Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 4

In Random by Jay Bell

“Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” ~Athenaeus Who you callin’ old? Andreas and I had quite the night out, but we survived to tell the tale. Think you know the answer to today’s question? Email me with the goods!

Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 3

In Something Like Thunder by Jay Bell

We’ve got another winner! See the video below to find out who, and to discover what the next question is. Think you know the answer? If so, email me here! Don’t forget that you can also enter to win two other prize packs at Boy Meets Boy Reviews and Sinfully Sexy Reviews. Time is running out on those, so be …

Thunder Trivia Contest – Day 2

In Something Like Thunder by Jay Bell

Another day, another wee bit of trivia! If you don’t know what’s going on, please see this post for details and the rules. To answer today’s question, please use this link to email me. The forced subject line helps keep things organized. Gosh I’m bossy!

Thunder, Trivia, and Treasure!

In Something Like Thunder, Storms Series by Jay Bell

Something Like Thunder is here! And so are seven more prizes packs! We’ve already given away one at Joyfully Jay. There are still two up for grabs over at Boy Meets Boy and Sinfully Sexy respectively. That leaves seven more which you can win here! In case you missed the previous post, each prize pack includes: -Any book from my …

Anniversary Celebration. It’s prize time!

In Random by Jay Bell

I’m ten years old! At least, Jay Bell the author is. Kind of. I actually started writing seriously in 2003 when I first moved to Germany. I think. The metadata of my earliest Word document claims I didn’t start until 2004, which might also be true. It’s confusing because there was a book and half, plus some short stories, which …

Something Like Summer in Chinese!

In Books, Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

How’s your Chinese? Whatever you answered, I promise you that mine is worse. That’s a shame, considering that Mandarin is the world’s most prominent language. That’s why I’m thrilled and flattered that some very dedicated individuals teamed up to translate Something Like Summer into Chinese! I love the idea of this story and the characters reaching a wider audience, and …