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End of summer Summer sale!

Happy Birthday, Something Like Summer!It’s Tim Wyman’s birthday! Almost! To celebrate, in the week leading up to the big day, Something Like Summer will be on sale for a mere ninty-nine cents. Ninty-nine cents!!! “But Jay,” you are probably saying. “Why put Summer on sale when Winter is Tim’s book?” Well, my sexy little friend, the idea is to get more people reading this series, and we all know that Summer is a gateway drug to the other seasons. This is the perfect time to get your more stingy and skeptical friends to read one of the greatest gay love stories ever told. Tell them about the impending movie! Tell them about the sex scenes! The angst! The love! The arrrrgh! Ideally, by the time Something Like Spring is here, there will be so many Ben and Tim fans that Amazon’s servers crash on the day of release. So please please please spread the word about this sale. I’m not really going to make any money off it, but I would love for new folks to discover this story.

And speaking of Something Like Spring, on Tim’s actual birthday, I’ll be posting a blog entry revealing who the new main character is. I’ll also tell you what to expect from the latest, and perhaps final, installment in the series. So please come back on August 24th, Tim’s birthday, to help celebrate the hottest fictional guy in the universe. At least I think he is. *blush* Oh, and if you haven’t heard, we’ve got Something Like Summer shirts available and a slew of art for any sad barren walls. Check it all out here!

And here are some handy links to the Summer eBooks on sale:

Amazon Kindle US – UKFR – IT – ES – DE

Barnes & Noble Nook

Apple iTunes (iPhone and iPad)

Epub, Mobi, Palm, eReader, PDF, and more at Smashwords

Get the audiobook for free:
If you’re not yet a member of Audible, you can get your first audiobook for free, and that includes Something Like Summer. Learn more here. Or buy from: Amazon, Audible, or iTunes

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5 Responses

  1. Paul

    I am sorry Jay, but even you are allowed to be wrong occasionally. Tim is not the hottest fictional guy in the universe or even the Something Like world. Ben easily outshines him. But that is just my opinion, for what it is worth. 😉

  2. Grant

    Well, it looks like everyone has their flavor. While I love Ben and Tim so much, Jase, for me, is the hottest character in the series. Jase has the biggest heart in the series so far, and that is hot. Yes, Ben has a huge heart but on occasion lets his stubbornness get in the way.

    • Paul

      I cannot argue with your logic, Grant. Each of us has his/her own like and dislikes. And this demonstrates the beauty of Jay’s writing. He writes believable, three-dimensional characters in multiple “flavors”. :-)

      • You guys are sweet. As long as you love one of my characters, I’m happy. I do try to show that even the most reprehensible character his or her good side. Sometimes there’s not enough page space to accomplish that, but none of them are completely bad. Some are more lovable than others, of course, like Ben, Tim and Jace. 😉

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