Something Like Summer movie trailer and more!

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movie-trailerAfter so many years of waiting, waiting, waiting, it feels great that things are now moving along quickly for the movie. Something Like Summer recently had its North American debut at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia. I was there along with the director and many of the actors. You can read about that here, and also watch the QnA that followed the movie. If you’re feeling down because you weren’t able to attend, two new opportunities have been announced. The next is on April 22nd in Miami, Florida. Something Like Summer will be part of the MiFo LGBT Film Festival. Tickets can already be purchased here. For my fellow Midwesterners, you can join me in Kansas for the Out Here Now Film Festival. Details are still being finalized, but the movie will be shown sometime during the week of June 22nd to the 29th. Folks in Sydney, Australia have another chance on April 1st (no joke!) at the Riverside Theater. If none of these things are close to you, don’t despair. More festival dates will be announced soon. Keep your eye on this page for a definitive list of what’s happening. In the meantime, why don’t you whet your appetite with the Something Like Summer movie trailer? Enjoy!