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Something Like Thunder

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Cover reveal! Something Like *rumble rumble* Thunder!

It’s time for a new cover reveal! But first I want to thank you guys. In my previous post, I asked how you first discovered my books. I was hoping for cold hard marketing data and I got it. What I didn’t expect were the many heartfelt messages about how much the books and characters mean to you. I hope it’s no secret that I appreciate each and everyone one of you too! Speaking of which, I have even more reason to appreciate my husband. It turns out the majority of you found my books while browsing retail sites. That means your first impression, and what got you clicking, is the art that Andreas provides. On that note, let’s take a look at some more!

Something Like Thunder cover

We’ve come a long way since the cheerful orange of Something Like Summer’s cover. We’ve cycled through the seasons and a storm has been brewing. Now it’s directly overhead. Take shelter! Here we have Nathaniel, looking every bit as angsty as the story that awaits you inside. He has his back pressed against the door, which is wonderful—and from what I understand accidental—symbolism. Nathaniel isn’t the kind of guy who lets others in easily. The phone of course was his lifeline to Caesar in their youth, and then there’s a picture frame. You might feel you know what that’s all about. And you might be surprised! You don’t have to wait much longer to find out. May 20th is the big day. Preorder links are below. Come back soon, because there will be contests and prizes to be had. May 13th would be ideal. See you then?

Preorder the paperback edition of Something Like Thunder:

Or grab the eBook from these retailers:

Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
Apple iBooks
Google Play

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Remember when we first met? Let’s get nostalgic!

Published on April 8, 2015 by in Random

be-mineThere’s a wonderfully romantic notion that what authors do all day is write. That’s how it should be, and I like to think the world once spun that way, but not anymore. Much of my day is dealing with stuff. I’ll spare you the boring details, but essentially I need my books to get noticed, and that takes a tremendous amount of work. The worst part is not truly knowing which of my efforts are successful. That’s where you can help. I’d much rather spend more time creating new stories for you, so please cast your mind back and try to remember how we first met. What stars had to align for you to start reading my books? If you could please answer the poll below, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Oh, and if you’re wondering why I list some short stories below and not books, it’s because I often give short stories away for free hoping to lure in new readers. So if a short story was your first exposure to me, please select which one.

How did you first discover my books?

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Preorder your copy of Thunder!

Temporary Thunder cover

Andreas had nothing to do with this crappy cover. He’s still working on the real deal.

Rumble rumble rumble. That’s supposed to be the sound of thunder. Or is it my stomach grumbling? Maybe it’s both, like I’m standing in the middle of a thunder storm while feeling really hungry. Sad story, huh? You can change it into a happy one by feeding this starving artist, because Something Like Thunder is now available to preorder! How does May 20th sound? You can reserve your copy at the following retailers:

Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
Apple iBooks
Google Play

As before, I don’t have the ability to create paperback preorders, but I’ll try to get the print version out a little early to account for shipping times. No promises though, because I’m already cutting this one close.

The series itself has been rebranded slightly. I’ve noticed that various online retailers have special pages that list all the books in a series. That’s great, except most of them make it appear that Something Like Spring is the final book. For instance take a look at this screenshot. While it’s technically correct, it has me fretting that casual readers won’t discover the more recent books. Lightning and Thunder have such strong ties to the Seasons books, that I now consider them book five and six rather than book one and two of their own series. I’m totally cool with you guys ordering them in any way you please. The books themselves aren’t branded with numbers. But for commercial reasons, I’m now calling it the Something Like… series, rather than referring to each sub-series by name. Of course we can still call them the Seasons and Storms series if we like. I won’t tell if you don’t!

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Spring is here to pleasure thine ears!

Jason GrantWhen’s the last time someone pleasured your ears? Hmmm? If it’s been too long (or even if it hasn’t) Something Like Spring is now available on audio! For those who don’t read the books as they come out, Spring is about a guy named Jason Grant. We haven’t met him in the previous three books, but his story intertwines with them in its own way. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that people seem to enjoy the text version. I hope you’ll dig the audio just as much. You’ll find the first chapter below. Many more samples and even a free short story await you at the audio section of my site. If you’ve never tried an audiobook before, why not see if you find these enticing? Or go to Audible, where the first one is always free. Can’t beat a deal like that! You can also find Spring over at Amazon and iTunes. And finally, for those eagerly awaiting Something Like Thunder, I’m currently working on getting the preorder set up. Please check back soon for further details. *smooch!*

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Fifteen Years of Jay and Andreas

Published on March 1, 2015 by in Gay

Jay Bell Andreas Bell Fifteen Year Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, at a time when I had officially given up on love (yeah, I’ve been there too), I spotted a handsome guy across the room and practically tripped over myself to reach him. I’m proud to say that since then little has changed, aside from me being more eager than ever to get his attention. It’s probably best not to get in between Andreas and I. Chances are I’ll barrel right through you! The below video was actually created for a previous wedding anniversary, but since that story begins on today’s date, it seemed appropriate to include it here. Love is out there! Never give up, even if you’ve convinced yourself that you already have.

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Art Cards and Autographs!

Published on January 25, 2015 by in Art

Something Like Characters: Series One

Something Like Characters: Series One is now available. For those who are just tuning in, this is a set of six cards featuring brand new art of characters from the Something Like… series. This set consists of Ben, Tim, Jace, Marcello, and Jason. Samson and Chinchilla make appearances too! The back of each card includes a carefully selected quote from that character. The sixth card is special, showing off the cover art from the four Seasons series books. Not only that, but I’ll personalize and autograph the back of it. All of this comes in stylish packaging to keep your cards safe. Ten dollars is the price of admission, plus five bucks shipping no matter where you are in the world. The button to buy them is below. Thanks in advance to anyone considering buying these! If we sell enough, there very well might be a second series. If that happens, who would you like to see new art of? These illustrations are also available as T-shirts and more in our RedBubble store.

Something Like Characters: Series 1

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