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Stories 2 on audio, lunch with me in LA!

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Something Like Stories 2 Jay Bell audio bookSomething Like Stories: Volume Two is now available as an audiobook! I’m immensely proud of this one, since it offers a little bit of everything. You want more Ben and Tim? Check. What’s that? You’re team Jace? He’s in there too. Wish guys like Kelly, Nathaniel, Jason, and William got more stories? No problem! And if you’re looking for freshness, new characters are introduced as well, and old favorites are given their own voice at last. Fourteen different stories will keep you entertained, each read to you in a jaw-dropping performance by Mr. Kevin R Free. You can get your copy from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. While there’s no getting around piracy these days, if you want the final two books to receive this same treatment, please support the audios financially and by word of mouth. They’ve reached a point where I can barely afford to have them produced, so it really is up to you if they keep going. Thanks in advance!

Hopefully you know by now that the Something Like Summer movie is playing at Outfest this weekend in Hollywood. If you plan on going, not only will there be a question and answer session with the audience afterwards, but we’ll also be hanging out at the Abbey bar and restaurant. I love love love getting to meet my readers, so if you have the time and inclination, I’d enjoy chilling with you. All the pretty boys from the movie will be there too, and the talented folks who worked behind the scenes. Don’t miss it! Details below!

Abbey Bar and Grill Restaurant Hollywood