TMI for short! I’m here to answer your questions! Ask me about my life. Ask me about yours! Get advice, challenge me with your best riddle, or ask me about that one time that Ben did that one thing. What was up with that? No inquiry is too nerdy. No demand is too needy. There’s no such thing as “too much information” in my opinion! To participate, post your question (just one, please) in the comment section below. I’ll answer each with a video response. These will be shared on my YouTube channel and on Facebook. Some I may get to sooner than others or never at all. If you’re hearing impaired and have a question, let me know and we’ll work something out. Oh, and I’ll be saying your name, so if you’re on the run from the law, better make one up!

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  • Daniel Alejandro Steinhold Cab

    So after reading all your books I am going through abstinence. Which books do you recommend? Do you have a MUST read list?

  • Michael Wallace

    I have three short questions. I know you plan on wrapping up the main books for the Something like series soon. Do you plan on continuing the little stories on Patreon related to the series?
    Do you plan on writting any stories for you other books (Hells Pawn or Kamakzi boys)?
    Where is your favorite place to take a vacation?

  • Anja ?????

    Hi 🙂 Are there any plans to visit Germany again? Say for Euro Pride Con, or book fairs?

  • Randy L Revels Jr.

    I am the advisor for our school’s Gay Straight Alliance and I was wondering which book of yours you feel would be the best to appeal to a teenage audience (ages 14-18 for my students)

  • Eric King

    I feel like I’ve asked you everything over the years as you’ve done this so I don’t know what else to ask. 🙂 I’ll keep it simple: What did you get for Christmas?

  • Mel Vinci David Cruz

    Hi Jay! Just finished reading Something like Rain, finally found the time needed. Thank you, Christmas Break 🙂
    anyways, in the book, it tackled a lot about long distance relationships and waiting, waiting, waiting.
    So,my question is: Do people really wait?
    But my real question is: what are your tips in maintaining the sparks of the relationship which is suffering from a long-distance distress?
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  • Rin Matsuoka

    I love your books, you will always be my favorite author and i will always owe you for what you have done for me. I wanted to ask who your favorite character is in the ‘Something like…’ series? I know its like choosing your favorite child but cmon ?. Also have you ever thought of having children?

    From Kiani Hemingway

  • Gary Hanauer

    Will we I be able to see the movie in theaters? Please say yes.

  • Stephanie

    Now that you are wrapping up the Something Like series (sniff, sniff) are you still planning on writing, and if so, what will be next?

  • Victor Laviosa Livinalli

    First and foremost thank you so so much for changing my life with your books. I wanted to be mad at you for ending the series (almost had an Annie Wilkes moment there) but I understand that as a creative person you can’t stay stuck on the same project forever. I’m sure you have plenty more good ideas cooking up for your ever faithful audience.

    Now for a funny question: a friend and I have a running gag that you must have met a fiery mexican with a very impressive set of tools (wink) that eventually became Tim. Was there one? Did he break your heart?

    Also, how come everyone in the series is so well endowed? If only real life was like that!!

    Kisses and hugs and love to you and Andreas


    Victor from Venezuela

    • Answered! And I know you know. It just helps me to mark these after I’ve made a video. 🙂

  • Dominic Mortimer

    is something like Rain and something like Goodbye are they both on paperback so i can get a copy of them

  • Chris

    My question is will there be another set of art cards and can we talk about your cute cat

  • Carlie Sini

    Hi Jay, here there is my question: do you give importance to spirituality in your life? I’m not talking about any religion but about a space of intimacy with yourself and your soul.
    A big hug,

  • Derek Castle

    Jay, I have a couple of story ideas that I am working on and your books have inspired me. What advice do you have for an aspiring amateur writer?


  • Morgan

    Hi Jay! What are some of your favorite movies? Favorite genres? What is your favorite LGBT film? General questing just curious about your taste in movies.

  • music_scribe

    Hi Jay. I have been working on a novel for almost nine years. Your books helped get me out of a two year period of writer’s block. What advice do you have for an aspiring writer?


    • The answer is up on Facebook and YouTube!

  • Jakin Vela

    In regards to your writing career, who has been your biggest mentor/supporter/advocate, and why? 🙂 Love your books!

  • Victor Lichtenberg Falzoni

    Jay, you´re a great, great writer, read many of your books and even re-read a few of them. Can´t help but wonder… Where do you get inspiration from to start the “something like” series? You have an outstanding talent.

  • ethan_hines

    Have you do you plan to introduce Trans* characters?

  • fozia1515

    Hi sorry if this has already been answered. I finished reading Hell’s Pawn a few days ago and would like to know if you plan on continuing with that world? It was such an interesting concept. I’d love to read more about John and also about Dante and Rimmon. I’ve loved all of your books that I’ve read so far and can’t wait to read more . – Fozia

    • Jack John Topor

      I just reread it again I love
      it when john meets Jace in a Pilots Uniform with Sampson on his shoulders

  • Marcelo Castaldeli

    Jay! Marcelo again! Actually I have a personal question, it would be like an advice, we could call it “Something Like Therapy”. I would like to know how long were you and Andreas together before you decided to get married or just living together? And when you moved to Germany, how long were you together then? Was it hard at the beginning? I could use some advice. I’ve been dating a guy for 2 months, and we are very in love. I live alone, so we sleep together like 4 to 5 nights a week. And we are great together. We’ve talked about living together, even marriage. Problem is: I’ve been asked by the company I work to be in a project for 4 years in another country (Mexico, in Baja California). What do I do? I’ve been single for almost 8 years now, and now I’m very happy. If I turn this offer down, I might be unemployed soon. What to choose? Love or career? Feel free to answer me by messaging if you don’t think it’s a good video question. I would love to hear from someone with your experience! Love to you and Andreas! Hugs from Brazil!!!

    • Answered! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out!

  • Megan

    Hey Jay my name is Megan I am just wondering from a writers point of view do you think when writing a book it’s easy to just jump right to it or have you ever had to use an outline to get starts?

  • Marlene Mortensen

    Hey Jay nice video last time. I remember asking a similar question a few years back. Got a novel nearly 70 A4 pages long now – been reediting like 8 – 10 times stretched over those years. Been wondering if you’d ever thought about writing something in a different genre ? Like a non (gay)book

  • Jesse McCain

    Hello jay,
    I have two questions first one is would you ever consider doing a live stream with your patreon suppoters? Second question is what was the inspiration behind telling the different viewpoints in the something like series? Thanks for writing your books!

  • Rin Matsuoka

    What did everyone from ‘Something like autumn’ listen to? Music wise, love you xx

  • Caleb Luttrell

    I would like to know how I can find the new movie please!?!?

  • Stephen Hurwitz

    Hello. I am wondering how many different covers of each of your books there are. I’m just talking about the fonts. I’m trying to collect them all. I like the way they all look together. Were all of the Something Like series issued with the words Something Like on the top left of the cover or were, Autumn, Spring, and Lightning, just mockups, and never issued that way. Thanks.

  • Michael D Williams Jr

    Hey Jay,

    not sure if your aware of this or if you’d be interested but as an avid reader of your books and short stories i thought you might be interested in one of the better all inclusive LGBTA conventions known as Havencon which actually happens to take place in Austin, TX of all places. Since your books take us there and we’ve had the chance to fall in love throughout the city I’d thought I’d mention it to you as a possible convention you’d might like to visit next year since the 2018 dates just got announced. Havencon 4 is gonna be march 29-April 1st. I also know the founder and organizer if you are interested and might like to reach out.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    Not entirely sure if it’s been answered/asked before, but at the end of your series, once all your books are out. Are you going to put the whole series on sale as a bundle? Or does one still have to purchase them one by one?
    I have your entire series up to date, but in audiobook/kindle versions; and know that I want to own the paperbacks when the series is complete.

  • Dr.Who?

    Hey Jay,
    We are students from the mainland of PRC and are not good at English.So it can be difficult to read your books in English.May I ask you if there will be official simplified Chinese editions of Something Like Summer and Something Like Winter for us? By the way, will the movie be released in China someday?

  • Jessie

    The story of Jace was one that truly hunted me. As I read it, it was more memory. I frightened me. I cried all night. You truly have a special talent.

  • Jessie

    Do you have any plans towards a box set of the something like series?

  • reynaldo lopez

    I don’t have a question… I just wanted to say that reading something like summer and something like winter have been heart rendering and powerful. I feel elated, touched by the thought of these two lovers whom even though they are false, their stories touch so many points of true life. People don’t realize the LGBT exist in a vacuum of straight relationships and without writings like yours, I would still feel alone when I hide in the literary world.

    Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your mind and soul…. and yes I realized I “fangirled” lol

  • Richard

    Oh please Mr. bell, tell me why there is no book for Caesar Hubbard? All the other major characters have their own. Summer for Ben, Winter for Tim, Autumn for Jace, Something like Spring for Jason even it has a lot of pages for Ben and Tim. Nathaniel in Lightning, kelly in thunder, William in Rain. So far, I have read the first four books in the series and it pains me to know theres no book in Caesars Perspective. I like the guy. If i could only turn myself into one of your character ill be the one to partner with him.

  • Daniel Vetter

    Hey there!
    I’ve been reading along with your books and honestly they make my heart feel pulled towards a different character in each book. But I’ll never forget the experience I had reading about Jaces interactions with Victor. He always held my mind captive and related to a lot of things in my life. When the part happen in the car with Ben, his sister and the church I broke down and wept. The music that I was listening to when I read those words still pull me back to that night and cause me to tear up. Victor is forever scared on my heart.

    So my question (and yes there is one) is why is Victor forgotten? I feel like after that one book he kinda fades out. No art work, shirts, or single book like the other major characters.

    Thank you for creating the most important character I’ve ever read yet also felt that I know him. I hope you respond to this and I get a little more of him. If not, still know I think you have the most amazing writing talents and help so many people become who they are and get over who they were afraid to be.

    Your big fan,
    Danny Vett

  • Michael P Greenlief Jr.

    Jay, had the pleasure of finally meeting you last night! About four years ago I said to myself, “I really don’t read gay literature.” I’m not sure why I didn’t read gay literature, but was on a mission to find something. Something Like Summer happened to be the second book in my search on iTunes and ever since then, I can’t get enough of them. Also, it’s pretty much the ONLY gay literature that I’ve read Anyway, you are so kind, warm and welcoming!

    So my question: I know there comes a time in the series where it needs to end, not only for the sake of the characters, but for sake of the author so you can move on to other projects! HAHA, however, 11 books are currently planned for the series. Maybe you could be an author who doesn’t stop! I’ll admit that it’s always so depressing when the series officially ends. So, are there any plans to at least even out the series to 12 books, or round up to a nice healthy 15 or 20?

  • Rexeil Molina

    Jay, you are an amazing writer, I really really loved your books, but honestly I haven’t bought a single one, I’ve only read them through other site. I actually want to know if I can actually order books from my country (the Philippines) because I really would love to have them plus there are some parts that I really would want to read over and over again (like the time Ben made a poem and thrashed a room with Tim). I also want to know how much would it be in Philippine Peso (Books + Shipping Fee) and how I would pay them. I’m only 16 so I don’t know the gist of some stuff yet TT^TT

  • Sarah Purol

    I have really enjoyed your “Something Like” series Jay. This is some wonderful writing. I see that “Something Like Hail” has recently become available. Will Kevin be narrating an audio version? He does such a fantastic job.

  • Buzz Barnes

    Jay, I am a fairly new writer, but, I am 76 years ols, I have written 13 paperback books…only 100 – 150 pages. I hate reading books that take 10 pages to describe a tree, or a couch, or a hairless cat. So I don’t put any of that in mine. Your’s doesn’t seem to do that and they keep my attention. I have watched several of Steven King’s lessons on how to write, but, since I hate the way he writes, I’m not learning much….sorry Steven King fans. Do you have anything on YouTube on classes or lessons?” I need it fast, I may not have mch longer…lol

  • Lacy Laird

    My name is Lacy and I am cofounding an LGBT+ pop up library for the Houston area called Renegade Library. We are in the beginning stages of material collection, but would like to open with 50 titles which we would make available for checkout, along with programs and activities, once a month at the Montrose Center.

    We were wondering if it would at all be possible to receive a copy of your book, Something Like Summer to have as one of our opening titles. Even just some promotional bookmarks would be of help!

    It’s absolutely fine if this is not a possibility at this time, but we would be delighted if it is!

    Thank you so much for your consideration,
    Lacy Laird
    Renegade Librarian

    • Hi Lacy! I’d love to contribute to your pop up library! If you could send the shipping address to I’ll get a copy sent your way. Thanks for doing such an awesome thing!

  • Rishabh Raheja

    hello Mr jay, i am Rishabh, i am a newbie at writing and i have fallen completely in love with your writing, i am also a gay and i decided to come out after i read your book, but my question here is that i am in love with davi santos and it would be a great help if you could help me someway to talk to him.

  • Simon

    Hi I’m Simon, an older guy and to whom the books should seem a little ‘adolescent’ but I love them. They remind me of things about myself and my life. Just a pity that I’ll be dead by the time you get to writing about people of my age, unless you are going to write something about Marcello!. Just to add, I love the books, they make me cry, laugh and ask myself so many questions. Thanks.

  • Hee Ian Lim

    Hey Jay,

    I love your series the moment I found it on Audible!

    I have been listening them over and over again!
    I always cry whenever I hear “Something Like Autumn” because of how much love Jace has for Ben and his tragic tale of aneurysm.

    I am just wondering if there will be an updated Audiobook for “Something Like Summer” since you have an updated version for that.

    Sending you lots of love from Malaysia!

  • Pongsri Luepromchai

    Dear Jay,

    A publisher in Thailand is interested in translating your book. Would you please direct me to your literary agent? Many thanks. You can reach me at