Something Like Summer the Movie – Now Filming!

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Something Like Grant Davis
The time has come! Filming starts tomorrow. I know many of you have been asking with increasing impatience when this would finally happen. Me? I was holding my breath for much of that time, because so much could have gone wrong. Plenty of books are optioned for film. More than we’ll ever know, because the vast majority of those earmarked to go to cinema end up faltering and failing somewhere in the process. Usually that has to do with money and resources. So I was very aware over the last three years (nearly four!) that so much could go wrong before the movie came to be. I knew the production team we chose increased our odds greatly, because I had already watched them bust their butts to get the Judas Kiss movie filmed and released. That same determination has brought us to this stage. Actual filming! I’ll be visiting the set of course, but not until the middle of September. Once I’m there, I plan on playing reporter and will try to bring all sorts of exciting news your way. Luckily you don’t have to rely on me. The movie people have cranked up their presence on social networking, so now you have all sorts of options for following the movie’s progress. Choose your own adventure!

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And speaking of making stuff, I’m writing a new book, and this time I’ve decided to take you along for the ride! In a series of very casual videos that lack any sort of fancy title screens or editing, I’ll be checking in with you periodically to tell you where I’m at, and what it’s like to write a book. From now until release day, you can be a part of… wait, what’s the title of the new book? Stay tuned to find out! You can watch the first installment of Building a Book right here: