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Support me on Patreon!The world of gay fiction has been steadily growing, not only in terms of authors and books, but readers as well. Unfortunately, it’s not near as big as other genres out there. Not even close. That means it’s a little hard to earn a living doing what I love most. Would it surprise you to learn that, even if you buy every book as I release them, that I only see about four or five dollars of that money annually? That’s the way the system is currently set up, but sites like Patreon are offering an intriguing alternative. One that I would like to explore together. The general idea is that if there’s an artist you like so much that you want to support them, you can by giving a small amount each month. You can see where this is going, but I’m not asking for a handout. I want to create even more content for you guys, or share sneak peaks and glimpses into the writing process. Or how about insider movie knowledge, digital character art, and exclusive flash fiction featuring characters from the Something Like… series? Or maybe you want early access to my books, or the power to decide who the next novel will be about. I have all sorts of stuff to offer, so if you’re interested, please visit my brand new Patreon page. Or watch the two informative videos below. Actually, only one of them is informative. The other is just me being awkward in front of the camera. Is this the beginning of the Something Like… fan club? It just might be!