The Shared Desire of a Divided Country

In Random by Jay Bell

signing_of_the_constitution As anyone who reads my books will know, I strive to understand other perspectives. The most recent election has made that exceptionally challenging, but there is at least one issue that unifies most Americans in these very divided times: We all long for change. That’s what many people voted for when electing Obama. It’s also what fired up Bernie’s supporters. Some hoped that our first female president would change how women are perceived and treated. And yes, half the county felt that Trump was the most capable of bringing change. Whether we approve of any politician or feel that change should go backward or forward, left or right, is a debate that has been raging since the founding of this country and will continue to do so, but I take solace in the fact that most Americans are tired of a broken system. I’m proud of anyone who acted on their own convictions and went out and voted, even if I don’t agree with their choice of candidate, and I hope those who remained idle during this election will finally feel inspired to do something besides sit at home and grumble. Political shifts don’t only occur every four years. The process is ongoing. You can still participate by celebrating or protesting, by educating yourself and others, and by voting for and writing to elected officials. Either continue the fight or throw in the towel, but I personally believe that only one option exists to any American who truly believes in this country and a better future.