyone who has chipped in so far. It looks like Something Like Fall is going to happen! I’m so pumped!

Favorite All-Time M/M Series (vote here – The Seasons Series)
Favorite All-Time M/M Author (vote here – You know my name, right?)
Theme ~Best Hurt/Comfort (vote here – Something Like Lightning)
Genre ~Best Contemporary/Mainstream (vote here – Something Like Lightning)
Best Book of the Year (vote here – Something Like Lightning)
Best Long Story (vote here – Something Like Lightning)
Best Coming of Age (vote here – Something Like Lightning or Spring. Oh gosh!)

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