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Something Like Stories out today!

In Books, Seasons Series, Something Like Stories by Jay Bell

When I agreed to write a short story to help fundraise the Something Like Summer movie, I honestly didn’t have a solid concept in mind. I didn’t even consider myself very good at writing short stories. So I approached Something Like Fall by indulging in what I wanted most—to spend time with Benjamin Bentley again. I had a blast working …

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Listen up! Thunder is here!

In Something Like Thunder, Storms Series by Jay Bell

Something Like Thunder is out on audio. Already. Nathaniel isn’t the kind of guy to be kept waiting. Stand in his way and he’ll barrel right through you. He’s broody, grumpy, and constantly scowling. For some reason, I find that incredibly sexy. Maybe because these traits are predominantly masculine. As I hope you’ve already discovered in Lightning, Kevin R. Free—the …

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Something Like Stories preorder and full cover art!

In Art, Something Like Autumn, Something Like Stories by Jay Bell

Yesterday the news dropped about Something Like Stories, a compilation of short tales that bring back many of the characters from the Something Like… series. Ben, Tim, Jace, Victor, Eric, Allison… They’re all there! You can still win a pre-release paperback over at Boy Meets Boy Reviews, so be sure to head over there now and enter. If contests aren’t …

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The next Something Like… book. And a new audio release!

In Seasons Series, Something Like Lightning, Something Like Stories, Something Like Thunder by Jay Bell

Ready for the next entry in the Something Like… series? It’s nearly here! What’s it called? Who’s it about? What’s the cover look like? You’ll have to head over to Boy Meets Boy Reviews for the answers. I’m helping them celebrate a birthday, and get this—you can win a paperback copy of the book before it comes out! Seriously! Get …

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Book Report on the Book Movie

In Movies, Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

Primary shooting on the Something Like Summer movie has been completed. As you might already know, I was on set to witness a fair amount of filming. It’s high time I report back to you, my loyal readers, so that you can draw your own conclusions. Where to begin though? I found the entire experience overwhelming, although in the best …