Ten Reasons You Should Read Hell’s Pawn

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1. Because one of the characters from Something Like Summer makes an appearance. Considering this book takes place in the afterlife, you can probably guess who. It’s just a small cameo, taking up about six pages, but it’s heartfelt and writing that scene felt like visiting an old friend again. 2. One of the main characters is an irresistibly sexy …

Hell and Summer win Rainbow Awards!

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I love rainbows, and I love getting awards, so it’s no wonder that I love the Rainbow Awards! This year even more so than usual, because two of my books won! But first, some background information, since you may be wondering what the Rainbow Awards are all about. Some years back, Elisa Rolle decided to create a new literary award …

Novel November News

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Back in September, I did a blog post collecting all the happenings that happened to happen that month. While the life of a best-smelling, jet-setting author may sound fascinating, in truth there’s not always enough to report every thirty days. So while these wrap-ups will continue, they will only appear in months that I have plentiful cool stuff to share. …

Books in Fourteen Words (or less!):

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Religion gets in the way of you being able to believe, and that sucks: HELL’S PAWN All these things I feel make me strong, not weak: THE CAT IN THE CRADLE I love you, so stop being afraid: SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER

What’s in a Name?

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Last week, a handful of people happened to ask why I decided to name Something Like Summer what I did. To me, this coincidence was the cosmos saying “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!” And explain I will. I’ve often said I’d rather write an entire book than a single synopsis. The same applies to choosing a title for …

My Favorite Monsters

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With Halloween creeping steadily closer, and the world becoming spookier by the day, I can’t help but think of all the monsters that used to terrify and fascinate me as a child. I was heavy into horror films as a kid, and my parents had no qualms about indulging this interest. There wasn’t a gory film I wasn’t allowed to …