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Zippity-zap! Lightning’s cover art revealed!

I love this stage of a book release. Everything still feels so innocent and unexplored. You guys are excited to read the new story. I’m excited to get it out there. I can show off the art and strut around all proud of my husband instead of the humbler approach I take with the text inside. This moment is good, but it’s also fleeting. In a few weeks time, Something Like Lightning will be more than just a title or a cover to you, and I’ll have set it behind me so I can focus on what’s next in line. For now, it’s all dreams and wonderings. For both of us really. I won’t expound on that, because I’m sure you can imagine what goes through an author’s mind just before a new release. At least when I’m not thinking of Andreas naked. Hmmm. What were we talking about? I don’t know. Just look at the pretty picture below. If it excites you in a way my words couldn’t, then please be aware that you can preorder the Something Like Lightning from Amazon (Kindle) or paperback, iTunes, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble. See you on October 9th!

Something Like Lightning Cover Art

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Something Like Lightning release date and preorder

Don't worry, this isn't even an early draft of the cover art. Just a placeholder I whipped up.

Placeholder image is *not* an early draft of the cover art.

I have a date! And no, I don’t mean a date with a hunky Swedish guy who takes me out on his fishing boat so he can take me on his fishing boat. Instead I have a date for Something Like Lightning’s release. Andreas is still working on the cover, and my helpers and I are still getting the book squeaky clean, but we’re only a month away from having everything ready. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to order your copy! Something Like Lightning is currently available for preorder at the stores listed below. I’ll be updating this list as retailers add the book to their catalog. At the moment, preorders are only possible for the eBook version, but I’ll try to make the paperback available a few days early so people can have it shipped to their home in time for the official release. Be sure to come back in the next few weeks for the cover art reveal! And thank you in advance to anyone placing their faith in me.

Preorder Something Like Lightning from:
Amazon Kindle
Google Play
Barnes & Noble

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Autumn on Audio, Summer in French and German

Something Like Autumn audio bookTongues and ears. That’s the news of the day. The tongue part is pretty exciting, because Something Like Summer can now be read in German and French, in addition to the English and Italian versions already out there. I’ve set up a new page on my site right here where you can see the different options and accompanying cover art. The Italian version is available as an eBook, which is new, so if you passed it up in the name of saving the rainforests, you can now experience the story guilt-free. Please help spread the word about these foreign editions, because I’d love to see the other books in the series translated. That way the entire story can be told.

If your ears are in need of a treat, the audiobook of Something Like Autumn is hot off the turntable! As you can imagine, the narrator had a difficult task ahead of him when starting work on this one. Even printed in black and white, it’s an emotional story, and I hoped that would be conveyed in audio as well. Not surprisingly, Kevin R. Free rose to the challenge. All those crucial moments are performed with class and finesse. You’ll find a sample below, but I’m betting if you’ve heard the other two audios in the series, you won’t need much convincing. Er… I’m boasting about the narrator’s skill. Not my own. I’m not that full of myself. The audiobook of Something Like Autumn can be found at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Next up, Something Like Lightning! We’re entering the final stretch, so you probably won’t hear much from me until the big day arrives. Until then, be good to each other!

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In the Meantime… Recommended Reads

Published on August 14, 2014 by in Books, Gay

Reading Builds (brain) MuscleMy next book isn’t out! But you know what is? All sorts of exciting stories featuring characters you’re bound to fall in love with and plots that will drive you bonkers in the best way possible. Confession time: I don’t read a lot in the gay romance genre. It’s not that I don’t love it, but working on my own stories is a full-time job. Imagine completing a shift at Burger King only to head over to McDonald’s for dinner. After flipping burgers all day, the last thing you want is to eat them. So usually I entertain myself with comic books or nonfiction or anything as separated from my work as possible. That way I can recharge and be ready to get super gay and romantic the next day. All that having been said, occasionally when I’m between projects, I get to enjoy another author’s vision of men loving men. That’s why I’ve created a new page with books I’ve enjoyed, and others I’m hoping to eventually read. You can access this from the “What to Read” menu option above, or by clicking right here. Hopefully you’ll find something there to entertain you. If not, there’s also a comment section where you can share those hidden gems you feel more people should read. Have fun!

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YouTube crush! New audio book available.

Published on July 2, 2014 by in Books, Gay, Random

Like and Subscribe audio bookLike and Subscribe is now available as an audio book. Or perhaps “audio short story” is more apt, since this a quick and easy tale about a guy who has a crush on a hot YouTuber. They say you should never meet your heroes, but our main character does and his life is better because of it. Or maybe it’s worse. Depends how you look at it really. Since Like and Subscribe is so short, it’s much less of an investment—both in regards to time and money—than your average audio book. In fact it’s around the length of a movie, which is fun, since you can kick back, close your eyes, and picture everything as it happens. Sound good? Could be worth a try! You can get the audio book from Audible, the iTunes store, or Amazon. Or, if you’d rather give your eyes a workout, you can grab the text version from Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Have fun!

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Something Like Thunder and Lightning

Something Like LightningSomething Like ThunderThunder and Lightning are the next two entries in the Something Like… saga. What do you think? Feels a little strange moving on from the seasons theme, eh? It does to me, although when originally trying to find the right title for Something Like Summer, the word thunder kept popping up. I’ve always felt it’s a nice metaphor for how love can feel. Or as the wonderfully-eccentric Kate Bush once sang:

“You don’t want to hurt me
But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware I’m tearing you asunder.
There is thunder in our hearts.”

Geez, those lyrics are crazy-appropriate for the sixth book, but as in nature, thunder comes second. Something Like Lightning will be the fifth book in the Something Like… saga, or if you prefer, the first book in the Storms Series. So what’s it all about? In Spring we met Kelly Phillips, William’s boyfriend who is embittered by life’s hardships and eager to lash out at anyone who gets in his way. But of course there’s so much more to his character than that. You know I love turning the villain of one story into the hero of the next. I won’t reveal more than that at the moment, but rest assured that this book fits in well with the rest; Falling in love, finding one’s place in the world, making a few friends along the way—all that good stuff. It’s way too soon to talk release dates, but as always, I’ll work my hardest to make this story special and available as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, why not pull the curtains closed and do a weird interpretive dance while listening to Kate Bush’s ghostly wailing? That’s what I plan on doing. Then it’s straight back to work for me, I swear!

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