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Something Like Spanish

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I’ve always wanted Ben and Tim’s story to reach as many people as possible. That’s why I took a risk on the audiobook versions and signed away the movie rights. I don’t want anyone to be excluded due to a language barrier either. So far we’ve done well in that regard. Something Like Summer is available in German, French, Italian, …

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Something Like Rain out now!

In Books, Something Like Rain by Jay Bell

The eighth book in the Something Like… series is finally here! That’s crazy considering that Summer was conceived as a standalone novel. I never dreamed of where that book would take me. Wanna know what’s extra crazy though? Something Like Rain officially brings the word count to well over one million words. ONE MILLION! All because some guy ran into …

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Video Interview with BENJAMIN BENTLEY!

In Movies, Random, Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

No, I’m not kidding, although a little explanation is in order. I was in Portland last year to watch the filming of Something Like Summer. Anyone who has been on a movie set before knows how much sitting around and waiting is involved. During one of these breaks, Grant Davis who plays Ben was getting into character. I was trying …

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Preorder Something Like Rain!

In Random by Jay Bell

The 8th book in the Something Like… series is almost here! Something Like Rain is William Townson’s story—not just his relationship with Kelly or Jason, but his time in the Coast Guard, and what happens when he eventually returns to Austin. It’s the thickest book in the series so far, much to my surprise. If you’re looking for some summer …

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Public Reading in Chicago Next Week!

In Books, Random by Jay Bell

Guess what? I’ll be reading in public soon, and I don’t just mean when I sound out funny words on a menu. I’ll be reading a selection from one of the Something Like… books. Such performances are rare for me, and this will be my first. I’m not sure how I’ll do, or if I’ll regret this decision, but won’t …