Brand new Ben!

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Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to meet the actor who will play Ben in the Something Like Summer movie? If you thought the lead role was already taken, it was, but that’s the movie business for you. Eric Stolz was originally cast to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Can you imagine that trilogy without Michael J. …

Thunder Trivia Contest – Finale!

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All good things must come to an end. When we started this, I was all “Oh man, making videos is fun! Why don’t I do this more often?” Then I tried writing around this daily goal, and even taking an hour off to film, edit, and upload every day proved difficult. But hey, we’re ending with a bang. The following …

Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 7

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Gosh, today’s video is such a bore. It’s a workday though, and my boss is really strict with me. He’s always following me around, watching what I’m doing. I can’t look in the mirror without seeing him there! Best of luck with today’s question. It’s the last one, so give it your all! You can email me the answer here.

Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 6

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Three day weekend! I like to pretend I’ll be taking it easy, but in truth, I’m a workaholic. Then again, with Andreas around, concentrating won’t be so easy. 😉 You’ll find today’s question below. Got the answer? You know the drill!!

Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 5

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Andreas hates being on camera, so I’m really thrilled he agreed to help select a winner today. Even if you’re not entering this contest, give the video a spin and discover how adorable he is. No wonder I moved across the Atlantic just to marry him. Oh yeah… contest! If you know the answer to today’s question, email me here!