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New Release: Something Like Spring!

Something Like Spring release dateCan you smell the freshly-bloomed flowers? Feel the sun warming your cheeks? Well you should, because Something Like Spring has arrived! I could give you guys a big sales pitch, but really, if you’re here and have read the other three books, hopefully you don’t need any convincing. Those that do can check out the product page for a little more info and some sample chapters. Otherwise, you can grab the paperback or the Kindle version from Amazon. And of course it’s also available for the Nook or iBooks or anything else. As always, head on back here when you’ve finished and tell me what you thought. Or better yet, tell the whole world by leaving a review somewhere.

To celebrate all four books being out, Andreas has come up with a couple new goodies. One is a big ol’ poster featuring the cover art in seasonal order. We’ve got one of these hanging on our wall in the office and the colors are wonderfully vibrant. There’s also a new T-shirt with a quote that should be familiar to you all. What better way to show the world you’re a proud mariposa, or to get guys to call you a beautiful butterfly? All this and more can be picked up from our RedBubble store. I also show off the new shirt and the poster in the video below.

Happy reading everyone. Thank you for your continued support! As soon as I’m done typing this sentence, I’m going to close my eyes and pretend I’m making out with each and every one of you!

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62 Responses

  1. Steven Gill

    I feel like a stalker because I am on your website like 2-5 times a day just to check on any updates! I promise I am not a stalker haha.

    But aside from that, I AM SO EXCITED FOR SPRING!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT AND READ IT. That’ll mean like no sleep for me for a while while I balance reading school and work haha but it’s worth it because I am so EXCITED! I You’re awesome and I cant wait to see what comes next!

    P.S. I hope the Word Doc I sent worked better then the PDF. Thanks Again =-)

  2. Ncsoft

    Wow, I’m really excited to read anything coming from you.
    And it is the Chinese new year as well (the spring festival,as you may know!)
    Just in time for some spring romance!

    • The Spring Festival connection was a total coincidence, but one I’m really happy about. With the time difference, it would have been the 31st in China when it came out. Anyway, happy new year and I hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Neil

    Just bought Spring. About to lose the entire weekend reading it. Totally worth it!

  4. Josh

    Already have way through Spring and am loving it!! All of your books pull me in but this series has always been extra strong. Thank goodness a snow day has allowed me that luxury. I’ve put it down long enough to tell you how much I’m enjoying it and have already come to love Jason as much as Ben, Tim, and Jace. The clever way you tied his story to the main three…well, you never cease to amaze me! What beautiful stories these are. I hope that even though this is the last of the Seasons series it is not the last we’ll see of this Something Like…world you have created. And I LOVE the T-shirt. Will definitely be purchasing that one!

  5. Artirtico

    Just finished reading ‘Spring’ and ohhhhh it was soooooo good! It’s now gone 5am, having been reading for the last 9 hours or so; there was no way I was putting it down!

    I was overjoyed to see Michelle pop up on the very first page, instantly hooked, and that continued throughout. Loved Part 1 as being something so new/unexplored, but then it was so special seeing so many familiar faces show themselves as it progressed further. Very clever how it all came together and all of the little tidbits/references to previous book events (wolf mask etc) were brilliant. & I so very much wanted some Greg-Tim interaction, so that was wonderful haha.

    I loved William, I loved Emma, I loved Amy, I kinda loved Caesar in his own way, I loved getting to see Ben happy with his man from an outside perspective – it’s always been a case of Tim/Jace being seen as a rival by the other in Autumn/Winter, thus it was so nice to see Ben (and Tim) truly content – and I very much loved Jason; yet another character of such depth that was so natural to read. I didn’t want it to end, but it couldn’t have ended better; so beautiful, and I loved the afterword too; keeps the hopes strong for more!

    There’s a whole lot more I could say, but as I have to get up for work in just over an hour, I’ll leave it there haha. Thank you so much for yet again creating something powerful, emotional, believable, heart-breaking, warm, funny; once more amassing to one of the best books I’ve ever read. Cheers!

    • Thank you, Artirtico! I’m so happy that you love the new characters. I really was planning on this being the last book, but the more I got to know the new crew, the more I wanted to explore their lives just as much as we did with Ben, Jace, and Tim. And who knows, maybe when telling William’s or Emma’s or Amy’s story, we’ll meet more new characters and it’ll go on forever. Or at least a really long time. :)

      • Artirtico

        Going on for a really long time sounds great to me!
        It’s all your fault you see, in creating these such interesting and loveable characters, that you can’t help but want to know more about them, and likewise with a whole lot of the other characters that they meet in the process. So it’s no surprise that you want to explore those such character’s lives as much as the rest of us want to, haha.
        I shall very much be looking forward to whatever/whoever emerges from the ‘Something Like’ life next 😀

  6. It’s finally here! Spring is here! =)

    Thank you <3 <3

    Your video!!! Awww…! You should do a regular Vlog =)
    …reminds me of a sweet little thing called Like & Subscribe :)

    I really LOVE the T-shirt !!!

    The butterfly… it got Tim and Ben’s colors too!
    Think I have to get one for me and my friends :)
    ((we’re a big big Tim & Ben fanclub =D ))

    • More videos? As long as I don’t have to take my shirt off like Tony in Like and Subscribe. I actually used to make videos more frequently, but it’s just too hard to find time these days. Just as well, since there are definitely YouTubers who do a much better job than me! :)

      • I wouldn’t say that! I think you could do something fun like reading to us! a Something Like … book club thingy :) where we all gather around our screens in a circle while you read to us….maybe even some delted scenes? I bet everyone would love that! =D

        Do you happen to know the name of the stand in model of Tim who is currently posing over at http://somethinglikesummer.com/ ???

        By the way, I finally caught up with Spring! Not that I didn’t want to read it, oh god no, I looked forward to it since forever – I just took my sweet time with it – savoring each and every word.

        Whenever you feel like drowning in my praise you might wanna hop over to goodreads to check out my “review” :)

        Thank you Jay, for all your wonderful hard work!! <3 I am the happiest ever since having Ben and Timmy back!

        • I’m not the best at reading out loud either, trust me. That’s why I really like the Something Like Summer audio book. The narrator, Kevin R Free, is a professional actor and really brings the characters to life. Besides, leaving such things to the pros means I can focus more on writing. :)

          Thank you for the wonderfully and flattering review on Goodreads! I think you love Tim just as much as I do. That makes me so happy! As for the model on the movie web site, I’m not sure of his name. I’ll ask next time I talk to the production team.

          Thanks again for feeling so passionately about these books!

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  8. Shawna

    I just wanted to say Thank you! Thank you for this wonderful world you’ve created. Thank you for the characters who are so beautifully, humanly flawed they take my breath away. I’ve loved this entire series. I’ve had my heart broken, my spirits uplifted, laughed and cried. I’ve even laughed while tears were still running down my face.

    I started “spring” with some trepidation, believing it would be the end of series. I didn’t want it to end, and your “afterward” has made my day. So, thank you for that as well. In recognizing that you may not be the only one who doesn’t want to leave Ben and Tim and their vast menagerie of family behind. So, please write fast and publish even faster. I can’t wait to see my friends again.

    • Thanks, Shawna! It’s very special to hear how much the series means to you. I sure wish I could write them quicker! I have plenty of ideas, believe me. We’ll get there one by one. Hopefully it never has to end!

  9. Tiffany

    [Okay, folks — I’m about to talk about the book, not in excruciating detail, but in some. If you haven’t read it yet, and don’t want to know details, STOP READING NOW. BIG OLD SPOILER ALERT! YOU’VE. BEEN. WARNED.]

    Hi Jay!

    I just want to say thank you for “Spring.” I know that it’s about Jason, but it felt so much like a love letter to Ben and Tim’s fans. I’m going to end up reviewing it for Goodreads (it’s going to be WAY super positive — how could it NOT be?!?), but I can’t write it yet, because I can’t get Ben and Tim out of my head, which means I can’t do justice to Jason yet. So I’m just going to gush about Ben and Tim all over your page! :-)

    We finally got to see what a functioning relationship looked like between them — it’s healthy and fun, with occasional doses of conflict that they apparently know how to reconcile in a reasonable fashion. And they are so, completely in love with each other. Regarding that point, you did something small in order to emphasize that point (for me, at least) that I really appreciated. At the end of Something Like Winter, things felt a little bit unequal between them. Granted, Ben said that he loved Tim deeply, but I was skeptical — how could he love Tim the way that Tim loved him, when he had loved Jace as much as he had for all of that time, and hadn’t been with Tim at all since high school? And then, when we first saw them in Spring, it definitely seemed like Tim was the lover and Ben was not just the beloved, but also, that he owned Tim — that the power in the relationship was ALL his. The fact that he didn’t take greater advantage of it, and wasn’t cruel about it, was a testament both to his character and to the fact that he genuinely loved Tim back. But I was okay with it — Tim had a lot of making up to do, so I was fine with my perception of an inequality in their relationship. And then, you had that moment where Jason found the picture of them from high school, where Ben was looking at Tim like he couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Jason realized that Ben was still looking at Tim in the same way. That was when I realized I was wrong, and that they loved each other equally. Their dynamic may have been one in which Ben got to lay down the law, should the law need to be laid (was that horrible grammar, lol?!?), but it made me happy to know that Tim not only got his miracle — he got Ben back — but their love was working on equal terms.

    Just a few more comments, and then I’ll stop!

    I missed seeing small moments of intimacy between them, but I understand why you couldn’t let us see too many — the narrative focus was on Jason. Still, you let Jason eavesdrop/spy several times, so we heard/saw some nice things!

    What else did I love?

    I love how playful they are with each other. I love how honest they are with each other! I love the way they are family to each other and the way they built a family with Jason. And I needed to see that; I needed to see how this relationship was just as good as Ben’s relationship with Jace. It could have been, even without adding a kid, but the fact that this emotionally enriching thing happened in an organic way (i.e., before the formality at the end) was so rewarding. Thank you for that.

    And thank you for telling us something that a lot of us wanted to know — what happened to Michelle after Jace died. I loved the heck out of her character in Something Like Autumn. I’m glad we got to see her again, and in such a substantive way.

    Thank you for the return of Nana!!!! Best. Grandma. Ever. Seriously!

    And thank you, thank you, thank you, for Tim’s mom. Tim’s dad is a lost cause, but his mother — confused parent though she was — actually loved him. And goodness knows he loved her back. It may have taken her awhile to love him as he was, but it was so gratifying to see that she got there.

    So, yeah. I’m going to sit with this and try to remember that the book is really about Jason, and his whole process of coming of age. (I’m so happy you kept him with William — I’ve noticed that you like the idea that young people can pick right the first time they do so, even if some folks need a little bit of time to mature (Ben and Tim, David and Connor, Dylan and Tyjinn, heck, Cole and Jonah, if memory hasn’t failed me!), and I kept thinking, please let this be a case where the guy looks at that first love and consigns it to the dustbin of the past! Let it go!). Before I do that, though, I’m going to bask in my book-person happiness about the fact that you gave me everything I wanted in order to conclude the story of two of my favorite characters ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (And since you’re planning on staying in this universe but stretching yourself a bit, should I expect to see you dip into the f/f world, and write about the adventures of Emma and Bonnie? ;-))

    • Hey Tiffany! Great observations. It’s funny you should mention that I like first loves to be together. That hasn’t been my experience in real life. I made a lot of “wrong” choices myself, even though I don’t regret those relationships. I really did love those guys. Anyway, I think it was Autumn when one of my editors expressed disdain over the idea that people never get over their first love. So I really wanted to prove that people did in this book. Some might always put that first love on a pedestal, but others keep searching and find someone better. And I’m glad you found so much to like about Ben and Tim in this book. It really was a love letter to them in many parts, especially because when I wrote Spring, I really did think it was the end. Meeting all the new characters is what changed my mind.

      As for the Emma idea, I’ll admit that it crossed my mind. I do wonder though how many people would be open to reading it. Do you ever read f/f books? If not, would you make an exception in this case?

      • Tiffany

        I don’t read f/f genre romance, though I’ve read some gay lit involving female leads (Jeanette Winterson, primarily). I’m not categorically opposed to it; I’m simply not drawn to it, as a rule. Nonetheless, I’d make an exception for you since I already trust you as an author. I’d especially make an exception if you were continuing in this universe and with this character — I already know I like Emma.

      • Artirtico

        Largely echoing Tiffany’s response here – I’ve not yet read a book where a F/F relationship is the central plot. It’s not something I would actively avoid trying out, but as a general theme, it doesn’t hold that instantaneous appeal that M/M does for me, and would be somewhat trickier to relate to overall I suppose.
        Having said that, I would absolutely be open to reading a F/F book revolving around Emma (in fact I’d probably look forward to doing so almost as much as any of the Something Like books). Great characters in books carry more weight than a genre, and Emma is an awesome character who I’d very much like to know better. Throw in the fact that Ben, Tim, Jason, Michelle, Greg etc would all likely still feature quite prominently and you’d have something undoubtedly epic.
        So if you would like to try your hand at a F/F novel, it’s very much a thumbs up to it from me! You’ll likely end up with some new fans who regularly read the genre too!

        & props to Tiffany for the awesome original post here, which contained so much great stuff that I very much agree with, but didn’t have the time or eloquence to write down haha.

  10. Josh


    I have to agree with the above posting. This read as much like a love letter to Ben and Tim as it did a story about Jason, and I think the two elements were blended beautifully. But what also worked so well in Spring was the incorporation of the massive supporting cast of characters you’ve created over the previous three books. I squealed with delight each time a familiar face returned, be it Marcello, Allison, Mrs. Wyman (loved her one and only line of dialogue in the book!), Nana (LOVED the image of her dancing with Marcello and calling Jason her great-grandson) and even Ryan and Adrien (poor, poor Ryan). I agree, one of the things I felt missing from Autumn was the reaction of Michelle and Greg to Jace’s death, and I’m glad we got a glimpse of that here. Michelle was probably my favorite of all the supporting characters created and it was wonderful to see her outside of her relationship with Jace or Greg. I had also resigned myself to never seeing Jace again, but his clever cameos in the book were two of the biggest highlights for me. Him telling Jason to contact Ben because he had so much love to give started the crying that would resurface through much of the rest of my reading. Of all four books I think I cried more reading this one, not because it was particularly sad, but because of how beautiful it was. The wedding/adoption ceremony at the end left me a wreck!
    I loved the little nods to previous characters that we didn’t get to see: Eric, Victor (the wolf mask!), the biographies and the fortune cookie joke in reference to Jace, and of course Samson and Chinchilla making return appearances.
    Jason was as wonderful a character as the previous three, and I thought the way you created a weird paternal (dare I say maternal on Ben’s part) relationship between Tim, Ben, and Jason was brilliant. It fit the underlying theme of, as Ben put it, not exactly being a traditional couple. Even though he’s only ten or so years younger than them, you created the perfect family feel and I loved seeing Ben/Tim through his eyes, seeing them stable for once and seeing both of them finally truly happy. Seeing Tim Wyman slowly turn into a father was extraordinary. The new characters were great as well, William in particular. Caesar was an interesting guy. I don’t know if this is what you were going for, but it seemed to me that Caesar is what would have happened to Tim had Eric not come into his life. It was interesting to see a character like that…Tim toed the lines at time in Summer but now we could see the type of person he easily could have been.
    I have so much more to say but this is long enough already! I loved it, I loved the series, and I cried uncontrollably at the thought that this was our last moments with Ben and Tim. I was thrilled to read the afterword and have hope that it we might see them again in the future. Thanks for a wonderful series filled with a lot of love, humor, and beautiful sadness. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • Tiffany


      If my guess is right, these may not be our last moments with Ben and Tim. Probably our last substantive moments, but if he decides to tell Emma’s story, she’ll certainly have to spend some time with her uncles. Right, Jay???? :-) (And hey, now that they have had a taste of parenting, maybe next time, they’ll find someone who is younger. I’m sure that Michelle will help! :-))

      And by the way, Josh, you made such a great point about seeing Tim become a great father. I was thinking about that this afternoon. It was amazing that someone who was raised so poorly managed to do a wonderful job in the parenting department (thanks, probably in significant part, to Eric). Granted, it helped that Jason came to him and Ben almost fully-grown (emotionally — I know he was already a chronological adult), but still, Tim showed such depth and maturity once he got over his discomfort with the situation.

      Really, the whole storyline makes me feel so much better about Tim and Ben’s relationship as compared to Ben’s relationship with Jace. I was never quite sure if Tim could measure up to Jace; after all, Jace was kind, gentle, mature, supportive, and if I had to pick one word to describe him in the context of his relationship with Ben, I’d say “anchor.” Watching Tim do one of the best things in the world that one can do — agreeing with Ben to open their home to a young person who needed help — and then seeing him be a co-parent with Ben, put their relationship on par with the one Ben had with Jace. It was so great!

      • Josh

        I agree, Tiffany, I think it’s definitely the influence of Eric in his life that allowed him to grow into that parental role so naturally. He got to experience with Eric what a father should/could be, particularly to a lost (as you put it, not quite emotionally grown) teenager. But I also think that it’s some of Ben’s influence as well. Ben does have such a huge heart and that’s bound to rub off on Tim over the years. I love Tim and I think he remains probably the most interesting character to me in the series (Ben is probably my FAVORITE character…but Tim is definitely the most interesting). I think what Jay did with Tim was so amazing. To see him as a scared, closeted teenager, to a selfish twenty-something, to the darker days with Ryan, to a husband and a father. It’s an incredible transformation. I get why some people might not like Tim but I don’t see how anyone could read the series and not at least agree that he matured so much as a character and agree that by the end he is deserving of Ben’s love. And Jason’s for that matter.

    • Thank you Josh! I didn’t realize until I was writing the epilogue just how many characters there were in this book and series. I had to make a list like I was actually planning a wedding because there were so many. I also didn’t set out to namedrop the majority of previous characters, but it happened fairly naturally. Even Travis sneaked in there when Tim describes his scars. Other scenes were always intended to be so nostalgic, especially the attic. As for Jace being in the book, I had to move time itself to make that happen. Originally the book would have started in 2010, I believe. Making that change was crazy, but getting one last moment or two with Jace was so worth it.

      You hit the nail on the head when it comes to Caesar being Tim if the events of Summer had played out differently. That’s why I have him buy blue shoes for himself, as a little nod to him sort of being the new Tim. Obviously those two are still very different characters, but were meant to be kindred spirits. I’m curious about what Caesar’s future will bring, but that won’t be something I address quite yet. For now, he’s in purgatory. 😉

      • Josh

        Yes, I noticed the blue shoes and wondered if that was an intentional reference or if I was reading too much into it. I should have known that it was on purpose!

        Haha, and we know from another of your books what purgatory can be like! :p

        I’m glad you wrestled with the space-time continuum and moved us back a few years. Those two scenes with Jace were totally worth whatever effort you went through, and I very much appreciate it.

  11. Tamica

    Ok you the best I loved it. One of the best series of books I have ever readed. Next one please. Thank you for writing books

  12. Larissa

    Hi, Jay!

    I recently finished Something Like Spring (reading it non-stop for two days), and can honestly say it was a simply amazing book and perhaps my favourite of the Something Like series. I loved how it tied in all the characters we adore, and I fell in love with the new ones. It was a heartwarming, humorous, sad and beautiful journey. I was terribly sad when the book came to an end because I didn’t want to leave the world with Ben, Tim and all the rest. However, I’m now extremely happy you decided that it didn’t have to end! I look forward to your new projects (and the Something Like Summer movie) and keep up the amazing work!

    • Thanks Larissa!

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Revisiting all those old characters and meeting so many new ones definitely got the ol’ imagination going about what future books could be like. Although I probably won’t have all those characters show up in every single book. Otherwise it’ll quickly get crowded. LOL There’s definitely a lot of untapped potential that I’m eager to explore!

  13. Julian

    Having been following each and every book in the Season series (as well as Kamikaze Boys), what else can I say except that Jay Bell never disappoints? I’m never a good literary commentator so I thought I’d just share (if anyone cares to know at all, that is) some random trivial thoughts that occurred while reading. To start off, it really struck me as odd at first that Jace invited Jason to move in with him and Ben at their first meeting ever. Only later did I realize that wasn’t that odd after all considering that Jace is Michelle’s brother and that Jason meant a lot for Michelle (silly me!). The dream Jason had that prompted him to call Jace though, IMHO, was a bit far-fetched. I mean, what’s the probability of having that specific dream at that particular timing? Of course it’s not a big deal as we are talking about what happens in a novel; I just wanted to point this out because I never felt this way towards any other parts of the plot in the rest of the series. I do love Jace’s “Buh-Bye”s though. I couldn’t stop smiling when I read that part. Onto even more trivial stuff.. Was it just that me having become a slower reader or is this book longer than the others? I felt it took me significantly longer to finish reading – not that I didn’t enjoy every second of reading it. I was hoping to look for some assurance that Ryan would never get out of jail but there never was. What if he came out many years later and still wanted to take revenge? (Like I said, I’m probably paying way much attention to unimportant details :p) Lastly, I was really happy to learn at the end that this won’t be the end of this series! Any chance Connor and David could cross their paths with the folks in Season in the future? Those two still remain as my favorite couple of all times – I have no idea why but they just do haha.

    • Hi Julian! Thanks for the feedback! I do admit that the dream with Jace is a bit indulgent, but I couldn’t resist. I did try to keep it realistic in a few ways. I’ve noticed my dreams are usually triggered by something that happened to me during the day. That’s why Jason notices Michelle’s card fluttering around in the guitar shortly before falling asleep and having that dream. Somewhere in Jason’s subconscious, maybe this made him think of Jace and his offer of help. I also avoided Jace telling Jason anything in the dream that he couldn’t know, such as his death. I tried to shy away from it being too mystical, in that way.

      As for Ryan, he won’t be getting out of prison to take his revenge. As far as I’m concerned, his roll in this series is over. I don’t plan on revisiting his character again, and if I ever change my mind, it would probably be a tale of redemption. So no more trouble for Ben and Tim. And yes, this book is the longest of the series, and the longest I’ve ever written!

      As for David and Connor, you never know. In my mind, they exist in the same universe as the Something Like… characters. You’d be surprised how often I’ve wanted to mesh both worlds with a cameo or such. So far the timing hasn’t been right, but maybe someday.

      Thanks again for sharing all your thoughts!

  14. Rowan

    Hi Jay,

    Just finished something like spring and I just want to say thank you!! You such a talented writer. Me and my husband tom got married 2 years ago both of us 26 now been together since we were 19 and there is so much I can relate too in your books. Keep up the great work, I just hope we hear lots more about Ben and Tim and the rest of the fantastic characters. Thanks again


    • Hey Rowan!

      Congrats on getting hitched! It’s always exciting to hear from other married couples. How romantic that you met when you were teenagers. It’s like something out of one of my books! 😉 As for seeing more of Ben and Tim, they will still be around. A little bit less, allowing other characters take the limelight, but I don’t plan on ever saying goodbye to them completely.

      Thanks for reading!

  15. Julian

    Hello Mr. Jay!

    You are the best author ever! My favorite author in the whole wide world. Please do not stop writing. I’ll never get tired of Ben and Tim’s endless love story. I’m truly happy that it’s not over! Something like Series has become part of my life and it will always be in my heart and mind forever. It has given me hope that I will find my husband/soulmate someday..

    • Thanks Julian! You’re so sweet! Don’t worry, I never intend to stop writing. People will have to come and forcibly take my laptop away before I quit. Even then I’d probably find a pencil somewhere and start writing on the walls. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find your own great love. Just put yourself out there and keep on trying!

      • Julian

        You are very welcome and thank you! I just finished Something Like Spring last night, and now I’m already having Something Like Series withdrawals and I don’t know if I can read other books unless it’s written by you (haha). You totally got me obsessed with the Something Like Series. Honestly, it’s like an addicting drug, and I don’t even do drugs haha.

  16. Natalie

    Hi Jay!!!
    I just got my book in the mail yesterday, my Grandma had ordered it for me, and I’m giving it to her next to read.
    We’re both hooked on the series!
    I started it right as it came in the mail, and today, I reached page 300!
    It’s just as fabulously amazing as the other three, and I can’t wait to see how things work out for Jason Grant.
    I love how you’ve incorporated details, and little things from the rest of the saga, it adds so much to the ever growing charm of this series.
    Thanks for writing such a great series, I can’t wait to read more!
    xxx~ Natalie

    • Thanks, Natalie! I love love LOVE that you and your grandma are both reading this series. My grandma was an insatiable bookworm, my mom too, and occasionally we’d pick up each other’s books. I never really thought of reading a whole series with either of them. That’s such a charming idea! Anyway, I hope you both enjoy your time with Jason!

  17. joy

    Just finishes reading something like spring and I absolutely loved it!! I was possibly one of my favorite books in the series it was just so thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. Like when Caesar and Jason got caught wow that was crazy! and when Ryan showed up and shot Tim didn’t see that coming.it was sooo romantic too I just loved the way Ben and Tim even after all that time still are madly in love with eachother. I was always on Tim’s side I just felt like I could personally from my life experience relates threw what he was going to.so I’m glad to see that they still going at it. I also love seeing Tim’s parenting side so funny when tells Jason to not call him mother at least not in public haha I loved all the little funny scene in there as well that made me look crazy when people saw me reading like the “hail ceaser!” Too cute and funny loved it. Also when Tim was freaking out about the scratch on his car he really does love his Bentley and the way Ben was laughing out loud was hilarious. I could keep writing and writing but I’ll stop here. Haha never give up writing I love your writing so much I dare say I could be in love with it. Lol

    • Thank you so much, Joy! You mentioned quite a few scenes that I really had a great time writing. Being able to show what Ben and Tim’s life is like together was a lot of fun for me, but I also loved those crazily dramatic moments too, like at the hunting cabin with Caesar. So many ups and downs, just like in real life. This is exactly why I want to keep writing these books, so I’m happy you love reading them so much. :)

  18. Eric

    hey Jay,

    I am one of your loyal readers since SLS. I can’t believe that was like almost 3 years ago!!! I still remember how I discovered SLS on Amazon. It was one of my boring days in my office and I just browsed Amazon for something to kill my time and I discovered SLS! So much has changed since that time and I have moved from NYC to southern California but I am still reading your season series. I almost moved to Houston or Austin because of your books :)

    I hate to admit, but I always have a soft spot for characters like Tim and Caesar. Although Caesar was a little spoiled, but he is warm and good natured person in general. After reading the first half of the book, I was hoping that he would appear in the 2nd half and get back together with Jason, although I suspected that you would probably chosen a different path for Jason this time (as compared to Ben). William is cool, too and I liked him instantly because we share the same workout routine (morning swim). I hate to see Caesar’s life falling apart at the end of the book, but am glad he was gradually getting back on his feet. Maybe you can make him one of your future projects! I would definitely like to get to know him better. (what happened at Yale?). I am a lawyer so I always have great respect for Yale (No 1 law school in America!)

    I am very happy to see Tim again. He is my favorite character of the entire series. I am looking forward to the upcoming movie, but at the same time, I am concerned that they may not have the perfect actor for Tim. Anyway I did donate $40 to their Kickstart project!

    Last but not the least, thank you very much for writing this wonderful series and for the opportunity for us readers to grow up (& old) with wonderful characters like Tim and Ben. I love reading your books because the stories feel very natural and develop organically. I love the fact that this “literary object/creature” that was conceived by you has taken on a life of its own.

    Congratulations on this monumental achievement. The best thing that could happen to a person is to create something larger than his own life. You have made yourself an immortal through the story of Tim and Ben. Like Caesar, although he died 2000+ years ago, his legend will live with us forever. Hail Caesar! Hail Jay!!!

    • Hey Eric!

      Thanks for the wonderful message. Time’s a funny thing, because to me it seems like I wrote Something Like Summer five or six years ago. I guess I might have written the first draft back then, so maybe that’s why it feels like ancient history. 😉 There were also three standalone books between Summer and the rest of the series, which now seems crazy. The whole writing gig sure feels easier now that I’m focusing only on the Something Like… series. At least for the time being.

      As for movie, I agree that casting will be crucial, and it is hard to imagine any actor living up to the Tim Wyman in my mind. The script has slowly evolved into its own thing, which I think is good. Maybe that will help. The movie will be an alternate reality to the book. Heck, maybe I can write a story someday where Movie Tim Wyman meets Book Tim Wyman. Or maybe not.

      As for Spring, I did look at a couple of different of different celebrities for the characters. I totally saw Caesar as a young Brandon Boyd, back when he looked like this: http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee360/Nekka_07/BrandonBoyd2_zpsc36ccc65.jpg For Jason I occasionally looked at photos of Chace Crawford. William—like Ben and Jace—is a character I see perfectly without any help. Because of that, I never even thought to search for a William model. Of course everyone imagines characters differently, but that’s what was bouncing around in my mind.

      Definitely let me know if you make a video about the main characters. That would be cool!

  19. Eric

    One more question, which models did you have in mind when writing the stories of Jason, Caesar and William?

  20. Eric

    I will also make a new video on my Youtube channel dedicated to all the main characters of your books, showing how I visualize each one of them. Stay tuned!!

  21. a fan

    This book holds two purposes for me: teaching new way to think of love and showing that Jay Bell can also write good stories with happy content. The idea that one accepts that love sometimes is painful but you can’t get the good without the bad and ultimately you learn to live with that idea. This grew me a lot, so thank you. I read about Jay Bell saying that writing a happy story isn’t that interesting for anyone to read. By example of “Lazy Sundays” (see from smashword) it is possible and I’m glad the author learned to do that too. I’m not saying there aren’t heart-beating moments in this book but I’m saying you can live through them without tears of pain but tears of happiness. And “Happiness” is a perfect word to sum up “Something Like Spring”.

    • Hi there! I’m glad you enjoyed Spring being a happier book. I’m generally a pretty happy guy, so I was getting concerned about people expecting to cry when they read my stories. I don’t always want to write tearjerkers. That would be depressing. So yeah, just like real life, some stories will be sad, some will be happy. Really, I expect most books will have a mix of both. Spring is such an optimistic season though, so I’m glad you feel it turned out happy. :)

  22. Neild

    I just finished the book for 2nd time. Something Like Spring brought me so many emotions both pain and happiness. And in fact, I still am emotional! Spring is a perfect and beautiful happy ending that I have been yearning for to wrap off 4 books. Each of the books you have been telling us stories of Ben, Tim, Jace, and Jason’s life, and for the previous 3 I’ve always felt like something was still missing, that I want more. And finally Spring has given me the perfect answer for that.
    Jason, I am actually surprised that I would like him as much as I like Ben. You have painted him as a completely non-stereotypical kid who has to face his own struggle that is firsthandedly, not love or coming out, but finding a sense of family. And I loved that, because it made Jason even more human and sympathizeable. Also thank you for giving him William, not Caesar. I like Caesar, but something about him, unlike Tim, makes him lack of emotional depth. I tried hard to relate, just like I did to Tim, but I couldn’t bring myself to trust him.
    OH Jay, have I mentioned Tim? Omg, I never thought I could fall in love with a book character, but I can, with Tim. It’s a long story (lol) but Summer, the first book, was introduced to me by my first love. And for some strange reason, I always related him to Tim, as I call him Mr. Blue Shoes. The more I read about Tim, the more I fell in love with him; and the more I got to know the boy, the more I fell for Tim. Lol.. Anyways, we separated around the time Winter came out. And you have no idea how much I hold on to that book. He’s gone.. But my love for him, and Tim, and your book is still there. This is why Something Like series always have a special place in my heart and mind. As you said first love really never fades away.
    Thank you for writing, no, painting, this wonderful world and people where acceptance is universal, and love is eternal. Something Like series has given me a lot of motivations and optimism to go on and move on, so thanks for that too.
    Please don’t let go of this wonderful stories yet, ’cause we’ve grown so in love with it. :)
    P/S: If asked about how I imagined Ben and Tim for the movie I always have this image of Ben played by a blonde Josh Hutchinson, and Tim is Tyler Posey (He stars in Teen Wolf on MTV), which really imo fits perfectly

    • Thank you! I’m glad you were able to feel for Jason just as much as you feel for Ben. Giving a completely new character his own book seemed like a big risk, but during the process of writing it and falling in love with him myself, I had a feeling he would do okay. Especially by the end, when it felt so right for Ben and Tim to do what they do. As for Caesar, I think we’d have to see a lot more of his story before we can judge what sort of person he is. I really like him at the hunting cabin. Those scenes are very revealing to me. The difference between him and Tim, perhaps, is that Cassar’s heart is already taken by the time Jason comes along. Or so it seems. Maybe we’ll find out for sure someday.

      Interesting choice when it comes to casting. Especially in regards to Tim. Quite a few people have mentioned Derek from Teen Wolf (can’t think of his real name) but not Scott. Tyler Posey does have a lot of traits in common with how I picture Tim, so that could definitely work. Just give him Derek’s eyes somehow. :)

  23. damirko

    Oh, my… After reading some good (and then some not so good) novels from many other authors since “The Autumn” you’ve reminded me, once again, that those are just substitutes and excuses to fill my time until the next in the “Spring” series (or anything from you). I’m totally in love with Jason and Willy. I smiled, I cried and what not… (while my boyfriend still is rejecting to read anything by you no matter how hard I try – I think he’s just jealous and thinks I have a secret crush on your imagination – which, let’s be honest, I do). Anyway, thank you and keep up the good work and keep writing more about “The Seasons”. And… thank you for the “Jason as sole marshmallow floating around the pool” reference – I couldn’t stop smiling – so original and so you (there are probably some better examples, but for me this sums up your sense of humor). And, and… 4,99 $ for an e-book? It should be more like 499,00 $ in your case. At least, I would pay. Totally worth it. :)
    Am I a groupie (though I’m male)? Or just “a bit” creepy?

    Greetings from Sarajevo, D.

    • There’s nothing creepy about you loving my books and characters. I think it’s awesome! I’m glad you feel they are worth more too. I try to keep the price low so more people can afford to buy them. I suspect it all equals out in the end. As for your boyfriend not wanting to read my books, maybe the movie will change his mind. If not, I’ll fly to Sarajevo, stand outside his bedroom window every night, and read from Something Like Summer. That should do the trick!

  24. Bill

    I just finished Spring and, like most of the previous commenters, I was blown away. I went back to my book list, and discovered that I had bought Autumn, on June 6th, Summer on June 9th, Winter on June 10th, and my next, Kamikaze on June 12th (of last year). And, yes, I read them in an unconventional order. But, I guess I read (maybe a better term might be: inhaled) the three previous books in the series in 6 days…. This time around, Spring took me an entire week to read. I think I was unconsciously dragging it out because I thought that it was the last in the series and didn’t want to end my relationship with Ben and Tim and Marcello and Michelle and Greg…. (even though you took Jace away from me). And then, I got to the middle of the first paragraph of the Afterward where you reveal that there will be more. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! (to borrow a line from HMS Pinafore)….

    • Man oh man, Bill. If only I could write them as fast as you can read them! When the next book comes out, I’ll send you a special copy where everything is written backwards Leonardo da Vinci style. That should slow you down! Unless you cheat and use a mirror. 😉 Seriously though, thank you for gobbling up my books in such short order. That makes me very happy!

  25. Susy

    Hi Jay, just finished reading Something Like Spring it was awesome I just wanted to let you know I love all of your books love your characters your storylines and your writing style and I always come back for more not to mention the fact that I read them over and over again and I never get tired of them and that’s a lot coming from me because I have the attention span of a 5 yr old but your books have my complete and undivided attention from start to finish thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and please keep them coming can’t wait for your next ones so I can marathon read them in one sitting which is what usually happens when I start one of your books they are so good I can’t help it :)

    • Thank you! Sometimes I’ll love a book to pieces, but when I go back and reread it, I don’t like it as much. Other times I do, and those are the really special ones, so I’m happy you feel that way about my books. Especially the last too, since Autumn and Spring are so looooong. LOL I’ll try to hold your attention with whatever comes next too!

  26. Eric

    Hey Jay,

    As promised, I finally made the first part of the video for Something Like Summer. Let me know which models would you pick to play Ben and Tim. Subequent videos will show my picks for Jace, Victor, Jason, Caesar and William.


    • Ben #3, since he’s got that cute/vulnerable/funny vibe. The other’s are a little too pretty. 😉 Tim #2, especially that cocky grinning photo at 3:42 “You know you want it, Ben!” Ha ha.

  27. Tiffany

    Hi Jay! I hope you’re doing well!

    So, I have a couple of questions for you that have been gnawing at me for awhile. Really, ever since I read Winter, but now that we’ve seen how Ben and Tim look in Spring, I’m even more curious. (Seeing how well they turned out in Spring made me think about the whole span of their relationship.)

    1) Did Tim have, or even try to have, a serious relationship with someone else after the third time he lost Ben (when he was between the ages of 25 and 29 — I think that’s when it was)? I always thought it would be both odd and a little sad if someone that young, talented, and physically attractive would be alone during that whole period of time. Granted, it’s pretty clear that he was entirely devoted to Ben, but how much devotion could he have to someone who had (justifiably) left him, and who he thought would end up simply being a memory? He didn’t know that Jace died; he didn’t know he would have another shot with Ben. So if he wasn’t even trying to move on, it almost makes me wonder if he spent those four years clinically depressed — functional in many ways, but perhaps not emotionally. I mean, someone like Tim wouldn’t have had to try very hard if he was determined to move on, so if he didn’t, it begs the question why not?

    2) If he wasn’t trying to move on, could the explanation have something to do with the model of love presented by his parents? I’ve sometimes wondered if they had more of an effect on him than he thought. Even though his mother loved him (the jury is out on his father), they probably shouldn’t have had children because they were far too wrapped up in each other. So Tim’s first picture of love was one in which a married couple was entirely devoted to each other, largely to the exclusion of everyone else. Healthy? No. Present? Sure. Were you thinking about that when you were writing his character, and is that part of the reason why he wasn’t able to shake Ben?

    Thanks! :-)

    • Hi Tiffany!

      Nice to hear from you again. I always like your insight into my books and the questions you have. So, let’s get started! :)

      1. Did Tim have any serious relationships before getting back with Ben for the final time? I feel certain he had relationships, but all of them would have fizzled out fairly quickly. A guy like Tim wouldn’t have to try hard to get someone interested in him. However, it might be hard to keep Tim’s interest, especially considering how intense all his previous relationships were. Who can compare with Ben? Travis and Ryan were both intense relationships with a lot of physical appeal. Eric, if you want to count him, was one of his most mentally engaging relationships, even if it was platonic. After Ryan, I imagine Tim would be a little more wary and guarded when it came to new people. Those that managed to get through his defenses would struggle to keep his attention past the honeymoon period. Tim would also be throwing himself into his work during this period, painting for himself while also slowly making the gallery a reality. He’d probably draw more satisfaction from being creative than half-hearted relationships. That’s what I imagine. As much as this series backtracks before moving forward, maybe we’ll meet Tim during that period and he’ll have a different story to tell us.

      2. You’re right that the relationship between Tim’s parents has an effect on how he views love. When together, Mr. and Mrs. Wyman are always wrapped up in each other, making little time for the outside world. Tim does the same as a teenager out of fear of being caught. Later he tries to hide away with Travis thinking it will recreate the magic that brought Ben and himself together. Even past all of that, Tim is keen on Ben being at home with him. He doesn’t like going out with Ryan either. While it’s normal to want to be alone with the person you love, I do think he subconsciously tries to emulate what his parents had. That’s why Jason is so important. If parts of Spring had been written from Tim’s perspective (and boy was I tempted), we would have seen Tim struggling with this. Eventually though, he realizes that Jason isn’t a threat to what they have. In fact, he brings Ben and Tim even closer together.

      So yeah, that’s my take on things. I hope all of that makes sense!

      • Tiffany

        Yes, it all made complete sense (and I hope you’re right about Tim’s life in the interim — I’d hate to think that he didn’t even try to move on). Thanks! :-)

  28. Bryan

    Okay, I’m pretty late to the party but I’m jumping in the bandwagon. I managed to read Spring despite my schedule and, man, it was great. I already posted before about how I love to discover your character development process and how your characters just come to life but I must admit I’m still looking for more details on William especially about how Jason found him familiar (or am I preempting your next series? haha!). That one thing aside, I absolutely loved everything. I also loved how the “Seasons” series came in full circle. We’re all back from where we started but even then we all know that the next circle will be different than the previous one.

    And yes, a lot of us will definitely stick around. Especially with your news that the “Something like…” saga will continue. And we all thank you for that!

    I’m still looking for a vendor that would ship hard copies to where I’m from. I only got the one from iTunes but there’s no substitute for a physical copy of the book.


    • Hey Bryan! I’m glad you liked the latest installment. Thanks for reading it. You’re right that there is potential to learn more about William, and that’s something I hope to address in a future book eventually. However, there’s no big twist to Jason feeling like he’s met William before. That’s something I’ve personally felt a few different times in my life, especially with friends. I’ve literally seen complete strangers and instantly known that they would be an important and long-lasting part of my life. It’s come true each time too. A self-fulfilling prophecy, a little insanity, or maybe something more. I don’t know, but that’s why I included such a moment in Spring.

      As for physical copies, I believe the Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping. Check them out and see if that’s an option for you: https://www.bookdepository.com/ They ship to 160 countries, so your odds are pretty good. :) Best of luck!

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