Something Like Hail – Delayed!

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I recently announced that Something Like Hail would be released on September 6th. I thought I could manage that, and maybe I still could, but I would have to rush things. I don’t like rushing things. That’s when mistakes happen. My personal life is pretty hectic at the moment. We took in two strays; one a bird who has since been reunited with its owner, the other a cat who was in critical condition and who we are slowly nursing back to health. On top of that, my German in-laws have come to the United States for the first time ever. I’ve already ignored them for most of the week so I could work. I could do so until they leave, but they’re in their seventies and unlikely to make such a long trip again. Plus there’s the upcoming movie screening in Austin (tickets here) and another in Chicago (tickets here) both of which I’ll be attending. What it all really boils down to is needing to choose between my family and my career. Not that I’ll be taking a full vacation. I’ll still be adding weekly installments to Blank Slate, the ongoing story on Patreon, and the Something Like Summer comic will continue marching on. I’ll be finishing up work on Something Like Hail too, getting it ready for a September 20th release, but at a slower pace that allows me to leave the house for a few hours each day. I love my work. It keeps me going. I don’t want to step away from it, but there needs to be balance. I’m sure you see where I’m coming from. In the meantime, I hope the ongoing projects I’m working on will keep you entertained. There’s always my back catalog of books to peruse, or those of other authors you might want to try. And the comic! I’m so into that right now. It’s free! Give it a read! I’ll be back soon enough with the new book. Thank you for your patience and understanding. For now, I’m pleased to present the final cover design for Hail, although we might tweak the color when we get the print version in hand. We’re trying to make this book white, without it being eye-glaringly bright. I think it’s out of site. Am I right?
Something Like Hail cover

  • Jo

    I love it, Andreas has surpassed himself although I always say that lol. I really like the more muted tones of this cover although I bet the full on colour will return for Forever xx

  • DJDW

    Jay, I believe I can speak for all of your readers: We love your work but also see that you are a loving and caring person. Nurture yourself and Andreas. We will always be excited for new work from you, but live a fulfilling life. That will naturally overflow into your writing. We agree that you need that balance. We’ll be here, eagerly waiting for your next book. ?

  • miztake

    Jay, take time to enjoy your accomplishments and remember to breathe.

  • Brandan Christopher

    Can’t wait for the new Book Jay, but remember, your best work comes from a clear mind. Take time for yourself, live life, gain experiences and let that pour into your stories. Those are what makes them as good as they are. Plus, The movie started funding 4 years ago, were a patient fanbase :p

  • AmyK

    I’m sorry to hear your life is so hectic right now… Good things come to those who wait… I for one believe Family comes before all else enjoy your visit with the in-laws… Tomorrow is Never promised… Enjoy today… We will be here even if it doesn’t release till next month… Big Hugs ?????