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New short story, Spring update, and Awards!

Like and Subscribe Jay BellThe quick version: Spring isn’t ready, I have something to tide you over, and I need your vote. The long version: Hey everyone! I have a brand new short story for you to read. Before we get to that, I should answer the question many of you are thinking. When is Something Like Spring getting released? The good news is that the book is super close to being ready. Frustratingly so, since with the looming holidays, it’s not going to make it out before the end of the year. So early next year, hopefully early early next year. Worse case scenario is the end of February. No later than that. You have my word. Now then, on to my peace offering!

Like and Subscribe is a brand new short story. You haven’t met the characters before, and you don’t need to know anything before you dive in. The story is about one of those hot guys on YouTube. You know the type. They rarely have their shirts on, and you can’t stop going back to their channel, no matter how dumb they might be. The stud in our story seems to have a good heart and is surprisingly insightful at times, but he’s not the main character. The main character is Evan, who is desperate to meet this person. Again. Grab a copy of the story and you’ll see what I mean. Like and Subscribe is currently available for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks and all sort of other formats at Smashwords.

Goodreads M/M Romance Member's Choice Awards Nominees WinnersDon’t leave yet! The M/M Romance group over at Goodreads is having their annual fan vote again, and Something Like Autumn has been nominated in multiple categories. This is one of the best ways you guys can express your appreciation for what I do, and encourage me to keep writing. Money and stellar reviews are nice too, but we’re talking awards here! You can vote by clicking these pretty words. The categories Autumn has been nominated in are:

Favorite All Time M/M Romance Book
Best Book of the Year
Best Contemporary (genre)
Best Long Story (250 pages or 100K words)
Best Tear Jerker (themes)
Best Young Adult (genre)
Favorite All Time M/M Series [it’s listed there as “Seasons”]

I’ve also been nominated as Favorite All Time M/M Author. Oh my gosh! Thank you to the kind souls who did the nominating. That’s all from here. Much love to you guys during this holiday season!

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  1. Steven Gill

    Just voted for you!!! And got your new short story on my IPod, going to read it today!! Can’t wait for Something Like Spring!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    • Thanks, Steven! Happy holidays to you too. I hope to find some time then for your book. Looking forward to it! :)

      • Steven Gill

        You are very welcome. You have no idea how excited I am for you to read my book. I hope it is good. It is honestly the hugest honor for you to read it. I am eternally grateful for you reading my book. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, you’re the best!!

  2. I also voted. Good luck!

    (You could count this in good news too: Now we can vote for Spring in the 2014 Goodreads Best Of competition. Why should you have both books competing for 2013?)

    • Hey, that is an upside! I can also submit Spring to the Lambda Awards without having to rush it in this month. That’s good too! Although honestly, I’d rather skip the awards if it means getting the book to you guys sooner.

  3. Just reading Hell’s Pawn now … SO glad you sent out a link to this blog!

    I’m on my mobile, which makes GR voting tedious, so I haven’t voted yet, but I will. Only because it’s you, though Jay … I’m mostly boycotting GR because of the way some of their members are encouraged to join large-scale cyberbullying cliques. The MM group is the only reason I haven’t left!

    Love Hell’s Pawn! Yet another character I identify completely with! It’s not that I want to be John, it’s that I AM John! It has been ages since I last read a book without noticing the writing at all (although you did use cubical in place if cubicle at one point! :( )

    Thank you for once again taking me out of my current body and into my true self, Jay!

    • Hey, Margaret! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying Hell’s Pawn. That was such a weird book to write, but I’m still proud of it. Just the other day I had a dream I was writing the sequel. That’s not a hint or anything, just a random fact. As for cubical versus cubicle, you’ve just taught me something new. I’ll have to fix that mistake for future readers. Thanks for the tip!

      • No biggie, Jay – at least you don’t type ‘if’ instead of ‘of’, so who am I to talk?!? Hell’s Pawn was very much in the same category as Language Lessons or a little like Kamikaze Boys, for me … took me back to the sort of books and family discussions that moulded my thinking while growing up … and still influence my core beliefs today. Thank you!

        Voted now I’ve got the laptop open, but wow – so many good books this year (and some not so deep or meaningful, but still fun to read!) It was great just to read the lists and remember all those wonderful places the writers took me to! Also, all the very special friends I have made since you encouraged me to ‘go for it’ with the proofreading idea; it felt so good to see some books I helped prepare, nominated for awards this year!

        Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and thanks for sharing the memories … value every time you hold hands or cuddle, and you’ll always be as happy (except for the usual stuff like jam on the furniture, etc) as my Ronnie and I were!

  4. I just voted for you in those categories, I’ll be waiting for something like spring no matter what, I haven’t finished SLW yet, then I’ll start with SLA, though I was gonna read KAMIKAZE BOYS again, I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the awards.



  5. Andrea

    Just voted for you! You deserve to win.

    I’ve finished SLA some days ago and I really really loved it (maybe because I see myself as Jace-type). But I think Winter is your best book of the series so far… due the Eric presence on it. Cant wait for Summer, though! Im also a bit sad that the series is almost close to the end.

    About the short story… is there any change to have one day a book with all your shorts? I tried but I don’t like ebook.

    And what are your plans after Spring? I’d like another book series.

    Happy holiday to you and Andreas,
    greetings from Italy


    • Hi Andrea! Thanks for your votes, and for reading all of the Something Like… series so far. Winter is my personal favorite too, mostly because I find Tim so interesting to write. I can’t really say what I have planned after Spring because I haven’t started writing it yet. I have lots and lots of ideas. It’s just a matter of choosing one. :)

      As for the short stories being in print, once I’ve written a few more, I will definitely release them all together in paperback format.

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Italy! Do you get snow down there?

      Best wishes,


  6. JO

    Phew just filled out all the voting stuff and I do so hope you win in your categories, you really deserve the recognition. I cannot wait to read SLSpring now, I’m having withdrawal symptoms and I’ve re-read the books loads since I first bought them. I’m sooooooooo sad Jay I really am. I am really loving Andreas’ cover design from what I can see and the colour is perfect isn’t it. I am now off to get the new short story. Yay for early Xmas presents xxxx

    • Thank you for voting! They sure have a lot of categories, don’t they? Sorry about the withdrawal symptoms, but if it’s any comfort, at least Spring will be the longest book in the series. It would be worse if I was making you wait for a skinny little book, but this one is big big big! :)

  7. Julian

    Evan’s story saved me from being bored to death during a 18-hr-turned-30 flight/ layover :) This might be more of a trivial little detail, but I like how at first people seemed to have made a big deal out of Tony’s role in bed but in the end when Evan and Orlando got together the issue wasn’t even brought up.

    • Ugh. I hate long flights, and nobody enjoys a layover, so I’m very glad I was able to entertain you for part of your travels. And yeah, some people are really hung up on roles and labels. I suppose it is an odd aspect of compatibility that should be considered in a gay relationship, but that’s definitely a topic that can wait until the 3rd, 4th, maybe even the 20th date. 😉

  8. Paul

    I quite enjoyed your new story, “Like and Subscribe”. I have to say that as soon as Evan noticed the way the “O” was written by Orlando, I thought of a certain play by Edmond Rostand. I rather liked your take on it. Well done. Thanks!

    • Hi Paul! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Your observation about Cyrano de Bergerac is very poignant. I didn’t consider that play when writing the story, but Like and Subscribe definitely shares certain elements. Orlando has a much cuter nose though. :)

  9. Gregory Boroff

    Just voted! Good luck!!

  10. Liz

    Just voted and I’m SO excited. Hopefully you win! You deserve it, Jay. Best of luck with you and Andreas.

  11. Stefan

    Hi Jay

    Perfect short Story i Love it.

    Just voted for you, and i do want you to Win again.

    Y O U deserve it , if anyone

    All my best wishes for the New Year

    Be Good , Stefan

  12. […] Check out Jay Bell’s short story, “Like and Subscribe” » […]

  13. Artirtico

    I picked up Language Lessons and Like & Subscribe to read in the two days leading up to Christmas (didn’t want to start anything large since I knew I’d be getting some new books as presents xD), and very much enjoyed them!

    Typically I don’t go for shorter stories, preferring to get much more deeply involved and immersed in a book than something their length usually allows for, but the combo of the timing, price, and those two little words, Jay and Bell, persuaded me otherwise haha.

    I suppose that in the case of Language Lessons, those usual ‘short story’ feelings showed up somewhat, in that everything happened pretty fast and it left me wanting more (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but it was a fun read nonetheless with a great storyline.

    Like & Subscribe however I LOVED! It was that little bit slower paced (and little bit longer) that I felt that I was able to connect with and get to know the primary characters, and thus become more immersed within the story overall. Really enjoyed the plot too, very interesting and increasingly relevant. I still wanted more haha, but this time I was perfectly content that I was given enough in making it a stand alone brilliant read. Seeing mentions of Lord of the Rings and Pokemon (among others) show up in something so compact was also quite wonderful xD


    • Truth be told, I’m not much of a short story guy myself. Like you, I want a story I can really lose myself in for days and days. Occasionally though it’s fun to try reading or writing them. I think I learned a lot from writing Language Lessons (go figure!) which is why the newest short story fares better. Besides, I had some time to kill between revisions of Spring. Regardless of all that, I’m glad you found something to enjoy in both stories! Thanks for reading them!

  14. Cindy

    I just finished “Like And Subscribe” and I gotta say, I absolutely adored it. I’m still grinning and it’s been, like, fifteen minutes since I finished the last page. You, sir, are an amazing writer! All of your books are going on my wish list…. which is more of a “hey pretty book! You just sit right here until the next time I splurge on e-books… m’kay?” List. Don’t worry though, I have a system and your life’s work will be out of my cyber-purgatory very soon. I promise! In the meantime,keep up the fantastic work please! Much love from a new fan! ~Cindy

    • Thanks, Cindy! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Like and Subscribe. I just commissioned an audio book version, and the sample I’ve heard sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Anyway, I’m pleased those characters could make you smile!

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