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Something Like Autumn cover art!

I love revealing cover art. When it comes to my books, I’m a pretty humble guy. I like them, but I don’t really expect anyone else to. So while the big sales pitch is a necessity, I don’t honestly feel like screaming: “Look! I made the best thing ever!” When it comes to Andreas’s art, I feel the exact opposite. So with that in mind… *clears throat* Holy shit! Check it out! Andreas created the best thing ever!

Something Like Autumn full cover

Take a moment. Ignore the text and my clumsily worded blurb on the back. Just take in the art and feel.

Are you feeling stuff? I’m feeling stuff.

Okay, now let’s talk. This cover is a slight departure from the previous two. Summer and Winter were a pair. Summer has Ben looking at Tim. Winter has Tim looking at Ben. For this cover, I told Andreas he didn’t need to stick to that pattern and he didn’t. We have a mysterious new character in the forefront—Victor. You haven’t met him yet. He’s looking across the lake at the guy in the green shirt. That’s Jace, and yes, he has long hair. It was the nineties. You’ll have to forgive him. On what will be the back of the book, we have another look at our punky new friend as he leans up against a tree and slowly inhales cancer.

Of course once the story is released, you’ll see this art in a new context, but for now let your imagination run wild. At least until May 31st when Something Like Autumn hits the virtual shelves. I hope to see you back here then!

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24 Responses

  1. HJ

    That’s beautiful! Very autumnal. I’m glad you didn’t delay the release of the book until autumn, as I’m looking forward to getting to know Jace better. Incidentally, I always thought that “autumn” was a word we English use while you Americans use fall?

    • Thanks! Glad you like it! “Autumn” could be more a British thing. We Yanks say it too, just a lot less often. I prefer Autumn greatly since it sounds more poetic and can’t be mistaken for a verb. In casual conversation though, I would always use fall instead. As for releases, I don’t think any of the books have been released in their respective seasons. Spring won’t be either, I hope, since I’d like it to come out before then. :)

  2. Olivier

    In order to read “something like autumn”, do I have to read “Something like winter” first ?

    • There is no true reading order for the three books. I think Summer is the best to start with since it’s a quick introduction to the series. Autumn and Winter are definitely interchangeable, so feel free to tackle Autumn first. Afterwards, please give my boy Tim a chance. He’s not that bad! 😉

      • Olivier

        I finished summer and I already bought winter. Though I think I’ll read Autumn first. Thx for writing great books :) .

  3. Lynn

    Gorgeous cover and yes, it starts to tell a story. I can’t believe I get to start reading it in a few days! Love every one of your books — thanks!

    • Thank you, Lynn! I can’t tell you how much it means that folks like you are excited to read my stories. That’s so awesome!

  4. Andrea

    will bookdepository.com sell the book in june?

  5. Urb

    Your covers are completely unique, distinctive evocative, and beautiful. I’m hard on covers, but yours are delightful. I love Victor already.

    • Thanks! I read your comment to Andreas and he got all bashful. :) I hope you love Victor even more once you get your hands on the story.

  6. Alex

    I can’t wait till the release of SLA. So excited I loved the first two books and know that I will love this one too. Jay your books are the best and I usually never read. Andreas’s artwork is definitely unique and that makes the books twice as good. Can’t wait and keep up the good work. Thank you both.

    • It’s awesome to know you’re so excited about this release. There’s so much to do this week, but it’s easier getting through it all knowing someone like you is eager for the story. Not long now!

  7. Paul

    Excellent cover (as always); I expect your words will do the cover justice (as always). And thanks for a well-timed release. I will now have some good reading for a planned relaxing vacation in the mountains.

  8. Gorgeous cover. I can’t wait to read it and most probably cry and laugh like a crazy person.

  9. Alberto

    I have to thank you, Jay Bell, for creating the most touching and inspiring love story ever. I was introduced to your work when I first read the short story “Language Lessons” and I was completely captivated. Consequently, I decided to read “Something Like Summer”…This book along with “Something Like Winter” have become two of my favorite books of all time. I have read different types of literature, but there has been no other book that can make me feel the way this series have. As a reader I expect to be moved and you have accomplished not only that, but your work has also giving me new perspective on love and relationships. Thank you very much for continuing writing and giving us more of your wonderful and touching work.

    Again, thank you!!!

    P.S. I can’t wait for the movie.

    • Thank you, Alberto! It’s so amazingly cool to hear how much you enjoy the Something Like… books, especially with you being a rounded reader. Autumn just slipped out early today, and I hope it moves you just as much as the previous books did. Thanks for your encouragement. It’ll help rocket me toward getting Something Like Spring done. :)

  10. Cris

    Jay, I just finished SLA and absolutely loved it! I was one of the few that didn’t completely warm to Jace in SLS because he seemed too forgiving, too perfect. But in SLA, you made him come completely alive for me, and explained his seeming “perfection” and easy-going nature so intricately, so believably.

    So this time, I cried. And I cried HARD. Thank you :)

    • Hey, Cris! I’m glad Jace worked for you this time around. The process of writing him was really amazing, since things just kept clicking into place. All the reasons he acted the way he did kept revealing themselves to me one by one. Definitely a unique experience. Kind of sucks in way: Right when I’m truly able to appreciate Jace, I also have to say goodbye to him. :(

  11. Pam

    Jay, I just finished Something Like Autumn about two hours ago, and like Cris I cried. I cried HARD. But, unlike Cris I loved Jace from the beginning. However, I have to tell you I have been angry with him since reading SLS. When he walked into the kitchen and said “Come here”, I knew what was happening. I wanted him to fight to stay with Ben. I wanted him to fight until there was no other choice but to succumb. And then there it was. At location 9887 on my Kindle, entering the kitchen again, “his vision doubling, he knew he was out of time.” I’m not angry with Jace anymore. Thank you for writing and a huge thank you to Andreas for his beautiful work. I hope the two of you will continue to make me cry and laugh and love the characters from your books for many years to come.

    • Hi Pam. I’m glad Autumn could help you understand why Jace acted the way he did. I’ve been amazed while writing these books at how perspective can make so much forgivable. Maybe that should become a part of court systems. The first trial should determine if the person is guilty, the second should be about understanding where that person was coming from before a sentence is given. Such a thing could revolutionize the world! Maybe. 😉 Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.

  12. nino

    done reading something like autumn and I really love it that’s why i decided to buy the paperback version.:) thanks for the well written books! :) so excited for the last part which is Spring! can you give us a hint what Spring is all about and which perception will be focus?i hope its victor. :)

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