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Jay Bell's Seasons SeriesHow many books does a series make? Two is a pair, three a trilogy, and four… Hm. That sounds about right. Four books is enough for a series, and just happens to be the number of seasons there are. How very convenient then for us then, because what started as a stand-alone book (that I was sure no one would bother reading) is now expanding into a series. Something Like Summer told the story of Ben’s love for two very special men. Something Like Winter gave us Tim’s perspective on their history, both together and apart. Now I think it’s time to hear one more tale before moving on. What do we really know about Jace?

Something Like Autumn will tell Jace’s life story. Like the other two books, it will begin in the teen years. This is very exciting, because by the time we meet Jace in Summer, he’s already a very well-adjusted adult. I love the idea of exploring what Jace’s younger years were like, and discovering how he slowly developed into the lovable and rather saintly person we see in Summer and Winter. Surely he wasn’t always perfect, and wisdom always comes at a price, so his story won’t be simple. While I’ve made good progress on the book, I’m not sure if there will be any revisited scenes like with the previous two books. Something Like Autumn might end the moment Jace and Ben meet, or it might further flesh out their relationship. Regardless, Autumn will rely even less on retreading previous scenes than Winter did.

Painting by Andreas Bell, and no, it's not the cover of Something Like Spring

Painting by Andreas Bell.

That just leaves one season. Spring symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts, and while I don’t want to give away too much now, I think it’s safe to say this is the book many of you have been waiting for. Something Like Spring will be told from a new character’s perspective, but will feature a supporting cast from the other three books. The best part? This story begins after the events of Something Like Winter. In other words, it takes place in the future of many characters we know and love. You want to know what happens to Ben, Allison, Marcello, Tim, and even Chinchilla? Are you sure you want to know? Are you really really sure? Yeah, me too.

find-the-prizeIt’s too early to talk release dates. I still have a lot of work to do. I can promise that neither story will see the light of day until I feel they are up to par. I want the Seasons Series to be the absolute best it can be, not just for us, but for the characters that I adore so much. I want them to continue living in our hearts and imaginations, and I hope you are as excited to see their return as I am.