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Join my street team and get free stuff!

Lego mailman delivering postcards. ...  Kawaaaaiiii!I’m participating in the Hop Against Homophobia in honor of the international day against homophobia. You can see my post over at Reviews by JesseWave. Once you’ve checked that out, head on back here and watch the informative video below. You’ll learn how to get some free swag while helping me become more famous than J.K. Rowling and Stephen King’s love child.

For those that are hearing impaired or don’t want to watch the video, I’m giving away cool post card stickers. (Update! We are now out of postcards. Sorry!) I’ll send a pair to anyone that wants them. If you happen to know of a good place to leave a stack of these postcards (gay book stores and reading groups, gay bars, gay all-you-can-eat buffets) and you want to help me out, I can send you extra. Please only request a stack if you’re truly motivated to distribute them. If you’re not, I’m still totally happy to send you a couple postcards for you to keep. If you want them autographed, be sure to let me know. All requests should be sent to me via the email address over there on the left (and down a bit). Supplies are limited, so please don’t grab your Jay Bell voodoo doll if I run out!

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5 Responses

  1. Lena Grey

    Hi Jay!

    This is a great idea. Gee! Bookplates! I wonder where that idea came from? I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out where I might distribute some. Have you thought of sending some to organizations like PFLAG? Just a thought…I hope lots of people decided to help you. Just think of all the people we can reach so they don’t miss your fabulous talent.

  2. Enny

    I love them and I’d totally put the one for KamikazeBoys on my bumper. Does Erlkönig, the gay bookstore in Stuttgart, have them?

    • Nah, I haven’t advertised myself to Erlkönig yet. I’m considering selling the international rights to foreign publishers, and thought it might make more sense to get Something Like Summer out in German before I approach them. I could always send postcards direct to you, if you want.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you at the Lammies.

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