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Summer T-shirts, Winter’s new look, and art art art!

Something Like Summer shirtWe’ve got Something Like Summer shirts for sale! Art prints too! We’ll get to that in a minute. First I want to talk about something else that’s changed. The cover art for Something Like Winter has been overhauled. To an extreme. Why? Well, Andreas doesn’t have much time to work on these covers. First he’ll read a late draft of a book to get the vibe. Then he has to dream up a cover and start creating it. My final drafts tend to go pretty fast, leaving him almost no time to revise his ideas. Thankfully, Andreas is used to working under the wire and keeps cranking out masterpieces. But with Something Like Winter, he was never completely satisfied. Personally, I like the cover we had, but when Andreas asked if he could change it, I wanted him to be happy. I figured he would touch up the cover a little. Instead, it’s almost an entirely new composition. Check it out!

Something Like Winter new cover

The guy up on stage playing the piano? Yeah, that’s Tim Wyman. I’m always willing to let Andreas chase his own artistic vision, and this is perhaps the very best example because no, Tim cannot play the piano. Luckily, we’d always envisioned the cover to be Tim’s dream of seeing Ben up on stage before their second reunion, and it’s not hard to imagine Tim wanting to play some music for Ben to sing along to. The good news for those of you with the old cover art is that it will never be sold again or reproduced in any fashion. You have a genuine collectors item that will remain rare, especially considering that the old cover was sold for a mere six months or so. But what if you want to get your hands on the new cover?

Well, that bring us to the new merchandise. We’ve teamed up with Redbubble to provide you with quality art prints of all Andreas’s book covers. Sound too fancy? There are posters too, which are sure to please your inner-teenager once taped to the wall. A variety of his illustrations from the Loka Legends books are also available as prints or postcards, as well as a selection of his non-book related art. My favorite though is the new Something Like Summer T-shirt, which is available in all sorts of colors and sizes. These shirts are the perfect way to subtly communicate your love for books and all things gay. Forget Grindr! I’m already dreaming of someone meeting their true love by wearing one of these shirts. Not guaranteed of course, or even likely… but not entirely impossible either.

If you guys like the idea of T-shirts and these sell okay, I have some really cool original ideas that don’t utilize the cover art. Or feel free to make your own suggestions, because we’d love to hear them! You can visit our store on Redbubble right here.

Still not convinced about all of this? Check out this video of me showing off some of the new merchandise. Did I mention my father was a salesman? It’s in my blood!

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  1. Jay Ross

    Jay, I really enjoy your live presentations. You are always so cheerful and relaxed. Hugs to both you and Andreas.

    • Thanks, Jay. I’ve slowly gotten more comfortable with being on camera over the years. I’m not quite ready for prime time though. 😉 Big hugs back at ya!

  2. Lena Grey

    I love the idea of t-shirts, Jay. Andreas is such a good illustrator. I’m happy his work is being presented in such an outstanding way. I can just imagine a collage of his work gracing my wall. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

    • People seem to be digging the shirts so far! I’m just happy to get his art out there in any way possible, since I sort of love the big lug. 😀

  3. Justin Domecillo

    Omg….. I have an original copy of Something Like Winter… Now to get the updated one! I plan on donating copies to my favorite English teacher, she has a mini library in her class, so you’ll see your novels in a library (of sorts) I can’t wait to buy a t-shirt and wear it with pride! I honestly can’t wait for Something Like Spring, keep up the awesome work! 😀

    • Nice of you to donate books so other people can read them. I love hearing stuff like that! :) As for Spring, I’m hard at work on it. Stay tuned!

  4. Artirtico

    Ha! I’m never gonna be able to keep a straight face now when I see girl wearing ‘boob text’ xD

    Loving the updated Something Like Winter cover art! I did like the original too, but think it’s great how much more involved Tim is in this one. Whilst Tim ‘watching from afar’ was perhaps more suitable in depicting that section of the book, he playing for Ben is maybe more fitting to the relationship as a whole, and it makes it feel much ‘warmer’ overall (odd turn of phrase for ‘Winter’, but yeah…). I was initially all like “Where is the splash of orange, there has to be a splash of orange!”, but on closer inspection, the splash of orange is still there, so all is good haha.

    Awesome to have access to Andreas’ illustrations in a form outside of the books, and the cover arts too. That Something Like Summer print with the white border you held up would go great on my (orange) wall! I would likewise love an ‘extra large canvas print’ of the same, but don’t have a spare 100 quid lying around unfortunately haha.

    Shucks, I spent the last of birthday money recently on a Force India (Formula 1) polo shirt… hmm, but I’ve just gotten myself a new job, so I deserve a treat, right? 😛 Of everything there, I think it’s got to be a t-shirt; being able to wear it out and share Something Like Summer with the world makes it that little bit more special (so yes I would love to see more t-shirt designs). Who knows, perhaps some hot guy will recognise it… naturally he’ll want to try it on, leading to removal of clothing and… 😉

    & now there’s 26 colour options to choose from ahhhhh! Orange is my colour, but maybe in this case a largely orange design on an orange background is a bit much, though having said that, the book cover looks great based on a similar principle… think I’d like to make the design stand out for this though; I’ve got plenty of orange tops, so shall focus on emphasising SLS. The deep purple, dark blue and dark green all do that pretty well, or white, but I think I like the white text more… considering what I could put the t-shirt with, I recently acquired a pair of bright orange trousers (intended to pair up with the Force India polo, but I’m sure it can share), with the Dark Blue likely working well with those. It also looks great on you… hmm, yup, I think you’ve just sold me a t-shirt 😀

    & that was far too much ‘thoughts written on paper’… thank you once again Jay & Andreas!

    • Artirtico

      Order placed & 1 dark blue Something Like Summer t-shirt on it’s way to me 😀
      Could possibly have done with an XS size looking at the measurements, but that’s my fault for being built like a stick. Will just have to wait and see, though it’s not like a small will swamp me anyhow.
      I shall be keeping watch for the postman! Cheers!

    • Hey Artirtico!

      It’s cool that you’re so excited about the shirts. I also had trouble choosing a color and was tempted to try orange. I could see it working, although you’re right that it might be too much. I also bought a dark red shirt which really looks great and summery. As for the fit, the size you chose is probably fine. I bought a medium and it’s a nice tight fit. Some T-shirts are huge and baggy, no matter what size you buy, but these have a really nice cut to them. I hope you enjoy your shirt when it arrives! Thanks for the feedback on the cover for Winter too! :)


      • Artirtico

        My T-shirt got delivered today! 😀 Or rather I had to pick it up from the ‘Post Office undelivered parcels point’ after it incurred some unanticipated customs costs on trying to make it’s way into the UK… the poor thing, being treated like some kind of criminal object :(

        ANYWAY, love the shirt! Feels really nice on and you were right that the size is fine – quite snug around the chest in the sense that it fits really well, and has some length to it too, unlike other ‘tighter’ tops I’ve had, so all good there. & of course the print design is fantastic haha.

        The RedBubble site is pretty cool as well (I’ve not used it before); great sense of humour in the way it goes about handling everything, and on the products too, “Don’t Tumble Dry, Don’t Iron Print, Don’t Slap Pandas” xD

        So (weird customs business aside), all is just about perfect! & the other top I’d intended to put with the orange trousers hasn’t arrived yet, so SLS gets free reign for now haha. It shall be something I very much enjoy wearing, cheers! 😀

        • Artirtico

          Just a quick update on the customs thing – apparently it’s been something happening quite frequently when goods are being sent from the US to the UK. There’s an article in the support section of the RedBubble site about it.

          On sending them a pic of the receipt I got on paying the charges yesterday, RedBubble have already responded this morning, fully refunding those charges :)

          Thus all is now perfect, cheers! 😀

          • Sorry to hear about the customs issue. I import a lot of stuff from the US to Germany, and have been hit with plenty of fees myself. I’m surprised the T-shirt incurred a fee, but maybe the UK has a lower threshold on what can be charged. Anyway, I’m very surprised (and pleased!) that Redbubble refunded the customs fee to you. Not many business are willing to do that! Glad you like the shirt. I’m also happy with the length of them. I hate when shirts are square shaped since the human torso isn’t. At least not usually. LOL

  5. Brendon

    I am so excited that you are selling these prints and T-shirts. I already have prints of the covers on my wall, but it will be nice to have them without all the extra stuff and just the art! I love the Something Like Series and have started to read all your publications, I love your style of writing, I can never put your books down! One thing I would love to own just as an idea, but I would LOVE to own a print of the painting Tim gives to Ben. It would be amazing to be able to have a print of it. Thanks for the Amazing books, I can’t wait for Something Like Spring!!!

    • Hey, Brendon! You have the covers on your wall? That’s so cool! I’ll have to tell Andreas because that will make him proud. As for your idea, I think it’s great! I’m not sure if Andreas would be up for recreating the painting Tim gives to Ben, but I’ll definitely plant the seed in his mind. Would you rather see the first painting Tim gives him (overlapping hearts) or the perfected one (clutching hands) from the end of the book?

      • Brendon


        I would love to see the first painting Tim gives Ben, because it showed Tim’s love in a way he could not express in words yet! Also, I just got the new cover art photos in the mail and my shirt! I got the baseball shirt with the black torso and white sleeves. It looks awesome! I hope you create one for winter (wink wink) lol.

  6. Dora Wang

    Hello, Jay Bell, I’m a undergraduate in Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan,Hubei Province,in China. I’m a sophomore,actually, a junior in this September.
    I’m reading your book, something like summer now. I really like it and there are also a lot od funs in China whose English are not good enough to read it. So I want to translate it into Chinese. Is that OK with you? I promise I just do it because of my interset and will not use it on any commercial purposes temporarily.Please sent me a reply.Thank you.
    Best wishes to you!

    • Hi Dora!

      It’s great to hear from you. I like that you want to share Something Like Summer with friends of yours that don’t read English. Unfortunately, I haven’t sold the book to any foreign markets yet, so it’s only available in the original language. If you really want to translate the book to Chinese, I’m fine with that as long as you don’t sell it without permission. If you do manage to translate the book, I’d love if you could send me the file once you’re done. That would be cool!

      Thanks for feeling so strongly about the story! :)


      • Dora

        I’m so appreciate your words. I will do everything I can to make it look better in Chinese. I will present it at the website called QAF????qafone? which supplies room for people who are very supportive of gay. But the book tells a long story,since I’m a college girl, it may take a long time to do it. If I have done it, I will sent you the file.Thank you again for everything!

      • Dora

        Oops?I have found a grammar mistake in my last reply but I don’t know how to cancel it.How embarrassing,I’m so sorry.

  7. eric

    Hey Jay,

    I have been very busy with my study and haven’t had time to read your new book SLA yet. But I am sure it will be just as great as the other 2 in the series. Is the movie making any progress yet? I donated $40 through kickstarter and can’t wait to watch it! Any news about who will play the lead roles? Will Tim be a main character or just a supporting one?

  8. Mushroom

    yeah, It’s really a challenge to buy your book in China. I bought SLS and SLW this yeah on Amazon.cn, and they cost ?330?it’s a big amount of money for me, just has been in senior high school one year. I have few time to read them, and my vocabulary is limitted, it’s difficult for me to understand the story thoroughly. here is the link to amazon.cn
    Sorry?my hypertext markup language is poor, I hope I didn’t make any mistake.

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