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Something Like Characters – Benjamin Bentley

#TeamBenFrom the time I wrote my very first book, I dreamed of being able to create drawings of the characters. Words can only hint at a person’s appearance. Images get a lot closer. It’s always exciting for me when Andreas works on my covers, since it helps gives the characters form. Sadly, many characters never make it on the covers or aren’t prominently displayed there. With that in mind. I commissioned Andreas to create a new series of images depicting five different characters from the Something Like… saga. The results are pretty damn neat. Every day for the remainder of the week, I’ll be revealing one here on my blog… starting right now!

Benjamin BentleyThe idea for this series came from the awesome Benjamin Bentley illustration above. Andreas created this to help promote Something Like Fall, so we’re counting him as the first in the series. Originally I had asked Andreas to touch up the image of Ben from the back of the Summer cover—perhaps put some leaves in his hair or something silly like that. Instead, he redrew the image from scratch. The posture is mostly the same as the one from the cover, seen to the left, which makes a nice tribute. What I especially like about this illustration is the subtle hint of warm light on the face, like Ben is staring off into a summer sunset. The image looks pretty snappy on a T-shirt and will be available as such on Sunday. For the shirts, Andreas and I thought it would be fun to go with a team theme. There’s been plenty of playful declarations from people who are Team Jace or Team Tim, but why not Ben? I’m totally Team Ben. Why else would I have given him two of the greatest guys imaginable?

Art Card of BenShirts are fun, but what I’m really excited about is a nifty set of art cards that will be available soon. Technically they are post cards, but I’m calling them art cards because I can’t imagine you guys mailing these to anyone. The characters are on a neutral background which really makes them pop, and the flip side features a carefully chosen quote from the related book. In addition to the five character cards, there’s a special sixth card which I’ll be signing. Like the new T-shirts, these will go on sale on Sunday. You can win a set of all six cards right now though. All you have to do is guess which character I’ll be revealing tomorrow. Leave your answer in the comments below to qualify. One guess (one character name) per person please. I’ll reply to the winner when they guess correctly, but if you weren’t fast enough, we’ll be playing the same game every day this week. See you tomorrow!

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Happy Holidays from Jace and Samson

Happy Holidays from Jace and SamsonWhatever you celebrate this season, and even if you don’t, I hope the end of your year is filled with happy memories and good company. Thanks so much for continuing to read about and care for the characters in my stories. I love you guys!

Many greetings from Jace and Samson too! They’re quite busy at the moment. As you might guess from Jace’s rosy cheeks, he’s agreed to be the flight attendant on Santa’s sleigh. Samson decided to tag along, just to make sure everyone pays close attention to the safety announcements. I hope you like the new art! Andreas had fun creating the drawing of Ben recently, so I coyly pointed out how we failed to feature Jace on any of the book covers. Sure he’s in the background of Autumn, but just barely. I’ll share the non-holiday version of this art with you guys next year. There might be more Something Like… characters showing up in this format too! It just depends on if I can charm Andreas into making more. But for now, I suppose even he deserves a break. You guys take some time out too. Kick back, take a few deep breaths, and drink something warm and steamy… Rest up, because 2015 is going to be an exciting year!

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Crowdfunding success! Thank you!

Something Like Summer movie castAfter a whirlwind of activity that I’m still reeling from, the Indiegogo campaign for the Something Like Summer movie finally came to a close. How did we do? With your help, $77,330 was raised, about a third of that in the last twenty four hours. The outpouring of support impressed a private investor so much that after the campaign, they contributed another $30,000, bringing the total higher than the $100,000 budget the producers hoped to raise. So we did it! Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate your patience during this process, all the enthusiasm, and of course the work each of you put into helping us realize this goal. This movie couldn’t have happened without your help, so I hope you’re all feeling warm and contended right now. I’m proud of you guys!

Much of this money will go toward producing the soundtrack for the movie. For me, one of the highlights of the livestream broadcast was being able to hear Austin McKenzie speak about his upcoming role as Benjamin Bentley. What a charming guy! He also sang for us. Totally on the spot, without any sort of background music, Austin sang… and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. It also reconfirmed in my mind the importance of bringing this story to screen, so that moments like when Ben first sings to Tim can truly come to life. I also hope you got a chance to hear how passionate all the people involved in making the film are. This story is in safe hands! Filming is due to start next year in Portland, Oregon with a final cut of the film ready by the end of 2015. There will be a lot of exciting news along the way, so please stay tuned, and be sure to visit the movie site at www.somethinglikesummer.com frequently. Up next? Something Like Thunder, followed of course by Something Like Fall. And some new art from Andreas! Stay tuned!

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Exclusive new story – Last chance!

Something Like FallI won’t badger you about the movie in this post, because I’m sure by now, you’ve heard all the exciting details. If not just poke around on this blog. Let’s talk stories though, because this weekend is your last chance to get Something Like Fall. Simple as that. To reserve your copy, contribute to the Indiegogo campaign here. Something Like Fall won’t be sold separately outside this campaign, so if you want to read it, be sure to contribute before midnight PST time on Sunday on December 14th. That’s tomorrow, or today, depending on when you’re reading this post. So please, hop to it! Don’t forget to remind your book-loving friends and family too!

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At last! Meet Tim Wyman!

Davi Santos is Tim WymanThe suspense sure has been building for this one, and to my surprise, that has been a learning experience for me. I know Tim inside and out, but the casting of him made me really boil his character down to a handful of qualities, all of which an actor would require to portray him. Handsome? Yeah, obviously, but that’s highly subjective. So at the very least, I was hoping for an actor with dark features, both in regards to skin tone and hair, and one that most people would agree is attractive. Tim’s actor would also need swagger. Jace might put on the charm, but Tim knows how to crank up the smolder. He also has his boyishly goofy moments, so the actor would need to be playful. Then there are the rare moments when the mask slips and Tim allows himself to be sensitive, vulnerable, and affectionate. All these things are crucial, and a tall order for any one actor to deliver.

When the movie producers first mentioned the name Davi Santos to me, I was just about to board a flight. I only had enough time to Google him and see that he was hot. That was good. Only later did I seek out every clip of the guy I could find, and boy are there a lot! His beginnings in acting school, solo performances, commercial spots, staring roles in independent films, appearances on major network television, and of course theater. Davi Santos seems to have been everywhere and done everything. This made it harder for me to get a handle on him, because he’s all over the place, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. Davi Santos seems to live and breathe acting. While watching so many clips that it made my head spin, there were definitely many moments where I saw my Tim. A cocky smile and some shameless flirting. Or moments of introspection and flickers of vulnerability. So yeah, already in my mind, the names Davi Santos and Tim Wyman are becoming synonymous.

Davi Santos got the smolder!All that’s needed now is taking all four cast members and putting them in the right situations. It’s one thing when a new James Bond actor is announced, but it never feels completely real until we see him doing James Bond stuff. Just imagine Davi Santos squaring off with Ben Baur in an argument, or getting knocked over by Austin McKenzie cruising along on his Rollerblades. Seriously, just try to picture those things for a moment, because this is really happening. To ensure the movie is a amazing as it deserves to be, we still need your help, so please treat yourself to one of the fun perk packages available on the Indiegogo page and help spread the word. Want to know more about Davi? Check out the new episode of Big Gay Movie below. Also be sure to watch Davi in The Cure, a short film he co-wrote. The boy’s got talent!

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Tim Wyman, where are you?

Missing! Tim Wyman
Last week was pretty spectacular if you’re Team Jace. We got to see a tantalizing glimpse of Baur in character as Jace, a new perk was announced paying tribute to one of Jace’s little idiosyncrasies, and just last night a new video was revealed, showing Ben and Jace getting all snuggly together. It’s starting to feel like this movie is just about them. Wasn’t there another guy? I’m pretty sure I wrote a whole book about him. So what’s the deal, movie people? Where are you keeping Tim? Well, director JT Tepnapa and producer Carlos Pedraza have appeared in their mysterious white void again (they exist on the astral plane, only returning to the physical realm to make movies) to explain what’s up with my beloved Mr. Wyman.

What do you think? I say we trust them. After all, what would be better for the Indiegogo campaign than announcing Tim? Unless they’ve got something to hide! But they don’t, because after being locked in my basement for three weeks, they cracked and told me who they intend to cast. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about their decision because this is Tim we’re talking about. I took my sweet time deciding if I was happy with their choice or not. Recently I concluded that I am, because I suspect the actor is just as complex and layered as the character I hope he’ll portray. There’s more to Tim than just a pretty face, and the same can be said for this person. Handsome, creative, and at times, kind of silly. I’ve got a good feeling about him, so stay tuned, and in the meantime, please keep spreading the word. Many thanks to all of you who already have and continue to do so!

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