Something Like Summer : The MovieA Something Like Summer movie has been years in the making. And now it’s a reality! This screen adaptation brings the book to life and enhances the story with music, hot guys, tearful scenes, and even a little comedy. It’s a wild ride and a fitting tribute to the lives of Ben, Tim, and Jace. So how can you see it? The movie is currently touring film festivals, so check those nearest you and let them know you’re interested. But first visit the official site for a list of current screening times and locations. For those who prefer the comfort of home cinema, the film is currently seeking a distributor. Once one is found, Something Like Summer should be available to buy on physical media and to stream online. By the end of 2017, it should be readily available everywhere. In the interim, you can watch the trailer and four behind-the-scenes documentaries below. As the late Roger Ebert always said, I’ll see you at the movies!


Get a sneak peak of the movie in this special festival trailer!

Production Diaries:

See the making of the film and get a sneak peek of the final product in this series of videos!

Production Diary #1 – Mr. Blue Shoes! Tim Wyman! Davi Santos! *faints*

Production Diary #2 – All about the Benjamins! Or should I say the Bentleys?

Production Diary #3 – Jace makes his first appearance and brings Paris with him!

Production Diary #4 – Endings and Beginnings. An army of people helped create this film!