First Interview with Ben Bentley

Video Interview with BENJAMIN BENTLEY!

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First Interview with Ben Bentley

The first time “Ben” and I spoke together. It was intense!

No, I’m not kidding, although a little explanation is in order. I was in Portland last year to watch the filming of Something Like Summer. Anyone who has been on a movie set before knows how much sitting around and waiting is involved. During one of these breaks, Grant Davis who plays Ben was getting into character. I was trying to help, so we had a conversation with him as Ben and myself as boring ol’ me. The experience was surreal, beautiful, and a little upsetting, because Jace was the topic. We repeated this exercise a few times, but not just for the sake of the film. I think Grant gets a kick out of how much it freaks me out. I can ask him things that aren’t in the book and he’ll still get the answer right! How do I know? Because I first pose the question to myself and think about how I would have the character react. When it’s Grant’s turn, he pretty much reads my mind every single time.

I was in LA this past weekend while more scenes were shot, and Grant suggested we make a video together. Or more accurately, he wanted to make one of me interviewing Ben. I got to choose the questions, and he didn’t see them in advance. I avoided the subject of Jace this time because it’s tough on everyone emotionally. I wanted the interview to be fun, and I hope you think it is. I also hope this helps demonstrate what an excellent decision it was to cast Grant as Ben. He cares about the character to an astounding degree! Even once the camera was shut off, Grant wanted to keep going just for the sheer joy of it. He LOVES playing Ben, and I can’t help loving him because of it. I don’t need him to always be my Benjamin though, because Grant Davis himself is a great person and worthy of more praise than I can squeeze into this blog entry. I feel so lucky that this movie brought us together! So yeah, without further ado, please click that play button and enjoy the interview!