Something Like Summer : The MovieAs in Something Like Summer the movie! Bookmark this page because I’ll be updating it with festival showings, mass release dates, trailers, behind the scenes videos, and whatever else is worth getting excited about. And of course you would also be wise to frequently visit the official movie site and sign up for their newsletter too. Ready? Let’s get started!

Festival Screenings:


February 25th – Event Cinemas George Street (Buy tickets here!)
April 1st – Riverside Theaters Parramatta (Buy tickets here!)


March 19th – qFLIX Philadelphia (Buy tickets here!)
April 22nd – MiFo Miami Buy tickets here!
June – Out Here Now Kansas City Further Details Forthcoming

Production Diaries:

See the making of the film and get a sneak peek of the final product in this series of videos!

Production Diary #1 – Mr. Blue Shoes! Tim Wyman! Davi Santos! *faints*

Production Diary #2 – All about the Benjamins! Or should I say the Bentleys?

Production Diary #3 – Jace makes his first appearance and brings Paris with him!

Production Diary #4 – Endings and Beginnings. An army of people helped create this film!


Question: Will the movie be shown near me?
Answer: Possibly! The movie would most likely be shown as part of a film festival. One of the best ways to ensure you can see the movie is to locate a film festival near you and ask them to consider including Something Like Summer. It’s unknown at this time if the movie will be in theaters outside of festivals. That will depend on the distributor. (see below answer)

Question: There aren’t any film festivals near me. How can I see the movie?
Answer: You’ll be able to see the movie once it finds a distributor. They’re the ones who take care of theater showings, producing DVDs, and getting it up on streaming services like Netflix. To find a distributor, the movie must first be submitted to film festivals. Film festivals like to have first crack at a movie. Few people would bother attending if they could watch all the same movies from home. This process is hard on those of us who want it NOW, but hang in there. The finish line is in sight!

Question: When is the DVD/Blu-ray/streaming release date?
Answer: That depends on the distributor, when the film finds one. See the above answer. But generally, it’s a safe bet that the movie will be available everywhere for purchase and streaming by the end of 2017.