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Something Like Forever is here!

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Alpha and OmegaTwo years ago, I decided to end the Something Like.. series. At the time I was feeling creative fatigue, which was unusual, because for me these books have been a source of unbridled joy for nearly a decade. I hated the thought that they might become an obligation or something I resented. So I decided to end it while I was still in love, a decision that has since felt like divorcing my dream guy. It doesn’t help that the fatigue soon disappeared, and I found myself reveling in every word I wrote again. Maybe because I knew that the end was coming. And here we are. Something Like Forever returns us to where it all began, with Ben and Tim. They’re back! And we get to share in their thoughts and feelings as all sorts of things go wrong and right, good memories made along with the bad. We also get to see many familiar faces for the final time, so please savor the experience while it lasts. I certainly did. Thank you all for making this series possible. That I got to write these books was deeply gratifying. I already know that I’ll look back on this period of my life as one of the very best. Yeah. So… Let’s do this! You can get your copy of Something Like Forever from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Smashwords. The paperback can be found here. The audio book should be out in late February, early March, if all goes well. Okay everyone! Deep breaths, brave hearts, aaaaaand GO!

The Something Like series by Jay Bell


  1. With the final book released, are there any plans for a box set of the Something Like series? I think this would be an amazing thing to have and it could include fun additions never given out before… possibly the inclusion of the Patreon short stories???

  2. Oh Jay, every time I look them, I have a sad smile and a little ache, but I am very thankful for the journey. Forever is worth every second and more. Now how can get my autographed copy? for Jace’s sake at least?


    I want to buy it now but I’m not even halfway through the series yet!

  4. I have been listening to the audio books like there is no tomorrow! I bought something like summer on a whim and it’s been a slippery slope every since. Absulutly amazing!! Thank you jay!!

  5. Hi Mr. Bell!

    A huge fan here. I just wanna thank you so, so much. Let this be my expression of gratitude because of all the lessons you imparted to us. I just want to thank you wholeheartedly on how you served as an outlet of creative expression through writing, that even though LGBT+ themed books are commonly overlooked, you still aimed to produce your art. Through thick and thin, you showed us your perseverance and joy, that even though we all know that you kind of struggle as an independent artist, you still do it because you know deep down in yourself that you are meant to write. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    I duly believe that you are really, really underrated. Despite the fact that Summer became a movie and also a comic, I still think that you are underrated. You deserve more – hell, you deserve much, MUCH more.

    I just finished reading Forever and I am having a hard time letting all of this go. The book is exceptional, as always. I am going to miss all of these characters so much. They have became a huge part of my life. I’ve been reading for the last 3 years! No matter what happens, they will all stay in my mind and soul. I just hope that people will atleast rate your (or review, which is even better) recent books. I checked it out – Summer has over 7,000+ ratings while Forever only has 37 (as of I’m writing this). It saddens me. This is the main reason why I wrote this, because I believe that you deserve a hell lot better.

    Finally, I’d just like to say that I’ll support you in whatever path you’ll take after this. Whether this writing gig will be on hiatus, or you’ll continue writing (just not much on the LGBT+ theme) or whatever, just know that I’ll be in full support of you, because you have became a huge part of my life.

    Again, thank you.

  6. Hi Jay! Any plans for the future? 🙂 Are you gonna continue writing? If so, will it be LGBT+ themed again?

  7. Hey Jay,

    I believe you should partner up with Netflix in making a tv series for your novels. The tv series should focus on Benjamin, Tim, and Jason’s lives. The first season should focus on Ben and Tim introduced, dating, and breaking up. The second season should focus on Ben’s after life breaking up with Tim and a bit of Tim moving schools and focusing who he really is. The third season should be focused on Ben, Jason, and Tim. Ben meeting Jason the first time, them dating, Ben meeting Tim once again, Tim trying to communicate with Ben again, Ben and Jason married, Jason’s death, Ben’s depression after Jason dying, and finally Ben once again dating Tim once again and finally get married. Please consider making this a tv series on Netflix! Thank you.

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