Big Gay Movie Review: Trick

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A more appropriate title for this movie would be “Cockblocked” since it is about two men who want nothing more than a private place to copulate. Gabriel (Christian Campbell) is a struggling musician and composer. On a subway ride home he meets Mark (John Paul Pitoc) a gorgeous professional striper. With no more than an exchange of names, they head …

Weird Germany: Beds

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Germany has so many quirks, little differences from the USA where I was raised. I should have started documenting these when I first moved here five years ago, but better late than never. I’ll start with something simple; the beds. As you can see, pillow are square and rather flat. Folding them in half brings you fairly close to the …

Big Gay Movie Review: No Night is Too Long

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We recently watched a gay thriller called “No Night is Too Long.” You may not have heard of this film. It was originally a TV movie, co-produced between the BBC and Canada’s Showcase Network, although it has all the feel of a big screen film. The story centers around bisexual Tim Cornish (Lee Williams), a college student who develops a …

Lost in Suburbia – A Gay Love Poem by Jay Bell

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We two boys, lost in suburbia. Nobody knows how I love you. Car parked two blocks down. Heart pounding hard in waiting. Barking dogs, ethereal train horns in the distance. My footsteps echo. Over the backyard fence like a thief, robbing the house of you. Steal away your affection, take away your loneliness, make your riches mine. Fingers pressing on …

Cruel food facts

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I used to love a drink at night. What better way to shut off one’s brain and unwind before bed? Then I discovered a chart that really opened my eyes: Okay, so the first entry is decidedly British. Cider and the odd snack of beans and toast aren’t really on my radar. A pint of bittter, aka a little more …

I’m a Twit!

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Just signed up for Twitter, but man is it lonely over there! I could use some friends, so anyone with an account please come visit me so we can follow each other. Thanks!