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Something Like Summer audiobook release and movie update!

Something Like Summer movie promo image1Wanna hear Ben and Tim talking? How about arguing? How about them… uh… well, you know! The Something Like Summer audiobook is here! This isn’t an audio play with sound effects and a cast of actors. This is a true, unabridged reading of the book, and yet narrator Kevin R. Free lends each character such a unique voice that at times it does feel like a play. The boy can act too, so be prepared to have a good time! No need to wait. Check out a free sample of the first chapter right here:

The Something Like Summer audiobook can be bought from Amazon, Audible, or iTunes. At the moment, it’s only available in digital format, so you folks still listening to shiny coasters will have to buy the files and burn them to disc. I figure the audiobook is also a great way to expose friends who don’t read to Ben, Tim, and Jace’s story. Or something to hold you over until the movie comes out.

Speaking of which, the producers of the Something Like Summer movie have released new publicity images. The one above is of Ben, although not the actual actor who will be staring in the movie. Casting hasn’t taken place yet. These images are just to get investors interested and us excited. Check out the recreation of the cover art in this image:

Something Like Summer movie promo image2

Neat, huh? The movie is currently set for a 2014 release. Sounds far away, I know, but I’ll try to help ease your pain by releasing Something Like Autumn on June 6th and Something Like Spring later this year. Assuming all goes according to plan, by the time you’ve read the complete series, the movie won’t be so far away. It’ll make a nice grand finale too, but let’s not think about the end right now. Not when things are just starting to heat up! Instead, take a look at how the Something Like Summer movie came to be in this recent article on the Huffington Post!

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16 Responses

  1. Aleksey

    Drat, just my luck. I was looking for the audiobook earlier this week, but since I couldn’t find one, I just bought the Kindle version instead. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your other books on audible though.

    BTW, I loved the Something Like books. Read them both yesterday and I think they’re the first books ever to make me well up. I think I related to the characters a little too much (I’m sure the fact that both Tim and Ben are my age and share some of my experiences helped).

    Looking forward to the movie, but why did they change the car color? I thought it was supposed to black and sleek?

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked Winter and Summer and were able to relate to the characters. I hope Jace’s story in Something Like Autumn clicks with you just as much. As to why they made the car red in the promotional photo, I suppose it’s the only decent image of a 3000GT they could find. I don’t think they actually rented one for this. Looks Photoshopped to me. It’ll be interesting to see if they get the real deal (in black!) for the movie.

  2. random guy

    Trying to buy it on iTunes. On my mac iTunes it is telling me it is not for sale in the US store, and on my phone iTunes it is saying it has been removed /:

  3. alan

    Bleh, I loved the monochromatic look of the novel. I hope the real one will mimic it.
    It looks like a cover from the gay section in blockbusters. I hope they make it just as good as judas kiss.

    • I’m glad you like Andreas’s cover so much. I love the art he came up too! :) As for the movie, I’m sure the final poster or whatever will be done with a lot more care. For what this one is–an early hint of what’s to come–I think it’s really fun.

  4. Rob

    After a few teething problems with the iTunes version, I’m really enjoying the audiobook. Kevin’s done a great job giving the characters different voices. But I’ve never listened to an audiobook with sex scenes before, I had to stop listening on the train!

    • Yeah, sorry about the initial iTunes problems. That was unfortunate. Glad you’re enjoying the audiobook regardless! As for the sex scenes, I also found listening to them a little weird. The first one at least, since I was so taken aback. I certainly never pictured a narrator reading them when I first wrote the book! LOL

  5. jason

    Cant’ wait for the movie! I just finished reading Something like Summer, and halfway through Something like Winter! EXCELLENT!

    • I can’t wait either. The production company just wrapped up filming on the movie they are releasing before Something Like Summer. That means casting, filming, and all that exciting stuff is a little bit closer! I hope you enjoy the rest of Winter. Thanks for reading!

  6. Kareem

    Hey Jay!
    I couldn’t be more exited for something like summer to hit the big screen! I’m sure it’s gonna be my favourite movie, the same way it’s my favourite book. I read all of your books so far. And by the way, 6th of June is my birthday, so something like autumn couldn’t have been released in a better time. I think I’m gonna get myself a special treat for this birthday!
    P.S. the covers of Andreas at just as awesome as your books!

    • Hey Kareem! How fun that your birthday is the release date. If things go smoothly, it might even be out a little earlier than that. Publishing isn’t an exact science, and hey, who doesn’t like getting their presents early? 😉 I’m glad you like Andreas’s covers. I’ll be sure to tell him. Just wait until you see the cover for Something Like Autumn! I’m crazy about it!

  7. Sara

    Hi Jay! I just finished listening to the Something Like Summer audiobook and loved it! Kevin did an amazing job bringing your story to life! Do you have plans to release the whole series in audio format?

    • Thanks, Sara. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Kevin’s work. As for further books in audio format, that’s something I’m still debating. Basically I need to see how well the first book sells. Not to be greedy, but I need to make my investment back. If it turns out I will be commissioning another audiobook, I’ll have to decide if Winter or Autumn comes next. Any thoughts on which it should be?

      • Sara

        That makes a lot of sense! I hope that the first one does well and allows you to keep going with the audiobooks! I’m not sure which one you should commission first. I think I like Tim better, but I’d love to know more about Jace! I know that’s totally unhelpful! I’ll be on the lookout for the audiobooks, but I guess I’ll have to get the regular book versions of Winter and Autumn in the meantime. :)

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