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New Release! Something Like Winter is here!

Something Like Winter by Jay Bell eBooks and paperbackThis is it! This is the book you’ve all been waiting for! … Actually, I suspect if you guys tied me to a bed Misery style and forced me to write a book, it would probably be about Ben and Tim’s future. That’s okay. I have my reasons for not doing so, and I hope when you read Something Like Winter, you’ll understand them better. And it really is quite the tale. The high school years will feel like a nice flashback to Something Like Summer, but when you hit those college years—watch out! By the end of the book, I hope you’ll agree that this was a fun way to revisit Ben and Tim’s lives. As I’ve said elsewhere, a good sequel should be more of the same and yet different, and I feel Something Like Winter really delivers in that area.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Something Like Winter is out, and just begging to be bought and devoured. Be sure to bring a glass of water with you, because at 130,000 words long, this bad boy is a lot to swallow! Hopefully it will keep you guys busy while I get started on my next release. As usual, eBook versions are cheapest and available across the spectrum. The bar to the left has all the buying options. iTunes (update! iTunes version is now out!) always takes longer to get my books, but you can use the Kindle or Nook app on any Apple device in the meantime, or pick up Apple compatible formats from Smashwords. The paperback price is higher this time around because of the page count. Despite the price hike, I don’t earn more than I do on any of my other books. For those short on cash right now, or dubious about this whole scheme, there are five free chapters on the product page here.

When I first wrote Something Like Summer, I had no idea that the story would resonate with so many of you. Now, with this second book, I’m in the same position. I’m clueless as to what most of you will think. All I can say is that while writing Something Like Winter, I fell in love with Ben, Tim, and Jace all over again. Having to say goodbye to them one more time is almost unbearable. Eh, don’t worry about sad old me. You guys are just beginning the journey. Go on then! Off you go!

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76 Responses

  1. Tara


    • Thanks, Tara! Are you done yet? Are you done yet? 😉 Let me know what you think when you are!

      • Tara

        I’m done!!! I LOVED it!! This story was amazingly awesome,Just perfect!! Thank you so much for writing this book. You are such an amazing writer. I can’t wait to read something else from you!! If I were stranded on an island and could only have one thing it would be my Kindle so I could read your stories over and over never getting bored!!

        • Wonderful! I’m so happy you liked it, although I hope you never get stranded on a desert island. Maybe a dessert island instead, one made of cake. That way you’d have something to eat! 😀 Thanks for continuing to read my books, Tara!

  2. NC

    I can’t wait to get into it, I’ll probably read something like summer just to warm up for it. So excited!

  3. Adam

    When I arrive home from Michael and i’s 5th wedding anniversary my paperback will be waiting :0) can’t wait x

  4. Case

    Fantastic job Jay, just finished the book. You did a fantastic job capturing Tim and his side of the story. Cheers!

  5. Scheddar

    I’m going to re-read Summer before I delve in!

    • Let me know how that works out. Part of me worries it would get repetitive, since Winter is in part a retelling of Summer, but then again, maybe this will increase your enjoyment of both. You tell me! :)

  6. Artirtico

    After enjoying ‘Summer’ so sooo much, this was always going to be a day-one-purchase, day-one-read for me. I hadn’t anticipated the release date co-inciding with the day I ended up taking extra shifts at work; so there I was in a library all day, surrounded by books, yet unable to read the one book I was so desperately longing to read; such cruel irony!

    It turns out that the wait just made me all the more excited to get my teeth into ‘Winter’ anyhow. So here I am now, gone 2 in the morning, by far the longest book I’ve read in one sitting, now complete. I’ll have to be up again in 4 hours time, but it was oh so very worth it!

    Without wanting to spoil anything, the first quarter of the book was spent with a grin permanently etched across my face, chuckling along as we relived those early scenes between Tim and Ben, made all the more endearing in being aware of how Ben was thinking and feeling too. Reading from Tim’s point of view and getting into his head in general was great, and resulted in me getting even more attached to him than I already was. Eric was so lovely; I very much appreciated the attention he was given. & I loooved the end section!

    Like Summer, Winter ranks as one of the best books I’ve ever read. Thank you so much Mr Bell for creating yet another masterpiece.

    • Wow! Thank you so much! I’m absolutely thrilled you enjoyed the book so much. I feel bad for stealing your sleep though. Just let me know where you work and I’ll teleport over there and take over your shift. I’ll probably end up getting you fired too, since I’m not a good worker, but at least you’ll be able to sleep in! :)

      Eric was a good experience for me as well. It was interesting to take characters only mentioned in the first book and bring them to life, and I absolutely loved the process. It’s almost too bad Eric’s fate was already decided by Something Like Summer, since it meant I couldn’t keep him. If that makes sense. Anyway, thanks again for pulling an all-nighter and giving so much love to this story.

      • Artirtico

        Oh the morning shift was fine in the end; guess I was still kinda hyped from the night before. Furthermore, as a librarian, the most ‘respectable’ reason for being sleepy at work is through having been reading a book into the early hours!
        I’ll keep the ‘teleportation offer’ in mind when it comes to the release of your next book though, okay? 😉 & I’m sure you can’t be THAT bad a worker, haha.

        Wanting to keep Eric makes perfect sense – he continuing to support Tim, perhaps eventually meeting Ben and all the rest would have been so lovely, but alas, life can be cruel (especially that that’s already been written). It was sort of bittersweet with Eric overall in experiencing how wonderful a person he was, all the while knowing he wouldn’t last (It still left me teary eyed even after knowing it had to happen). But getting to know him was so great; aside from knowing that Tim clearly cared for the man, the somewhat misconstrued interpretation of him was all we had to go on, so it was such a pleasure discovering Eric’s true character.
        Likewise with some of the other people that shone through in Winter; it was indeed very interesting seeing how big an impact some characters were in Tim’s life after only being merely mentioned or even completely ‘behind the scenes’ in Summer.
        Stacy was one that turned out to be particularly cool – I can’t remember if she had a mentioned role in Summer or not (Ben wouldn’t be paying much attention to some ‘hot chick’ at school after all!), but yeah she was a pleasant surprise.

        & cheers for the response by the way! It feels a little bit surreal conversing with an author about their own book haha. Congratulations once again on Winter!

        • It feels a little surreal talking about my books with readers too, but in a good way. I had a lot of fun with the new supporting characters. Marcello was probably my absolute favorite to write, but Stacy was fun too. I actually mentioned her twice in an earlier draft of Something Like Summer, but since she never appeared, I figured it was pointless and deleted her name from the final book. I regret it now, since it would have been a cool nod to the second book.

          Thanks again for reading!

          • Speaking of Marcello and Ryan, two loose threads that need to be tied. They both seem to be destined for a sad ending. I can see poor Ryan going through hell, rising and falling to get up again to try again. But he would need someone to help him stand again. Maybe some forever fifty year old could be the angel and learn something about himself in the process. Wadia think? Sequel? Trilogy? Send me the first draft!
            Of course, Ben and Tim would be there to help Marcello with problems, which he would reject out of hand and then act on them. It would be nice to see Ben and Tim living happy together.
            Aaanyway, you probably are tired of the whole scene to revisit it again and are anxious to move on to other stories.

            • It’s hard to imagine a happy ending for Ryan. Tim had to change and grow a tremendous amount. Ryan… I think he’d need a lobotomy. Or maybe I can fix him up with Travis. That would serve them both right! 😀 As for Marcello, I’d say he’s perfectly happy already, in his own shameless way. I’d love to see him again though. Ben and Tim too. I’ll never tire of them. You’re right that they could play a supporting role some day, on the side of someone else’s story where they can’t get hurt. You never know!

  7. Eric

    Jay, I am about 2/3 through and want to express my sincere gratitude to you for writing this wonderful book. In my opinion, SLW has surpassed SLS in both style and substance. When I read SLS, I felt like a teenager growing up with Ben as the story went on. With SLW, I am feeling like an adult looking back at Tim’s life. SLW has answered every question I had for SLS in the most satisfying way. The relationship between Tim and Eric felt so real to me since I, too. lost my father to cancer. Congratulations!!!!

    • Hi Eric! I’m very sorry to hear about your father. Writing often helps me cope with painful experiences—such as losing my own father to cancer—and I hope in some way that reading about it in story form brings some comfort to you. As much as can be expected at least. As for the book, I’m glad you feel like it’s a step up from the first. I love both, but of course I always want my newest effort to be the absolute best!

  8. Ayumi

    I just finished reading the book and the final chapter made me so happy. This book is perfect to read after Something Like Summer. It answered every single questions I had. I can’t decide which book is better – Summer of Winter- but one thing is for sure, these books will be with me for a long time! The characters too! After reading this book, I actually felt like I knew Ben more. It was so strange. Maybe because of Tim’s various description of Ben and their encounters.

    But anyway, I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to your next book already! You’re an amazing writer.

    • I think we get to know Ben better because we finally see him from the outside. With Something Like Summer, we are stuck in his head looking out. That’s one of the joys of switching perspectives. I like to do that in real life too–to try to picture how others see me or the world in general. Too bad people can’t trade places for a day. Wouldn’t that be fun! Thanks for reading, Ayumi, and for all your kind words!

  9. Alex L

    Thought I would share what I wrote on Amazon (even though I didn’t pirate the book– Jay, I LOVE the “Copyright Notice” at the beginning- hilarious!) Hope others get the chance to share on Amazon, Barnes or wherever they got their copy:

    After having read Something Like Summer, and Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell, I was excited to find out he had just released Something Like Winter. I could not put the book down. I stayed up all night reading it and even though I had to work today, I would read it on every break I took.

    There is just enough of Something Like Summer in Something Like Winter that you THINK you know what is coming next, but the author does an outstanding job of surprising, and sharing the “other side” of the story. Without spoiling anything, I believe I can say that If you read Something Like Summer and you THINK you know Tim, you REALLY DON’T.

    I cannot count the number of times I found myself smiling or a tear in my eye as the words of Jay Bell captivated me and swept me away from where I was and what I was doing to The Woodlands, or to Austin, or to the other locations, times and events he so richly describes.

    I cannot honestly say which of his books I like best. So I will say, buy them all– they are well worth it!

    • So awesome! This review was the first thing I saw this morning and was a wonderful way to wake up. Better than the ginormous mug of tea I usually prefer. I’m going to need you to write me a review every day! 😉 Thanks for the email too. Give me a little time to respond because I’m playing catch up right now.

  10. Eric

    I have a question about the movie. Is it possible to fit the entire 2 books into one movie? Considering it’s a love story covering more than a decade, I fear that the movie may not do justice to the 2 wonderful books. I am also eager to see who will play the leading roles.

    • They’ve had to cut so much of the book already, or combine multiple events into one scene, that including extra material from Something Like Winter would be impossible. You know what I’d love? A television series based on the books. That would provide enough room to really explore the characters and include all the different subplots. If only!

  11. Joe

    I finished reading this book last night. What a treat it was to revisit these characters. I live in Austin and thoroughly enjoyed the attention to details you provided about the city and the reading experience became so much more vivid. I also like that you were able to give depth to secondary characters like Tim’s Family, Allison, Marcello, Eric, and even Travis. Thank you for letting us get to know these characters better!

    • Hey Joe! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the Austin scenes. I say that because I’ve never ever been there! LOL I’ve been just about everywhere in Texas but sadly never managed to visit Austin. Someday I’d like to take a trip there, but in the meantime, I did a ton of research. If there’s anything I messed up on, feel free to let me know. Thanks for reading!

      • Joe

        HA I didn’t notice any glaring errors and anything I wasn’t sure about, I assumed you made up to fit the story 😉

        I thought Oilcan Harry’s was a good touch. I don’t know how you manage to be gay and live in Texas and not go to Austin, though. I’m glad you chose it as the setting, though. Can’t wait to read more of your books!

  12. Carlos

    Hi. I really loved Something Like Summer. It made me go back to my past and remember my life as a teenager and the things I did, that I wanted to do and the things I didn’t do. I cried a lot and when I heard that Something Like Winter was coming out I just couldn’t… I’m waiting for my next paycheck to pay my credit card and order that baby and devour it.
    Thanks for such and amazing way to tell stories.

    • Hi Carlos! It’s great hearing that Something Like Summer resonated so much with you. What you said is exactly my motivation for writing the book. I wanted to revisit all those things I did or wanted to happen, and that’s how the book was born. It’s a nice feeling of kinship to know you had many of the same experiences and desires. I hope you enjoy Something Like Winter as well!

  13. Topher

    Oh gosh,
    I’m not entirely sure I can fall in love with Jace all over again. The last few chapters of something like summer left me such an emotional wreck I’m not sure I could deal with it haha.
    However i probably will anyway, but expect tweets about this!

    • This book is from Tim’s perspective, so there aren’t many scenes with Jace in them. There are a couple of new ones though, and hopefully they will help heal that broken heart, since it’s a second chance to see him again. :)

  14. Glenn

    Believe it or not… I’ve read it twice already and squeezed Something Like Summer in-between. Very real and moving!

    Truly incredible!

    Maybe a short story showing their lives 10 years later?

    You should be very proud of this work Jay, I would LOVE to see it as a series, or even a mini-series!

    So any thoughts on a sequel to Kamikaze Boys? :-)

    • Geez, Glenn! Maybe you should contact Guinness World Records. That’s some awfully fast reading you’re doing! You would definitely leave me in the dust! It’s very flattering though that you enjoy my books enough to reread them.

      As for sequels, I was recently pondering what possibilities Kamikaze Boys would have. “Kamikaze Men” maybe. LOL But the more I considered it, the less I felt sure about such a book. That story and those characters were always meant to be a one-off adventure, although so was Something Like Summer, so you never know. I do have big plans to revisit other characters of mine, but nothing I’m willing to talk about at the moment. :)

  15. Eric

    I am reading SLW for the 2nd time now and absolutely love everything in the book. I have to confess that I have always been a big fan of Tim and have always wanted his stories to be told. Thank you Jay for creating such a wonderful character! I also liked the fact that you added more interaction between Tim and Jace which made me even love Jace more. Tim has his flaws, but who doesn’t? Those flaws make him so much more relatable for me. I just ordered a hard copy to show more support for your great work!

    • Thanks, Eric! Flawed characters are my favorite, not just to write, but also in stories aside from my own. They’re just so much more interesting. I never enjoyed characters like Superman, since you always know what he’s going to do. Give me a messed up character to play with and I’ll be happy all day. It’s cool that you enjoyed being in Tim’s head. I definitely had fun telling his story. … Great! Now I miss him! :(

      Thanks for reading, Eric, and for sharing your feedback!

      • Eric

        Among the new characters, I actually like Stacy a lot. She might be a bitch sometimes, but she also understood Tim and did what she could to help him. Travis was an asshole and he treated Tim way worse than how Tim treated Ben. I know it’s just a fiction, but I have never felt so emotional while reading a book since SLS. For some reason, the book also made me wiser as a person! Thank you so much, Jay. Writing these two books is a great achievement and you should be really proud of yourself. Tim and Ben should also be proud of themselves even though they never existed in our world. They have touched and inspired so many!

  16. Thomas

    Hey Jay.
    Well it’s the guy who proved you wrong about straight people not reading your books. Well we do! :)

    As I wront on my last comment regarding SLS, it taught me so much regarding my kidbrother who is gay. SLS taught me that love should be cherished, no matter what form it come is, and SLW just drowe the point home.
    So after having digested SLS, I volunteered at a Red Cross youth center, where Im now spending every other thuesday just hanging out with troubled teens. Something I always wanted to do, but never realy got around to, untill I read SLS. SLS drowe so many points home for me, so natualy when I saw SLW was out I just HAD to have it.
    Picked it up on Amazon yesterday (so you owe me a hug according to the copyright notice) and I just finished reading it, and had to leave you a comment, cause you nailed it again.

    SLW was amazing to read (eventho it hurt like hell meeting Jace again), and again I was able to identify with the characters you dreamed up.

    This time around it was Eric, who cause of my work with the troubled teens is someone whom I realy want to try to channel to them youngsters. And it’s actually funny, cause there’s a kid there, who confided in me not long ago, that he’s thinks he might be gay. SLW just gave me some realy great insights as to how I’de be able to help that kid along. Yes I’m planing on shamesly stealy a LOT of the wisdom Eric shared with Tim :)

    Travis was a great character. Even tho he wasnt realy nice, I can definitely understand where he’s coming from. I think we’ve all had feeling we were affraid of in one form or another. And instead of giving into what feels right, many people give in to fear and let it rule/ruin our life. Not a lot of people date to be “different”, and even fewer people know when to draw the line between being “different” cause that’s what feel right, and beind “different” just to get a rise out of other people.
    This is another reason why I love your stories so much. Your characters are different enough, without being over the top.

    Anyways, I could keep rambeling on and on about how great I think your books are (yep, picked up all of your books now), but I’ll leave you with this.

    Thank you for sharing your stories with the rest of us.
    They realy make a diffrence to a lot of people. I know they have had a huge inpact on my life, and my way of looking at the world.

    I want more stories..you got me hooked now :)

    • Hey Thomas!

      I’m really impressed that you’re continuing to volunteer at the Red Cross. I sort of feel like you’re giving my books credit for motivating you to do so, but really, a decision like that comes from the inside. Not that I mind the compliment, but these wonderful things you are accomplishing are all because of who you are as a person, and I think that’s awesome. If I can help open your eyes to a new perspective or two, then that’s definitely cool. Feel free to borrow any of Eric’s wisdom with them, although you probably shouldn’t share any of Marcello’s opinions. Not until they’re older, at least. 😉

      As for your request for more books, I’m right on it! 😀


  17. Neil

    Well, look who did it again! Something Like Winter is another great read.

    What I found most endearing about this book, apart from getting to know Tim and Ben all over again, is how the perception of Tim changed. Being given an insight into his vulnerability was great. Getting to see how his actions that came across as confidence and self-assurance in SLS (when B&T meet again in the park), were indeed him fighting with his own insecurities in efforts to win back his true love.

    I’ve lost the last few hours within SLW and had to have a break to eat. That said, I’m looking forward to losing myself in the last half of the book. Speaking of which ….


    • Hey Neil!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying being in Tim’s head. You’re right that he’s a pretty insecure guy. Not when it comes to his appearance, but he definitely struggles with being who he really is. What I really wanted to show readers was just how self-aware he is. Tim doesn’t just barge through life without realizing what he’s doing wrong or who he’s hurting. He’s painfully aware of his shortcomings and mistakes, and he regrets them all. While he remains imperfect, to me this makes it possible to sympathize with him. I think we’ve all felt like that before. Sometimes we make mistakes on purpose, right?

      Anyway, enough of my rambling. I hope you’ve been remembering to eat, and enjoying the rest of the story. 😀


  18. Thomas

    Just finished reading it and I love it so much! Now I wanna go back and read Something Like Summer again :)

  19. Nice! Can’t wait to read this! Adding it to goodreads now!

  20. Mary G

    Hi Jay
    I LOVED SLW. Didn’t feel repetitive at all. I loved Tim’s POV and how you continued after the stories lined up. I think all your books should be 130K words or more lol. I was so absolutely happy reading this book. Even with it’s poignancy & angst (which I love) there was humor & so much heart. Thanks you for a few wonderful hours.

    • Hi Mary!

      How wonderful that you enjoyed the new book! And that you like me getting so wordy. It’s hard to predict how long a story will be when I’m writing it, but I’m glad to hear that you’re open to the idea. Maybe that should be my goal. Like the Harry Potter series, each book will get fatter and fatter. :) Anyway, thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts!

  21. Eric

    Jay, I am just curious. Did you get any inspiration from the movie “Defying Gravity” for Tim’s fraternity experience? I assume that you never actually lived in a frat house before.

    • I’ve never seen Defying Gravity before, but you’re certainly right that I was never in a frat! I actually did a lot of research for that section, watching documentaries and checking out fraternity forums and stuff. I was really annoyed at myself for putting Tim in a frat, since it was way out of my comfort zone, but I think it turned out well.

      • Eric

        You did a great job! My favorite part is “The All-American Boy look was shared by most of Tim’s other fraternity brothers, enough that they could have been clones. Lately, when Tim looked in the mirror, he felt disturbed rather than proud.” This is exactly how I feel about frat boys. LOL

  22. Charles

    Will you write a sequel of something like winter about their future,Pleasee??

  23. Nicholas

    I’ve read many amazing reviews about your books and would love to read them for myself. I was wondering if you have any plans to release your books on the Google Play store or if you’ve ever considered it? If you don’t, I’ll still happily buy the Amazon Kindle versions.

    • Hi Nicholas!

      Unfortunately I don’t plan on releasing my books through Google Play soon. I’ve done some research on it, and plan on looking into more, but at the moment my schedule is too tight. The Kindle versions are your best bet. Thanks for your interest. I hope the books live up to the hype! :)

      • Nicholas

        Thanks so much for your reply! I just read Language Lessons and loved it. I can’t believe how well the plot and characters were developed in such a short story. The book really pulled me in and I couldn’t put it down. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work and plan on buying Kamikaze Boys, Hell’s Pawn, and Something Like Summer very soon.

  24. Tamica

    Soon as I seen it I got it! I love all your books. I cried, thank you your writing is great. Keep them coming I will buy them.

  25. Ncsoft

    Something like winter is such a great companion book to SLS, it is all I wanted it to be and answer just about every question I had and more. I especially enjoyed the part where Ben and Tim took their time to visit their old neighborhood, I enjoyed your writing on their trip to Mexico city very much!
    The only part I missed was that I wished I could read the scene (Ben slipped into Tim’s bedroom one last time and returned the key) from Tim’s point of view. I know you purposely avoid that so there’s little repetition, but that I thought was such a significant scene worth repeating! Anyway, SLW was an amazing read.
    I was just wondering, if there’s any possibility that you take a side character from one of your books and write a book based on him, I’m sure you know that a lot of authors do that, say Travis from SLW for example, I’m sure there’d be a story to tell. Or maybe I’m just suggesting this so I can read more about Tim and Ben! ^_^

    • I love that bedroom scene from the the first book too, and I was tempted to revisit it, but it probably wouldn’t have worked so well since Tim’s eyes are closed for much of it. A good friend of mine argued it would still be possible, and I think he’s right, but I do like how it remains special to Something Like Summer. Both books have missing pieces of each other, kind of like Ben and Tim do.

      As for writing a book using one of the side characters, I could easily imagine doing so. Time will tell if I do, and if so, which character it will be! :)

  26. 11cats

    Better than Something Like Summer!!! I always thought that pretty gay guys have it easy. This book gave me a new perspective. Tim was more charming than I thought of him from the first book. I just sometimes wanted to hug him, so he could cry on my shoulder. The story was powerful and well written: only crucial moments were retold and as always Jay Bell has managed to make me feel exactly what the character felt. He is a mastermind in emotion transfer! The bravery, the wisdom from Eric… for some moments I thought the book was talking right to me. And the sex… no the right way to call it is making love, was portrayed with elegance. Just as I dream I can someday share with my loved one. This book is like a power injection that makes my dreams shine brighter. Thank you for that!

    PS! I have one question: do you think they will have kids someday? I still can’t figure that out about their characters.

    • A problem all pretty people face, I expect, is that they don’t have to develop as much as the rest of us do. People are very accommodating to someone who is beautiful, and they often assume the best. As a result, beautiful people don’t have to try as hard. Anyone famous for their personality or sense of humor is inevitably not someone who is stereotypically attractive. That’s how it seems to me, at least. Luckily, I think Tim went through enough ups and downs in his life to come out interesting. :)

      As for Ben and Tim having kids, that’s something I’ve thought a lot about. Like anything in their life, I don’t think they would do something as straightforward as adopting, or having a child with a surrogate mother. It would be more interesting than that. Who knows, maybe the answer would make a decent story some day!

  27. alan

    I completely screwed up my study schedule in order to read this. In case you didn’t know, it’s finals. So if i fail any of my classes, i’m blaming you. The scenes with studying and finals and graduating are all too familiar with me right now and it was hard for me to read through without feeling guilty about the fact that i should be studying for my finals. :(

    Anyways, i have to be critical about the proposal scene at the end. I wished there was more cheese in it. It just sort of felt like, Hey ben heres a ring will you marry me? It sort of felt like it came out of nowhere. No real foreshadowing into the event.
    Also I felt like there was so much story that still could’ve been told. There could be more dimension within the secondary characters. Why is ryan such a screwed up kid? Why is Marcello such an ass, yet so sweet at the same time? (I liked the Marcello character). What was his Grandmas perspective on this whole thing? I loved the Grandma thing in the story. My Grandma also comes from a Spanish-Catholic background, so i could understand what tim was going through. But i think that goes with all grandmas. What about his father? The complete abscence of the father in the entire story is all-telling and a very good understated device to progress Tim’s story, but i want more.
    But I guess the focus was meant to stay on Tim. Which I understand.

    I wish this was a TV show series on HBO or Showtime. The problem with gay film is that it is always so stereotypical, queer-ass, stupid and unbearable.

    I think i’ve been a little too critical, but i really like the story and i still feel there is a lot more story that is still worth telling. Not like character-centric stories but like emotion-based stories that tells the story of how the gay social scene is like (lesbians included, bleh) yet grounded by family. Sort of Nip/Tuck-ish, hints of Shameless, Some aspects of Dexter and Dirt and a little campiness like in American Horror Show.

    • Hey Alan!

      There’s definitely always more story that can be told, especially about secondary characters. You’re right that I wanted to keep the focus on Tim. Diving too much into some characters’ back stories would have detracted from that, and it’s also true to life that we don’t always know why friends or associates act the way they do. I’ve had boyfriends that I stayed with a significant amount of time, and never figured out what made them behave certain ways. Other friends I know inside out. So that we don’t learn what makes Marcello tick isn’t all that unrealistic. Other characters, like Ryan, I summed up. Tim knows they had similar upbringings. He tells Ben “[Ryan]’s who I would have become had I never met you.” That’s the premise of that character, so I didn’t feel he needed more fleshing out.

      The proposal took place in the epilogue, and I only use those to give the reader a glimpse of the future, so no, there is no foreshadowing there. Regardless, I’m glad you wanted even more, because to me that’s a positive sign. Way better than if you didn’t want more! 😉 And there’s no reason some of these characters can’t get their own stories some day in the future! Maybe I’ll tackle the gay social scene in a story too. I was never a big part of it, but I loved a lot of aspects of it, including the lesbians. They were my pals. As for a television series, that’s something I literally dream of. That would definitely be a format where I could delve more into all those little characters. Please finish your studies and become a television producer. 😀

  28. Jeff Yu

    I am your fan from China :)
    Really love something about summer and now so excited about your new book something about winter!!!
    Cant wait to download from itunes:)
    Just wanna tell you how much I fell for the love between Tim and Ben:)
    there are fans like me in China who love your novel:) just wanna let you know!

    • Hi Jeff!

      How exciting to hear from someone in China! I never really pictured anyone reading my books there, but the thought makes me very happy. Thanks for taking the time to write me. I hope you enjoy Something Like Winter!


  29. Rosmel

    But then again, I cried. And cried. And still bawling. ‘til now, actually. After reading that stupidly romantic novel called “Something Like Winter”, I’m left to wonder how people could contain so much water for their eyes to generate. I mean, a book may have no fists or arms or feet to attack a boy but they sure can make him cry…with words that just cuts you inside that it’ll leave a scar deep enough for you to always remember. That was one hell of a journey! And even though it brought me sleepless nights causing me stupid pimples, I regret nothing. Never have, never will. SLS was the loveliest masterpiece I ever laid eyes on and now, SLW came into my senses and was sure the most touching novel I ever encountered especially because it came from the perspective of the character who plays the ‘bad boy’ or the ‘dominant’ one in the story. Reading this novel opened a different side of Tim that I never expect him to possess. Funny how the toughest men could also be the most vulnerable. Ironic as it may be but it made me fall in love for the story I’ll never stop fangirling about over again. P.s. Jay Bell, thank you for giving me an addiction I’ll never stop craving for. I LOVE YOU!! AND THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BENJAMIN BENTLEY AND TIM WYMAN INTO MY LIFE.

    • Man! It’s amazing to hear how powerful an effect the story had on you. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback, because it helps confirm that continuing the story from Summer, and keeping it going past Winter, is and was the right thing to do. Sometimes crying can feel good and bring us release. I hope those were the sort of tears you experienced. Sorry about the lack of sleep though! :)

  30. Andrea

    I’m still reading the novel (man, it’s even better of SLS, maybe) BUT I have to tell you thanks for the wonderful character which is Eric. I really really loved him and his humanity. What about of a novel about his early years? It would be mega! SOMETHING LIKE… VINTAGE ? :) You’re an amazing writer, tough… I’m going to read all your books. Greetings from Italy. Andrea

    • Thanks, Andrea! Someone else also recently requested a story from Eric’s perspective. I honestly don’t have any plans for such a book at the moment, but I’ll keep it in mind. It would be interesting seeing what young Eric is like, and especially fun for me to write a young Marcello. That would be a trip. Right now, I need to focus on getting Autumn and Spring out. For the record though, I LOVE the title Something Like Vintage. LOL Hope you enjoy the rest of Winter!

      • Andrea

        I’ve just finished it. LOVED IT! As others have said it’s the perfect companion of SLS but this one is even better: more deep and mature in my opinion. I liked every moments, from the frat years to the wonderful ending. The ending is REALLY perfect and now makes sense (I found the the ending too fast and not believable a on Summer). The best thing about this story is that it’s about “the second change”. Sometimes it happens.
        Great job! I’m counting the days for Autumn! :)

        • Hey Andrea! Glad you liked the book, and that you felt the ending helped flesh out the one in Something Like Summer. It was such a joy to be able to reveal Tim’s thoughts. Parts of Autumn covers some of the same events (although not many) and writing the same story from three sides has been an interesting experiment. I’ve had a great time, and I’m happy you seem to have enjoyed yourself too!

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