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Inspiration – Something Like Summer revisited

Tim Wyman collegeA reader recently wrote me (hey Daren!) expressing an interest in other songs and images that inspired Something Like Summer. I have a previous blog entry about some of those inspirations, but there are indeed more sources not listed there. Let’s start with another hot image of Tim Wyman. Well, model Bruno Santos really. The photo you see to the left was the one I kept looking to during the college years. I gave him a haircut for the book, because I’ve always loved spiky hair, but that’s Tim all right. For me at least. Unfortunately I still haven’t stumbled on photos that truly remind me of Ben or Jace, which is especially frustrating in Jace’s case. I can see him see so clearly in my mind that I must have seen him somewhere, but I don’t know where.

As for other songs that inspired me, my descriptions of them get spoilerish. If you haven’t read the book yet, turn back now if you don’t want to know!

The first is Do You Sleep by Lisa Loeb, which gets me every time. This was the background tune to the end of Ben and Tim’s time together in highschool. There are a couple of scenes that are transparently taken from this song. Some lines I imagine Ben singing, some are Tim’s, but I feel it really resonates with how their relationship was falling apart.

(click here if the above doesn’t work)

The next song is sort of Jace’s theme. To me it’s about Ben needing him, and later missing him. The music itself reminds me of Jace’s character, kind of ritzy, classy, and offbeat, but also a little sad at times. “I have this picture hanging in my room, and I refuse to take you down…” This one is by Duran Duran and called We Need You.

Finally, we have another song by The Fold. The first inspiration article has a song by them as well, Faster Still, which was sort of the anthem of the novel. The song below, I Know You Well, represents the end of the story. No, not that part, but afterwards, when Tim is driving Ben home from the gallery. In the song Faster Still is a line “As I look into your eyes, I don’t know you any better” which is a doubt Ben shares at the end of the college years. This song is Tim’s answer and promise, as they cruise away into their happily ever after.

So there you have it, another set images and sounds by talented artists that helped fuel my words. I’m not sure if these resonate with you like they do me, but it’s safe to say that Something Like Summer wouldn’t have been the same without them. On that note, let’s end with one more photo of Tim Wyman. Just because.

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16 Responses

  1. Daren

    Thanks for the extra bit of inspiration!

  2. Timmy Franks

    The whole time I was reading this book, I never wanted it to end. And every time Ben didn’t choose Tim, it broke my heart. I could feel the pain that they both felt, and that right there is why this book is amazing. I downloaded all of these songs and I can picture the characters acting along to them, making all the mistakes, kisses and love with every beat. Thank you so much for an amazing book.

    • Hey Timmy! It’s great that liked the story, and cool to hear that these songs clicked with you as well. Maybe eBooks will come with a soundtrack in the future. How weird would that be?

  3. Jeff

    I’m listening to Know You Well by The Fold right now, probably for the millionth time, it’s really an incredible song. I’m ecstatic that you’ve shared with us the musical and photographic inspirations of SLS. I finished SLS yesterday (I’m the mind: blown email), and I haven’t been able to shake the book or characters from my mind since. I can’t think of better songs for this book, or Tim, than Know You Still and Faster Still, it’s like those two songs were written specifically for Tim and SLS. While a work of fiction (right? right? ;)), it has me thinking about a lot, life is too damn short to keep the true me hidden any longer. Now to climb that seemingly insurmountable mountain, coming out to my family. If Tim Wyman could do it, I can too right? :)

  4. Alberto

    Jay Bell, Something Like Summer was the best book ever! I cried, laughed, got mad and frustrated at times, and cry more. Tim Wyman seems like the type of guy I would love to meet and never let go; I fell in love with him. Thank you for writing such a beautiful and touching book. It really touched my heart and reminded me of how magical love can be. I just hope one day I can meet my Tim Wyman.

    I hope you write another book soon… I can’t wait

    • Hey Alberto! I’m glad you liked the book so much. I hope you find your own Tim Wyman too, although I hope he’s more like end-of-book Tim than the maladjusted Tim from the beginning! 😉 Either way, don’t give up hope. You’ll find your true love!

      Thanks for reading and for stopping by!

  5. kodomo

    Bruno Santos is kind of like Jace in my fantasy. he has a pointed jaw but no Tim’s atmosphere.
    lots of cute boys will be like Ben. how about younger version Mitch Hewer (now he’s kind of older,lol).

    • Mitch is so hot! I loved him in Skins. I think he would be TOO hot to play Ben. No one would believe that Tim could walk away from him. LOL

  6. Armando Zertuche

    Thanks for Sharing Jay, do you think they’ll use these music as the soundtrack for the movie? Haha.

  7. Hannah

    I want to give Ben a hug right now. The movie’s PG13, right? If it’s R…my mom might take away the book. *shudder*

    I read the entire book in a day. Only complaint: I feel as if Jace was killed off so that Tim and Ben could be together. Dob it! I still want a Ben-hug.

    • The movie seems like it will be PG 13. The sex scenes are tasteful, at least according to the script, so I’d be surprised if it gets an R rating. :)

  8. Dahlia

    i came across a fan made movie poster for this book and wondered what your thoughts on their vision of the cast were. since, i know a lot of people see tyler hoechlin as tim, but what do you think for the others?


    • Ben’s not a bad match, if he’s supposed to be the one in the middle. I could see him looking like that as an adult. Jace, the guy on the left I assume, doesn’t really fit what I imagine. I like that they chose someone not traditionally handsome, so that’s cool, but I have a different idea of him in my mind. Unfortunately, I can’t name a celebrity or model that really fits. Maybe the movie people will find the perfect match.

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