Lost in Suburbia – A Gay Love Poem by Jay Bell

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We two boys, lost in suburbia. Nobody knows how I love you. Car parked two blocks down. Heart pounding hard in waiting. Barking dogs, ethereal train horns in the distance. My footsteps echo. Over the backyard fence like a thief, robbing the house of you. Steal away your affection, take away your loneliness, make your riches mine. Fingers pressing on …

Cruel food facts

In Food by Jay Bell

I used to love a drink at night. What better way to shut off one’s brain and unwind before bed? Then I discovered a chart that really opened my eyes: Okay, so the first entry is decidedly British. Cider and the odd snack of beans and toast aren’t really on my radar. A pint of bittter, aka a little more …

I’m a Twit!

In Random by Jay Bell

Just signed up for Twitter, but man is it lonely over there! I could use some friends, so anyone with an account please come visit me so we can follow each other. Thanks!

Humble Beginnings

In Random by Jay Bell

Every blog must start somewhere and nothing can be done but to jump right in. I’m Jay! After moving to Germany to marry my deliciously sexy boyfriend, I found myself gleefully unemployed. A limited amount of housework combined with an aversion to daytime television meant I needed something to do. I had always liked writing, but school/work usually slowed most …