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Something Like Thunder

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After the Storm – News Roundup!

The Best Cure...
Stuff is happening! First and foremost, just in case you haven’t heard, Something Like Thunder is now out. Many thanks to everyone who has written reviews. I’m flattered that so many of you enjoyed the story! For those who haven’t read Thunder yet, you can find purchase links on the right, or free chapters on the product page.

Thanks also to everyone who participated in the trivia contest. If you missed out you can still play along for fun by watching the daily videos in previous posts. I’m particularly fond of the one for day five, since Andreas joined me on camera. The video for the finale is also uh… interesting. If you like seeing me make an ass out of myself, there’s plenty of fodder on my new Instagram account.

Movie news! Many new cast members have been revealed. The Bentleys, the Wymans, that guy Allison dated in high school, that girl Tim dated in high school, a bully, and a (super adorable!) homewrecker. Many of these roles are small, but they sure make the world of the movie universe feel a lot more real. You can check them all out here.

sampleposterIf you have artistic inclinations, then this poster contest is for you! The producers of the Something Like Summer movie are welcoming submissions for eye-catching art to represent the film during production. The winning entry will be featured on IMBD and you’ll get a copy of the poster signed by cast and crew. Chances are it’ll be hanging up in my home too, so please make sure it looks nice. You’ll also get a free HD copy of the movie. None other than Will and RJ of YouTube fame will be deciding on the winning entry. Neat, eh? Find more details here including how to enter.

What does the future hold? A novella called Something Like Fall. Financial supporters of the movie will get first crack at it this summer. The potential of a wider release is still being explored, so stay tuned. You might have also heard a rumor that Andreas and I are moving. It’s true! I’ll talk specifics at a later date. We have a very big journey ahead of us, but it should be business as usual, aside from me being unable to ship things out. If you want a set of autographed art cards, please order them soon, because there will be many months where they—and pretty much everything else I own—will be slowly crossing the ocean. Life’s about to get crazy, my friend! I can count on you to be my anchor, right? My rock in stormy seas? I thought so. You’re the best!

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Thunder Trivia Contest – Finale!

All good things must come to an end. When we started this, I was all “Oh man, making videos is fun! Why don’t I do this more often?” Then I tried writing around this daily goal, and even taking an hour off to film, edit, and upload every day proved difficult. But hey, we’re ending with a bang. The following video will surely be useful if I ever need to plead insanity. Thanks to everyone who participated. I might not be able to give you all prize packs, but you’re all winners to me!

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Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 7

Gosh, today’s video is such a bore. It’s a workday though, and my boss is really strict with me. He’s always following me around, watching what I’m doing. I can’t look in the mirror without seeing him there! Best of luck with today’s question. It’s the last one, so give it your all! You can email me the answer here.

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Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 6

Three day weekend! I like to pretend I’ll be taking it easy, but in truth, I’m a workaholic. Then again, with Andreas around, concentrating won’t be so easy. 😉 You’ll find today’s question below. Got the answer? You know the drill!!

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Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 5

Andreas hates being on camera, so I’m really thrilled he agreed to help select a winner today. Even if you’re not entering this contest, give the video a spin and discover how adorable he is. No wonder I moved across the Atlantic just to marry him. Oh yeah… contest! If you know the answer to today’s question, email me here!

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Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 4

Published on May 23, 2015 by in Random

“Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” ~Athenaeus

Who you callin’ old? Andreas and I had quite the night out, but we survived to tell the tale. Think you know the answer to today’s question? Email me with the goods!

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