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Something Like Summer movie photos and website!

Ben Bentley Tim Wyman Something Like Summer movieAs the year winds down, and as we take a deep breath and a much needed break, I can’t help but think of all the exciting things on the horizon. One that I’ve been looking forward to is the Something Like Summer movie. We’ve all be patiently waiting (ha!) for things to develop, and the great news is that the wait is nearly over. The script is looking very handsome, and next year will see casting news, filming, and if everything goes well, maybe even a release. There will be plenty to discuss and obsess over, and I’ll be right there with you guys, waiting with bated breath to see how the movie turns out. Today we get a very exciting glimpse of what’s to come. There’s an official Something Like Summer movie site, and it’s tasteful and sexy and alluring. Most of all, it proves to me once again that the right production team is tackling this project. Check it out right here! Or, just for emphasis, you can click here:

The official (oh my gosh!) Something Like Summer movie website!!!

Happy Holidays Spring teaserAll those photos of Ben and Tim are stand-in models, but they sure do fire up the imagination, don’t they? I think I can say with great confidence that next year is going to be very exciting indeed. Not only will the movie be progressing, but Something Like Spring will take Ben and Tim’s story even further than before. It will also introduce us to a new character. A whole new cast, really. I can hardly wait! But no, it’s still the time of year for pausing, reflecting, and chilling the hell out. I’ll try my best. Before I go, the image you see on the right is another teaser for Spring. Naturally this isn’t the final version of the cover, although I suppose the holidays are sometimes considered a season… Something Like Santa? Nah. I’ll stick with those invented by mother nature. Regardless, I do wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Stay warm, cuddle up with someone you love, and take a little time out to spoil yourself. I’ll see you all next year. Until then, thank you for being so wonderful. I love you guys!

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  1. […] AUTHOR JAY BELL gave a nod to the just-launched Something Like Summer website in his Christmas Eve blog post at his website, JayBellBooks.com. […]

  2. Bryan

    Hi Jay! Seasons greetings from the Southeast.

    I’m really excited about the movie. I just found out about the website yesterday and I can’t wait until it fills up with more information.

    Also, Something Like Spring. Hope it is released early in the first quarter. My life will start to go up in smoke in Q2. Haha! Anyway, have a great Christmas and a productive new year ahead. Cheers!

    • I’m excited about the movie too! As for Spring, it’ll definitely get a Q1 release. I promise. I just hope you’re a fast reader since it’s a big fatty fatty of a book. :)

  3. JO

    bit late for holiday wishes really but nevertheless hope you’re having a funpacked Christmas season. I am already stalking the site for more news and yes I do hope the hurry up. I can’t wait for the next book either but no pressure. It will be so amazing to see who tey cast as I’m sure everyone has their own ideas fo what Tim and Ben should look like As for Jace well I’d love my friend to play him but we’ll see. Happy holidays xxxxx
    Lots of love Jo xx

    • Casting will be one of the most exciting aspects of the movie going forth. I really can’t wait to see who they choose. Who’s your friend that you hope they cast?

  4. Stefan

    Hey Jay Bell

    Long Time since i been on your Site

    Please forgive , i nearly forgot to finish reading “something like autumn”
    Because live gave me a firewiork of changes in 2013. Many were thrilling, but over Christmas i stole some Time and read all 3 Books again.

    i like to thank you for the pleasure and Good Times your work gives me.

    can wait for spring to come. By The Way You were right, i found him
    After all this Time, yes he exists – the man i Love and live with.

    He Also is a Great Fan of your work and its me to translate all your work into
    German Language. (Trying hard any Way )

    So let us know when ” the next revelation is for Grabs ” we are desperate to
    read more of ben and tim.

    happy 2014 from potsdam


    • Hey Stefan! Congratulations on finding someone special! That’s amazing and I’m so happy for you. How flattering that he also likes my books. You guys should read out loud to each other. It could be romantic. Or sexy. 😉 Guten Rutsch!

  5. Gerv

    Hi Mr. Jay Bell! I would just like to ask if your books are available in the Philippines? I’ve tried looking for it in local bookstores here but I can’t seem to find one. :( I’ve read the SLS in a .jar format (I used my phone to read this) and I have always wanted to have my personal legit copy.

    Thank you very much and more power to you! :)

  6. Artirtico

    Soooooo excited for the movie! So excited even for the build-up haha – can’t wait for things to get into motion, teaser pics posted, filming started, actors cast etc 😀
    The current ‘stand in models’ sure are looking good hehe… ‘course the actual actors will have to do far more than stand there looking pretty, but for now, they’re lovely to see xD The guy for Tim in particular is quite alike to how I’ve had him imagined, so would be very happy to see somebody fairly similar visually.

    It is just awesome to see the site up and will certainly be something I’ll be following closely. Little bit surreal too haha, far more so for you I expect haha.
    Interesting to see that Bryce is specifically mentioned in the cast section; a slightly bigger role by the looks of things for the film then 😛
    I must keep an eye out for ‘The Dark Place’ too – I’ve seen Judas Kiss, so that one will be next – good to see what else they’ve been working on and it does sound intriguing.

    I look forward to what will surely be a very exciting 2014 😀

    • Casting is definitely what I’m most curious about at this point. I’ve read the script tons of times (and yeah, Bryce does have a slightly different role) but seeing the actual actors who will be playing each part will be really surreal… and hopefully exciting! LOL I also agree about that model for Tim. They did a great job matching him to the character!

  7. I must say you had me at “Something Like…” Until last year I had not read a book since my college days. I really never had the time working in corporate America. Two years ago I received a Nook color for Christmas. After a lot of searching, Kamikaze Kids was the first book I read. I have been hooked on your books ever since. A couple of years ago a friend and I lost our corporate jobs and decided to start our own catering company. Our business has been very successful and the only time for reading these days is January and February.

    Today I was 100 pages from the end of Something Like Winter and thought, “I wonder if there will be a Something Like Spring?” I went to your website and saw that it was released last week. Perfect timing on your part Jay, thank you.

    I think it is wonderful that you are celebrating your wonderful years together with Andreas. It is amazing how far we have come and for the most part no longer have to live in fear of being who we are as gay individuals. I want to wish you both many happy years to come and thank you for your wonderful stories that transport me away from daily life. Your are an inspiration to our young lads and should be proud of your positive influence. Thanks Jay, I can’t wait to get to “Spring”, literally! 😉

    • Hey Robert! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m happy I’ve got you reading again, but even happier that you’ve escaped your corporate job. I was in a similar situation before moving to Germany. Once I left office life behind, I finally had time to start telling stories, and I’m much MUCH happier with life now. I hope you find the catering business to be just as fulfilling. As a foodie myself, it certainly sounds like a cool enterprise to me. Best wishes and much success with everything!

      • Hello Jay,

        I must say you have an amazing gift for writing gut-wrenching endings. I read “Something Like Spring” in 2 days immediately after I finished Autumn. I could not put it down. When I read the last word I had mixed emotions. They ranged from happy to sad. At one point during the Epilogue I had to put it down because I couldn’t see beyond my tears anymore. I was thrilled how it ended but sad that the series was over.

        I then read that you intend to continue in some way with the series. That made my day. I was no longer depressed but back to being happy for the ending of the book.

        Thank you Jay for writing great novels and being such a great role model for our young gay youth. I will anxiously await your next book. Please keep us posted and enjoy the upcoming Spring. (If it ever gets here) :)

        • Thanks again, Robert. My favorite books always leaving me crying or at least very emotional at the end, and so I strive to do the same. After all, finishing a book is like saying goodbye to a close friend. Finishing a series is like saying goodbye to a lover. Luckily, lovers tend to return from the past in my stories. 😉

  8. Kiwi

    Your books are so awesome. I completely love something like series. I can’t wait for the film release of Something Like Summer. I absolutlpely adore the characters and the story, just Oh My God. I actually was sobbing every time the part where Jase passed away specially on Something Like Autumn. Thank you so much for creating such a marvelous book.

    • Thanks, Kiwi! I’m excited abut the movie too. Maybe someday we’ll even get film versions of Autumn and the others too. Wouldn’t that be awesome? :)

      • Kiwi

        Ugh! Was busy moving out. I just finished reading Something Like Spring and again, I immediately fell in love with the new characters you introduced. Please don’t make it end. :( Thank you so so much for writing all these books. I always re read them every month or so and they never fail to give me all those emotions that I felt the first time I read them. Soooo can’t wait for the film. 😀

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