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Sexy new webcomic! Summer reborn!

In Comics, Gay, Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

Ben Bentley comicThe story of Something Like Summer has come to life in a new way! I’ve always been a fan of comics. They combine visuals with text which, in my mind, is the best of both worlds. You still have the limitless budget of books and are able to go anywhere the imagination wanders while also adding colorful delights for the eye to enjoy. I’ve been wanting to adapt Something Like Summer in this way for years. I just couldn’t find the right artist. Then some wonderful person named Cassy Fallon sent jaw-dropping illustrations to my inbox and I knew the search was over. The timing couldn’t have been better. I was feeling devastated after writing Something Like Forever, the upcoming finale to the book series. I didn’t want to say goodbye to Ben, Tim, Jace and all the others. Now I won’t have to. Not exactly. And before you think to yourself, “Well, I already know what happens in the books. Why do I need a comic?” just know that this won’t be a simple adaptation. We’ve set the story in modern times and there will be plenty of other surprises as well. And yet, it will still fit in with the book series. Somehow. You’ll see! Hey, that’s a good idea! Go see for yourself! We’ve launched a new site,, where we’ll be updating with a new page weekly. This weekend will see the first two pages released, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday, so be sure to stop by for both! Oh, and in case you’re not familiar with webcomics, they are usually published strip by strip or page by page as they are produced. We’re aiming for weekly updates. Think of it like the old comics in Sunday newspapers. That means you’ll have something to look forward to every weekend!