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Exclusive new content and surprises on Patreon!

Support me on Patreon!The world of gay fiction has been steadily growing, not only in terms of authors and books, but readers as well. Unfortunately, it’s not near as big as other genres out there. Not even close. That means it’s a little hard to earn a living doing what I love most. Would it surprise you to learn that, even if you buy every book as I release them, that I only see about four or five dollars of that money annually? That’s the way the system is currently set up, but sites like Patreon are offering an intriguing alternative. One that I would like to explore together. The general idea is that if there’s an artist you like so much that you want to support them, you can by giving a small amount each month. You can see where this is going, but I’m not asking for a handout. I want to create even more content for you guys, or share sneak peaks and glimpses into the writing process. Or how about insider movie knowledge, digital character art, and exclusive flash fiction featuring characters from the Something Like… series? Or maybe you want early access to my books, or the power to decide who the next novel will be about. I have all sorts of stuff to offer, so if you’re interested, please visit my brand new Patreon page. Or watch the two informative videos below. Actually, only one of them is informative. The other is just me being awkward in front of the camera. Is this the beginning of the Something Like… fan club? It just might be!

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Something Like Stories out today!

The Something Like Series by Jay Bell
When I agreed to write a short story to help fundraise the Something Like Summer movie, I honestly didn’t have a solid concept in mind. I didn’t even consider myself very good at writing short stories. So I approached Something Like Fall by indulging in what I wanted most—to spend time with Benjamin Bentley again. I had a blast working on the project, especially since it allowed me to revisit at least one character I never expected to see again. Jace. This opened the floodgates. Who else did I miss? Victor? Of course! I felt there were still a few unanswered questions about him. Eric? While he wasn’t a mystery, I did like the idea of fleshing out his origins, and perhaps best of all, seeing Tim through his eyes. And I’ve long since wanted to give Allison her moment in the spotlight. She has so patiently helped Ben, Tim, Jace, and even Kelly through hard times. She not only needed a story, but some time off. At this point, I was so giddy about diving back into the past of the series, that I decided to really go nuts and create a character guide, one that is hopefully unlike any you’ve seen before. You might expect all of the above to result in one messy and confusing book, but I feel it comes together nicely. I pity any first-time readers who start with this volume, but for the rest of you… If you love these characters even half as much as I do, I think you’re in for a lot of fun. I sure hope so, because I’d like to do it again someday. Thanks as always for showing your support for this series and for allowing me to do this full time. You guys are making a dream come true, and I’m not ashamed to say I love you for it!

You can buy Something Like Stories from Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. It’s also available in paperback.

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The next Something Like… book. And a new audio release!

Something Like ???Ready for the next entry in the Something Like… series? It’s nearly here! What’s it called? Who’s it about? What’s the cover look like? You’ll have to head over to Boy Meets Boy Reviews for the answers. I’m helping them celebrate a birthday, and get this—you can win a paperback copy of the book before it comes out! Seriously! Get on over there, then come back for another announcement.

Back already? Good. A new audio book is here! Prepare to have Lightning blast your ears! Actually, that sounds painful. Uh, anyway, I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but I listen to each of the audio books before release, trying to catch any last minute errors. It’s only natural with so many hours that a few slip through, but they always get corrected. This process can be a little tedious for me. Once a book is published, I generally don’t enjoy rereading it again. So when I listen to the audios, I do so grudgingly, although Kevin R. Free’s performance always makes the experience much more pleasurable. Listening to Lightning was unusual because it made me realize a few things about the story I hadn’t before. Perhaps because of the way Kevin brings the characters to life. Kelly is kind of a brat, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. His biggest problem, it occurred to me while listening, was being paired up with the wrong guy. I won’t give anything away, but Kelly’s character remains consistent throughout. For much of the story, he seems to make everything worse by being who he is. And yet, in other parts, the opposite is true.

I think this reflects real life too. Compatibility is everything. Ever had a friend that you adore, or maybe someone that you were dating, that your friends and family couldn’t stand? For you, the friend or whoever was awesome and you always had a good time, but for the others in your life, this person rubbed them the wrong way. I think Kelly is like that. I love the guy, I really do, so it’s almost painful watching him struggle in the wrong environment. In those moments where he finds his rightful place, it’s such a relief, because you can see how fun and charming his brashness can be. So Lightning is very much a story about finding where you belong, and how that can make everything right. In theory, anyway. There’s more to this story. So much I couldn’t cram it into one book, but never fear! Something Like Thunder should be out in about a week. If you want to know exactly when it comes out, please subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send you a reminder. In the meantime, please be patient with my boy Kelly. He’s got a good heart. He just needs to find the right home for it. You can buy Lightning from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Or get started for free below!

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Spring is here to pleasure thine ears!

Jason GrantWhen’s the last time someone pleasured your ears? Hmmm? If it’s been too long (or even if it hasn’t) Something Like Spring is now available on audio! For those who don’t read the books as they come out, Spring is about a guy named Jason Grant. We haven’t met him in the previous three books, but his story intertwines with them in its own way. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that people seem to enjoy the text version. I hope you’ll dig the audio just as much. You’ll find the first chapter below. Many more samples and even a free short story await you at the audio section of my site. If you’ve never tried an audiobook before, why not see if you find these enticing? Or go to Audible, where the first one is always free. Can’t beat a deal like that! You can also find Spring over at Amazon and iTunes. And finally, for those eagerly awaiting Something Like Thunder, I’m currently working on getting the preorder set up. Please check back soon for further details. *smooch!*

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Something Like Characters – Benjamin Bentley

#TeamBenFrom the time I wrote my very first book, I dreamed of being able to create drawings of the characters. Words can only hint at a person’s appearance. Images get a lot closer. It’s always exciting for me when Andreas works on my covers, since it helps gives the characters form. Sadly, many characters never make it on the covers or aren’t prominently displayed there. With that in mind. I commissioned Andreas to create a new series of images depicting five different characters from the Something Like… saga. The results are pretty damn neat. Every day for the remainder of the week, I’ll be revealing one here on my blog… starting right now!

Benjamin BentleyThe idea for this series came from the awesome Benjamin Bentley illustration above. Andreas created this to help promote Something Like Fall, so we’re counting him as the first in the series. Originally I had asked Andreas to touch up the image of Ben from the back of the Summer cover—perhaps put some leaves in his hair or something silly like that. Instead, he redrew the image from scratch. The posture is mostly the same as the one from the cover, seen to the left, which makes a nice tribute. What I especially like about this illustration is the subtle hint of warm light on the face, like Ben is staring off into a summer sunset. The image looks pretty snappy on a T-shirt and will be available as such on Sunday. For the shirts, Andreas and I thought it would be fun to go with a team theme. There’s been plenty of playful declarations from people who are Team Jace or Team Tim, but why not Ben? I’m totally Team Ben. Why else would I have given him two of the greatest guys imaginable?

Art Card of BenShirts are fun, but what I’m really excited about is a nifty set of art cards that will be available soon. Technically they are post cards, but I’m calling them art cards because I can’t imagine you guys mailing these to anyone. The characters are on a neutral background which really makes them pop, and the flip side features a carefully chosen quote from the related book. In addition to the five character cards, there’s a special sixth card which I’ll be signing. Like the new T-shirts, these will go on sale on Sunday. You can win a set of all six cards right now though. All you have to do is guess which character I’ll be revealing tomorrow. Leave your answer in the comments below to qualify. One guess (one character name) per person please. I’ll reply to the winner when they guess correctly, but if you weren’t fast enough, we’ll be playing the same game every day this week. See you tomorrow!

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Autumn on Audio, Summer in French and German

Something Like Autumn audio bookTongues and ears. That’s the news of the day. The tongue part is pretty exciting, because Something Like Summer can now be read in German and French, in addition to the English and Italian versions already out there. I’ve set up a new page on my site right here where you can see the different options and accompanying cover art. The Italian version is available as an eBook, which is new, so if you passed it up in the name of saving the rainforests, you can now experience the story guilt-free. Please help spread the word about these foreign editions, because I’d love to see the other books in the series translated. That way the entire story can be told.

If your ears are in need of a treat, the audiobook of Something Like Autumn is hot off the turntable! As you can imagine, the narrator had a difficult task ahead of him when starting work on this one. Even printed in black and white, it’s an emotional story, and I hoped that would be conveyed in audio as well. Not surprisingly, Kevin R. Free rose to the challenge. All those crucial moments are performed with class and finesse. You’ll find a sample below, but I’m betting if you’ve heard the other two audios in the series, you won’t need much convincing. Er… I’m boasting about the narrator’s skill. Not my own. I’m not that full of myself. The audiobook of Something Like Autumn can be found at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Next up, Something Like Lightning! We’re entering the final stretch, so you probably won’t hear much from me until the big day arrives. Until then, be good to each other!

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