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Something Like Forever cover and preorder!

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Something Like Forever by Jay Bell coverDecember 13th is when the final Something Like… book will hit retail! This story returns us to where it all began—with Ben and Tim. It seems appropriate then that the cover should reflect that very first book. In more than one way! For most of us, the first time we saw Ben he was staring longingly at a hot guy leaning against a cool car. In the final cover, we see him inside a cool car, leaning against that very same hot guy. The past is reflected in the rearview mirror, but where will the road ahead take Ben and Tim? That’s for you to discover soon! If you want to get those eBook preorders in, you can do so on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Smashwords. If it’s the paperback you’re after, there is a page up on Amazon here. (UPDATE! We had to make an adjustment to the paperback. It should be available on the 13th. We hope.) Audiobook listeners, I’ve already put in a request to have this one produced. I know we skipped over Something Like Hail, but that’s so we could get to Forever sooner. Don’t worry, there aren’t any details in Hail that you need to know before proceeding with the final installment. I’ll update you when the audio versions of both are available. My newsletter is the surefire way of being notified. My heartfelt thanks go out to anyone who preorders! I’ll touch bases with you all again next week!


  1. I know I’ve already had my emotion over this book but I would like an autographed copy, how do I go about that?

  2. Hi Jay..attempted to pre order the paperback on Amazon through the link you provided. It just led to the $5.99 ebook kindle version and said Out of print /limited availability. Maybe the paper back edition is not listed for pre-order yet?

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