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Art Cards and Autographs!

Published on January 25, 2015 by in Art

Something Like Characters: Series One

Something Like Characters: Series One is now available. For those who are just tuning in, this is a set of six cards featuring brand new art of characters from the Something Like… series. This set consists of Ben, Tim, Jace, Marcello, and Jason. Samson and Chinchilla make appearances too! The back of each card includes a carefully selected quote from that character. The sixth card is special, showing off the cover art from the four Seasons series books. Not only that, but I’ll personalize and autograph the back of it. All of this comes in stylish packaging to keep your cards safe. Ten dollars is the price of admission, plus five bucks shipping no matter where you are in the world. The button to buy them is below. Thanks in advance to anyone considering buying these! If we sell enough, there very well might be a second series. If that happens, who would you like to see new art of? These illustrations are also available as T-shirts and more in our RedBubble store.

Something Like Characters: Series 1

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Something Like Fall FAQ

Something Like Fall FAQLately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Something Like Fall, so I thought it might be helpful to repost this FAQ here and update it with a few new answers. I’ve also been hearing from people who wish they could have contributed but missed out. Well it just so happens that movies are expensive to make. Even though the fundraising campaign did great, additional funds can of course be put to good use. So if you’re interested in buying any of the perks in the $25 range or up, you can contact J.T. via his email and he will help you out. As for me, Something Like Thunder has been kicking my ass, so if I haven’t responded to one of your messages yet, that is why. I’m still hoping to release Thunder in the first half of 2015. I’ll be back soon though, along with some exciting new art courtesy of my man!

Something Like Fall FAQ

Q. How long will the new story be?

A. As long as it needs to be. I never fluff up my stories with content I don’t feel is important, but let’s face it, my more recent books are a little on the chubby side. I’m calling it a short story for now. If it needs to be a novella, I won’t resist the urge. For right now I’m calling it a short story.

Q. When is it going to be set? After the events of Spring? Before the start of Summer? When when when?!?

A. I have a handful of ideas I like at the moment. I might choose one of them. I might use all of them. So basically, I can’t answer that right now.

Q. Is [Jace/Tim/Jason/Samson/etc.] going to be in it?

A. See the above answer.

Q. I prefer good ol’ tree-killing paper. Isn’t there some way of getting this story in print?

A. Here’s the deal: The stand-alone eBook version of this story is exclusive to this campaign. Someday I might choose to include Something Like Fall in a compilation of short stories or in a special anniversary edition of Something Like Summer. I honestly don’t have plans to do either anytime soon. The next anniversary for Summer is in 2016. What’s more likely is a special edition in 2021, which will mark ten years. If there are any trees left by then, such a thing will come out in print. So yeah, if you’re crazily patient, you’ll find another way to read this story. I’m hoping you’ll choose to support the movie campaign anyway, because I really want to see Ben and Tim kiss.

Q. What about your audio book listeners? You still love us, right?

A. For sure! Audio books are very expensive to produce, but I’ll try my best to get Fall on audio eventually. The audio version of Something Like Spring must come first, which just so happens to be in production right now!

Q. When will Something Like Fall be released?

A. The summer of 2015 at the latest. That should give me enough time to finish work on Thunder so I can turn my full focus on Fall and give it the attention it deserves.

Q. If you want lots of people to read the new story, why are you making it exclusive? Can’t you put it up for sale after the fundraising campaign is over?

A. I could, but I’m the sort of guy who often intends to support stuff like this. Then I’ll get distracted by a hot guy walking by (usually Andreas), making me forget what I was going to do until it’s too late. But if I heard I needed to act quickly or I’d never see an exclusive episode of Doctor Who or whatever, I’d gnaw off my own foot rather than miss the opportunity. So yeah, I’m trying to motivate you. Is it devious? Probably. Will I make it worth your while? Oh hell yes! It’s worth noting that none of the funds raised will be given to me to write Fall. I’m freely donating my time to this because, like I said, Ben and Tim. Kissing. I gotta see it.

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Something Like Characters – Tim Wyman

#TeamTimThat I have a fondness for Tim Wyman is no secret. I fell in love with him through Ben’s eyes, then saw the world through his own. So far, that experience has been incomparable. The intent of this series was to create art for characters who haven’t been illustrated much. Despite that, I couldn’t resist including Tim once more, even though he’s already been drawn three times already. Four if you count the back of Winter’s original cover. So yeah. I love me some Tim!

Tim Wyman from the book coverFor this card, we played with the idea of showing Tim paint, since that’s his thing more than jogging. But I couldn’t resist seeing him all hot and sweaty as he gives his body a workout. Of course he couldn’t do so without his trademark blue shoes. The orange shorts and red shirt might give you pause until you realize they pay tribute to the cover of Something Like Summer. Clever man, my husband! And let’s not overlook Chinchilla who is running behind her dad. Isn’t she adorable? Bulldogs are not the kind of animal one goes jogging with, but there’s a line in an upcoming story which will explain that. So basically it’s canon. Hee!

That brings the first series of art cards to a close. Almost! There’s still the special sixth card, and the rockin’ packaging these come in. I’ll talk more about those tomorrow when a bunch of new stuff in our Red Bubble store goes on sale.

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Something Like Characters – Marcello Maltese

It’s almost Friday night! Who better to usher in the weekend than a man who hasn’t stopped partying in fifty years? Or more. I’m pleased to present the delightfully decadent Marcello Maltese, who for me has become one of my favorite characters to write. Marcello’s first appearance is in Summer, but he is isn’t even named. In Winter he’s there to help Tim pick up the pieces after Eric is gone. We meet him again in Spring when he shows up in Jason’s bedroom one day, and of course he goes head to head with Kelly in Something Like Lightning. Considering that Nathaniel works for him, I’d wager we haven’t seen the last of Marcello either. I never intended for him to become a reoccurring character. He just always seems to pop up when you least expect him.

Marcello MalteseHis appearance in the art card series is no exception. Andreas and I chuckled at the thought of including him amongst all these pretty men, but we weren’t laughing for long. Soon we were taken by the idea because Marcello is gorgeous in his own way. He doesn’t try to appear younger, or thinner, or as anything but the unscrupulous bachelor that he is. Confidence is sexy, as is success and a sense of humor. Marcello has all of that and more, so it’s no wonder that this is Andreas’s favorite in the series. Jace is still my number one since he needed art so badly, but Marcello definitely takes my number two position. Honestly though, it’s hard to choose a favorite. There’s still one more character to go, which means another chance for you to win. Tomorrow’s reveal is obvious. A little too obvious perhaps, so I’m throwing you a curve ball. The illustration technically features TWO characters. Be the first to name them both in the comments below and you’ll win a set of art cards. One guess per person please!

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Something Like Characters – Jace Holden


Please note that you can drag the image around when it’s enlarged, which might help with visibility.

Who’s that handsome flight attendant looking dapper in his suit? Why it’s Jace Holden, astronaut of the stratosphere and lover of cats! When Andreas and I started discussing characters who needed better representation, Jace was at the top of the list. Namely because the cover art for Something Like Autumn breaks with tradition. The other covers in the Seasons series have the main character gazing longingly at the object of their affection on the front, and on the back, the main character depicted in profile. For whatever reason, Victor got the star treatment for Autumn, which I still don’t regret. Autumn is easily my favorite cover out of the four, even if poor Jace got the short end of the stick.

Safety CardNow Andreas has heroically restored balance to the word, because here he is—the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet. And his cat! I adore that Samson is included in this image, even if he’s inexplicably helping Jace with a safety demonstration. I love how playful that is. If you look closely, you’ll see all sorts of fun references to the books on the safety card Jace is holding. In the red sections, dogs aren’t allowed (sorry Chinchilla) and neither are rollerblades, since that’s how Ben and Tim first met. In the green zones, we see that ice skates are allowed (Ben and Jace’s first date), and that fortune cookies and cats are welcome. Then things become very Da Vinci Code and we see Jace pointing to the Eifel Tower. I wonder why? Paris just happens to be where he proposed to Ben. I bet that has something to do with it.

As much as I like the background Andreas created for these (which looks really cool on a T-shirt), this is another example where I prefer the white background of the upcoming art cards. There’s something a little more classy about them, which is well suited to Jace looking so suave in his uniform. So basically if you love Jace, you’re going to want these art cards. It just so happens that I’m giving away another set. Be the first to name who I’ll be revealing tomorrow in the comments below and you’ll win. That means on www.jaybellbooks.com, not Goodreads or other places which simply mirror my blog feed. One guess per person please.

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Something Like Characters – Jason Grant

Jason GrantWell look who it is… Jason Grant, the homewrecker in search of a home. I’ve been missing him lately. I really admire the way Jason loves so passionately, how his affections burn so intensely. Some of my characters struggle with who they love, and if it would be morally right to pursue that person. Jason simply dives right in. I don’t think he can help it. And then there is his rather sad back story, which personally made me very eager for him to get a happy ending. And did he? He certainly ended up in a nice place, but I’ve been wondering what happens to him past Spring. We only see glimpses of Jason in Lightning and Thunder, which is frustrating. Hopefully he’ll wander back into my life again soon. I’d like to hang out with him again.

For now, we have more awesome art from Andreas. I absolutely love how he captured Jason’s soulful nature. He’s strumming that old guitar of his, maybe thinking of William and wishing they could be together. Or perhaps Ben is off to one side, singing along to Jason’s music. Come to think of it, we do have Ben singing on the cover of Winter, and Tim on the back dreaming that he can play the piano. Maybe we should start a band! We could use another member though. With that in mind, it’s time to guess who will be revealed tomorrow. To make it a little trickier, this time I need a first and last name. The first person to guess correctly in the comments below wins a set of art cards, which includes my autograph. One guess per person please. Hurry up now! Time’s a wastin’!

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